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  1. If I am reading everything right, it won't be a problem! Victory is the ONLY Carnival ship in Miami Friday morning. Your driver should be able to get you there by sight - just follow the Whale Tail.
  2. Last cruise, I think it was the Thirsty Frog that I had in the atrium bar while trying desperately to get through a hangover of epic proportions. I think I liked it, actually, in spite of the headache and nausea.
  3. Isn't Cruise Critic owned by TripAdvisor? How will that effect shore excursion sales?
  4. You can totally go onboard and try to beg to buy solo Cheers. Just be prepared for not getting it, and don't be upset when you don't.
  5. Hey, y'all don't want to go to the Military Appreciation Gatherings, that's FINE with me. Increases my odds of winning the free cruise of the month.
  6. Oh it's not alcoholic drinks I'm concerned about. Just...maybe I want a milkshake. Or a powerade.
  7. So let's assume it's around 3pm and I've hit my 15th drink. (It could happen.) I shift gears and decide that I'm going to power through the night in a caffeine fueled bender with a stop in at the coffee shop, or that energy drinks are the cure for what ails me. Does Cheers cut you off, after 15 Alcoholic drinks, completely...or are non-alcoholic drinks still available through Cheers?
  8. No, and no. I'm not there to get into a measuring contest of any type. I am cruising to get AWAY from competition and stress.
  9. Bear Grylls would be rolling in his grave if he were dead yet, which even though he literally drank urine on tv, he's not.
  10. Oooh, is Arturo still bartending at the buffet bar nights? He was the BEST.
  11. Other things that might happen: An asteroid might land on your bag and turn it into a beacon for the Home Planet. The Cleveland Browns might win the Superb Owl. Dolly Parton might reveal that she's been faking the voice all these years, and she's really a man named Chuck Wilson, amateur phlebotomist. Nothing at all. I lean toward the last, but #2 is starting to look like it could happen. Eventually.
  12. It's a dream for me - I'd LOVE a long relaxing cruise like that. One day.
  13. I would like to be compensated for reading this thread. I am a Cool Cruiser and spend my time here and in another forum 50/50.
  14. I am glad to know that Carnival is not impacted by unscrupulous customers, and that none of the costs are passed on to customers. Maybe that is why every day the cruises get cheaper and more and more amenities appear daily.
  15. Yes. You're trying to take advantage of them. And, by extension since I am a customer who would absorb a small fraction of that loss, me. Please do not do that.
  16. The sad part is I would bet that the feeling is not mutual.
  17. I don't know about YOU guys, but I for one am using his posted schedule to try to arrange a cruise where I can meet this guy and smoke cigars with him.
  18. Every single person who uses tap water in a CPAP WILL DIE. This is a 100% fact. That being said, I have used tap water in my cpap for ten years, and I have thus far avoided the Reaper, the CPAP Police, and any illness.
  19. I plan on burping more pollution than that.
  20. Since Key West is in Florida, which is in the US and US Waters, you will pay the tax. That tax rate is 6%. As the ship is in Key West from like 6 am till 1, I don't see this as being a bank-breaker.
  21. I agree with this. Realistically, I can't see a good reason to stop a customer from outright purchasing drinks when on Cheers. If nothing else, it averages down any losses they (Carnival) takes on Cheers from someone who's definitely using it to the fullest.
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