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  1. Are you an immunologist? What does it matter if only volunteers are being vaccinated as long as they are human subjects?
  2. I think in general you will not find an evening buffet on any of the true luxury lines but some of them do an outstanding room service, course by course for dinner...Silversea comes to mind. Works well for formal nights or any night you prefer to be casual. But don’t let dress codes be a turn-off. It’s really just a matter of creative packing!
  3. Good feedback all. Thanks. We would be staying at Four Seasons either stop...not sure if there’s anything special about their location in Koh Samui but their villas look very nice. The FS Bangkok is a brand new one on the river.
  4. Any particular reason? Have you been to both?
  5. I have a choice of one or the other on a tour I just booked. Having never been to Thailand I would appreciate any insight that could help me in making the choice. It is understood that everyone has different interests and priorities but I need help in which factors I should even be considering. On this trip I will be traveling from Great Barrier Reef just before and going on to Jordan from Thailand. Bora Bora, Cairo, Athens and Madrid will be on the same itinerary plus a few other cities.
  6. Seems better to use the Roll Call on the main community page rather than the one on the SS forum. There is more activity on the main one and I noticed on the SS roll call Silver Cloud is not listed at all. There still is not much activity on either site. I think people generally use roll calls to find like minded travelers who may be interested in booking private tours or cars together. The SS forum seems better for everything else.
  7. If one is a purist then I am sure the SS butlers would not be up to snuff. But really, they are unobtrusive and there to be helpful to the extent that you desire. But of course you can just dismiss them and tell them right away that you prefer not to have to subject yourself to their assistance unless called upon. Don’t call me, I’ll call you and all that. The idea of paid help really seems to be sticking in your craw so perhaps SS really is not for you.
  8. It’s still Silversea not Silver Seas. There is really just a division of duties between the butler and the cabin steward with the latter being the one to do the cleaning and the butler handling everything else. Really no different than the arrangement when staying in a suite on other lines.
  9. Just wondering, do they all have afternoon tea, still?
  10. First of all, it is Silversea. On my last Silversea cruise there was: A main dining room Afternoon tea with an impressive tower o treats No dinner buffet, thank god! Who would want that! The specialty dining rooms did not change their menus but offered choices that could be enjoyed on different nights. No reason not to book the specialty restaurants early, you can easily do it on line 120 days out. Things change daily, though and quite often you can get in last minute. Never noticed slow service anywhere. BTW, in room dining service is excellent. You ca
  11. There’s good info here regarding air whether it’s biz class or econ.. But in short, you can definitely request your flights and then see if they fall within the standard fee structure of SS Air. On my most recent booking my requested flights did not but even with the air deviation fee plus extra airfare I still saved a lot of money.
  12. Surprised they would even charge you for the switch after all the time you’ve spent on SS ships and all the nice reviews.
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