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  1. It is so wonderful to have a current review. Thank you for taking the time for this!
  2. I wish it was for Ovation, June 18th. We're already booked and can't change because we're going with a big family group.
  3. We stayed in this cabin. Loved it. The obstruction is part of the ship and did not bother us at all. Having 2 bathrooms is great and the closets are huge.
  4. I've stayed in a few of them. We did not have any noise issues.
  5. This is the one from 2019 that I wasn't able to take.
  6. All I have showing in my account is the annual cruise for prime.
  7. Our Alaska cruise in June of 2021 has been sitting at $72 and now it's at $57 for the Deluxe package. The Refreshment package went down to $30 from $32. I think I'm going to wait a bit yet.
  8. Can you tell me who you went through? We're looking for a private tour, not overly concerned about cost.
  9. I am still showing my annual prime cruise and the July -August Caribbean offer.
  10. You can apply this to a previously booked cruise. I did it on Saturday.
  11. It makes sense now if they are working from home. The hold information is loud and clear but when the rep got on it was very crackly on my end but she could hear me fine.
  12. When I first booked this cruise last week, I called the prime number and was on hold for over an hour. When they answered and found out what I needed, they had to transfer me to the casino line which as another one hold..... One thing I have figured out is the hold times are less if I hit 2 for booking a new cruise as opposed to 1, which is help with an existing cruise. At least this has been my experience.
  13. I booked a cruise on the Liberty from Galveston, November 1st last week. On my last cruise (Adventure in December) I was with friends and did not gamble much. As a result my offers tanked. The best I could get for a casino discount was $300.00 off for the Liberty November cruise. I received the offer 20RBO101 (Jr Suite + 300 free play) this week and called today to see if I could apply that to my booked cruise instead of the $300 off. It took almost 2 hours of being on hold for someone to answer the original call and then another hour to get it applied..... but they did switch it out for me. G
  14. I would not get the key if you have the suite. Most of the key benefits would duplicate.
  15. Does the Ovation suite lounge serve beer and wine from 11 - 11 also?
  16. Your post is me almost exactly to a tee!. My husband can't go as often as I like. If I can't find a good friend who can go, I just go myself. I love it.
  17. It was covered in March when I sailed.
  18. I always tip the casino servers at least 2-3 per drink when using my prime benefits.
  19. This class sold out on our December cruise so if you are able to book in advance I would.
  20. We had a cabana on the beach at Royal Palms. It was fantastic.
  21. There was only one formal night. It was the second night.
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