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  1. Well, since Dylan who wrote the song hardly ever performs it the same way twice, and is known to shuffle the lyrics, I am sure it’s been sung both ways. “Murder Most Foul” is brilliant
  2. Sitting on the sofa this morning with my laptop, looking at Viking and other travel sites, dreaming about taking a cruise or land trip in the Fall. Playing around with destinations and possible dates, with Viking cruise brochures scattered around the coffee table. Then the following song came on in Pandora and snapped me back into today’s reality. “Well I don't care how many letters they sent The morning came and the morning went So pack up your money, and pick up your tent You ain't going nowhere” You ain’t going nowhere Dylan I ain’t going nowhere, but I am very thankful for being able to travel all these years. How can we ever thank all the Doctors, Nurses, Medical workers, Policemen, Fireman, Food workers, Grocery workers, and countless others. Y
  3. No problem, I stole from somewhere. Perhaps, it was written on a cocktail napkin “Immature poets imitate, Mature poets steal” T. S. Eliot
  4. As I have no respect for vice signalers. Thank you for having great respect for me.
  5. You’re original post was also not cruise relevant. Your disregard and disrespect for homeless veterans is obviously a joke to you.
  6. Please remember the 30,000+ homeless Veterans, and not this elitist, insensitive, and ignorant attempt at humor.
  7. If the flight from PHL to VCE was operated by a European Union based carrier, and the cancellation was caused by a non-extraordinary circumstance such as a mechanical issue, crew issue, etc., you would be entitled to 600 Euro each per EU261 from the airline. If it was a US carrier flying to the EU, no compensation is mandated. If the flight was from an airport in the EU it would make no difference where the carrier was based and compensation from the airline would be based on EU261.
  8. “And the words that are used For to get the ship confused Will not be understood as they’re spoken”
  9. Mr Parsely; From the opinions expressed in your past posts, I think you would prefer a William Zantzinger type of response to perceived poor service. OK, I really only find you mildly entertaining.
  10. Yes, I understand from your reply that you, astonishingly, do equate poor service to criminal behavior. Would you like to have the perpetrators arrested for poor service? Also, I have done my own research, and can only conclude that, you, obviously can not name any countries that reward criminals for their crimes. Anyway, you are very entertaining.
  11. Just relax and print your boarding passes at the Hilton. They are very accommodating. Free shuttle to and from Rome, on a 2 hour schedule. You’re really not going to save that much time getting luggage tags ahead of time.
  12. I’m not sure.I understand this rant. Are you saying Poor Service = Criminal Behavior What countries reward criminals for their crimes?
  13. In addition to a refund or rescheduled flight, did they get the compensation that they were entitled to per EU261? 600 EURO each per flight
  14. Afterthought...…………… The original point I was trying to make is, through this whole ordeal, I was never contacted by Viking Air. I am disappointed that I was never contacted by them after the trip either, to advise me that I was probably entitled to compensation from the airline. The EU261 compensation is so common that BA actually has a link to it on their website. I believe there are other carriers who also have a link to a claim form.
  15. Of course, whether you want to file a claim or not is completely up to you. I only wanted to let you, and anyone else on this board with a similar circumstance, know that you may possibly have this option. By the way, I share your opinion about BA
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