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  1. Thanks Simplyrubies. I will share your information with our group. Have a good weekend.
  2. This great martincath. Absolutely AWESOME!!! Thanks so much.
  3. We have 18 people in our group and will be arriving in Vancouver late afternoon on July 4th. We will have the entire day on the 5th before the cruise ship leaves on the 6th. Just exploring some options on how to spend the day on the 5th. You mentioned dining, I know several in the group like to patron local restaurants, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, if there is one thing that we need to do or see in Vancouver that we need to do please feel free to make suggestions. Thanks for taking your time to respond...
  4. We will have on day on July 5th to spend in Vancouver. What recommendations of things to do and or places to eat can you provide to make our stay in Vancouver something to talk about?
  5. Thanks Aesop081. Great information.
  6. WOW - What a boat load of information. Thanks so much for all of your help. We are really looking forward to our visit in July. I will be sure to share all this knowledge to our group of 12 just to get them thinking about what they may want to do. You sure have a way of making that crab sound very tasty. Have a good weekend...
  7. Thanks martincath. All the information that you shared is great information. I am sure that we can use it to make our choice. Is there one thing in Vancouver that you would recommend that we see or do while we are there for a day?
  8. Thanks CVU.. We have decided to stay at Hampton Inn by Hilton near the airport. Hopefully, it is in a location that has easy access to the airport and the sky train. Would you recommend the sky train for transportation from that location or something different?
  9. Thanks em-sk. All of your information is very helpful. We will have 12 people so would you recommend taxi or sky tram? We are looking forward to visiting Vancouver before the cruise.
  10. Thanks em-so. I think we are going to look for something near the airport.
  11. Thanks for the info tutuwahineLV. I hope you have a great trip in September...
  12. Thanks guys good information. All this feedback is great. The night market sounds very interesting.
  13. That's great Martincath. I think I'll splurge and value my limbs. Another life lesson learned. Enjoy your trip Tara Jane.
  14. Thank you guys for your response. Looking forward to seeing Alaska in early July 2019 on the Royal Princess..
  15. Need a place to stay in Vancouver July 4th and 5th, 2019 and can't spend an arm and leg. Recommendations appreciated.
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