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  1. Magicbar

    Taste and Savor on Epic - 2 Questions

    I thought that they would have to know which menus they are preparing at the embarkation because they would have to provision up for them. Am I correct in this thinking and has anyone been able to see the menus for the entire trip at the start of the cruise?
  2. I am on the Epic (10 day Western Carib) on Jan 23, 2019. Here are my questions" 1) How many different main dining room menus are there and on a 10 day will I see different ones every day or will some be repeated? 2) Is it possible to check out the menus for the entire cruise at the beginning of the cruise? I would like to be able to plan my specialty dining around nights where the Taste, Savor and Manhattan menus don't interest me. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  3. When choosing a sail away rate does that exclude you from double points if it is a past guest offer as well? I know it excludes all the free at sea and distinct voyage promotions, just wanted to clarify.
  4. Any tips for hot drinks on a cold day for my upcoming Alaska cruise on the BLiss?? Is hot chocolate always available in the buffet or should I bring some packets from home? What are your favorite adult hot drinks? Thanks for any assistance.
  5. Magicbar

    Bliss - Live 4/21

    Would love to see the menu for The Local if it's not inconvenient. Thanks in Advance!
  6. I will be checking all but my camera and jacket. Do I go through the check in process, get my card, etc. before or after my Intrepid visit? Doing it early may let me avoid some lines.
  7. First time sailing out of NYC. I will be visiting the Intrepid Museum prior to hopping on the NCL Breakaway. My question is, do I drop luggage, check in and then go to Intrepid or should I drop luggage, go to Intrepid and check in on my return to the terminal? Thanks in advance for any assistance or recommendations.
  8. Magicbar

    Amex offer is up for 2018

    Will this also work if I use my Amex to make a payment on an already booked cruise?
  9. Magicbar

    Amex offer is up for 2018

    If I use my AmEx for my on board account (cruising Breakaway next week) and purchase a couple of cruise next certificates, will this qualify for the point bonus. I wasn't sure if this offer is for new bookings, balance payments only or can be used in the manner I mentioned.
  10. Magicbar

    Cruise Next and OBC Question

    That was how I understood it, but just wanted to be sure. Thanks to everyone for your help!!! Happy Cruising!!!!
  11. Taking the Breakaway in a couple of weeks and will be purchasing 2 cruise next certs for the first time. My question is when the $500 is charged to my account and the $250 OBC is added, will this simply reflect as a $250 account balance for me to pay at the end? I will be putting very little if any on my account during the cruise and just wanted to make sure that the $250 does not need to be spent on the cruise and just offsets the certificate purchase. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  12. Magicbar

    Breakaway March 11-18th?

    I'm on that one, so must be sold out.
  13. Magicbar

    January 27 2018

    Received the following from NCL on Tuesday morning October 2. If you did not receive it, you may check your contact settings with Norwegian. Dear Valued Guests and Travel Partners,At Norwegian Cruise Line, the safety and security of our guests and crew is our number one priority. After connecting with our operators and partners onthe ground, we are saddened by the devastating impact Hurricane Irma has had on several islands in the Eastern Caribbean. We are working with ourpartners in the destinations to provide assistance to ensure these spectacular destinations are up and running and ready to welcome guests again verysoon.In the interim, due to the destruction caused by the storm, we have altered the itinerary for Norwegian Epic's cruise departing on December 16, 2017;January 27, 2017 and March 24, 2018. Please see below for the ship's revised itinerary: Original Arrive DepartSat Orlando-beaches-port Canaveral, Florida 4:00 pmSun At SeaMon At SeaTue Tortola, British Virgin Islands 8:00 am 6:00 pmWed St.thomas, United States Virgin Islands 7:00 am 2:00 pmThu At SeaFri Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas 9:00 am 6:00 pmSat Orlando-beaches-port Canaveral, Florida 8:00 am Revised Arrive DepartSat Orlando-beaches-port Canaveral, Florida 4:00 pmSun At SeaMon At SeaTue Falmouth, Jamaica 8:00 am 5:00 pmWed George Town, Grand Cayman 7:00 am 5:00 pmThu At SeaFri Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas 8:00 pm 5:00 pmSat Orlando-beaches-port Canaveral, Florida 8:00 amIf you booked shore excursions through Norwegian Cruise Line for any of the ports of call on your original itinerary, your reservations will be automaticallycancelled and refunded.We appreciate your understanding and hope that your cruise aboard Norwegian Epic is enjoyable and memorable. This should answer all questions regarding the itinerary for the Epic 7 day from Port Canaveral on January 27, 2018.
  14. Are they posted for the week or just day by day?
  15. Are the MDR Dinner Menus posted anywhere either just before embarkation or once I am on board? Some of the menus have an entree I really don't want to miss and on other nights the menus don't appeal so much.. I would like to be able to check out menus for the duration once I board so I can decide which nights to plan for one of the dining rooms and which nights to reserve at a specialty venue. I know there are about a dozen or so menus and it depends entirely on the head chefs choices for that particular cruise. I am sure I won't go wrong no matter what, I just saw a sample menu, with for example, schnitzel which I absolutely love and really don't want to miss if it happens to be one of the chef's chosen options. Thanks in advance and I am excitedly waiting for my first NCL experience!