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  1. I have used luggage forward twice. Once I sent my bag from the U. S. to a cruise ship leaving from Yokohama. Bag made it directly to our cabin fine. Second time we had a bag taken from the ship at the end of a cruise in Singapore and sent to the U.S. We were directed to deliver the bag to the ship's front desk. We asked the cruise ship's front desk to confirm the arrangement. It took the cruise staff several days to confirm this arrangement. That bag made it to the US earlier than Luggage forward had promised. No one was home, and they left the bag at our front door. We were not not
  2. A couple we are traveling with on an upcoming cruise may have to cancel the cruise after final payments have been paid. They understand that they will lose the cost of the cruise as it is after final payment and they have no travel insurance. My question is there any difference in calling Princess and letting them know that they have to cancel the cruise versus just not showing up? (they would be calling only a few days before the sailing) Will they get their port tax fees refunded if they call Princess? Will they get their port tax fees refunded if they don't show up? It wil
  3. I see someone posted about new safety codes for the ships sailing around Antarctica. Are there extra safety measures taken on oboard that you could notice on current sailings on Princess ships?
  4. We sailed on Princess this spring and we were charged $56 a person for a Vietnam visa through the ship. There was quite some discussion on our roll call about Vietnam visa's. I believe if you are only entering Vietnam via the ship port of calls, than getting the visa on the ship was the best option. There is some information of $5 visas online that is incorrect information. I believe the one person who did get a visa on their own paid more than $56 per person and had to travel to get the visa, but the visa was for a longer period, however if you are just visiting on ports of call in Vietn
  5. I think that is a valid point. But I don't know how to find out what is scheduled in dry dock.
  6. We just booked 14 night Caribbean sailing on the Eurodam in November 2020 that ends one week before the ship goes into drydock. Is this a mistake? We are booking a family cruise with four cabins, so I want to make sure I am not making plans that will lead to disappointment for the family newbies to HAL. Only one of the three cabins has sailed HAL before, the rest are Princess loyalists.
  7. Eurodam has charter Nov 1-8, 2020 on Eurodam https://maltshopcruise.com/whats-included/the-ship/
  8. I am thinking of booking with Joe Bananas Limos. I am wanting feedback from people that have used this company. I know they provide a driver that can "talk about the area" while we are in the vehicle, but is not a true guide at sites visited. I am thinking about using their shore excursion tours to Rome as well as Pompeii/ Amalfi Coast. For anyone that has used this company did the driver just drop you off and tell you where he would pick you up? Did the driver walk around sites with you? Where you satisfied with the information given by your driver?
  9. I am looking into what insurance costs will be for a world cruise (our first WC). We will be sailing on HAL. I am curious about whether people add an estimated cost of excursions to their cruise price in getting insurance quotes for cancellation insurance. It looks like HAL won't refund some excursions. I have read that people often have 10K worth of excursions on a world cruise. I know we want to do an at least one overland that will be very pricey. I am not sure how many excursions we will do through HAL and how many we will do independently. Any thoughts? We normally just hav
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