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  1. I know a lot of people will like this new style/decor; but I am actually saddened. We loved the warmth of the PH and this seems to “cool” and reminds me a lot of my work office environment. It is less romantic and seems quite business-like. My own personal humble honest opinion and I do respect other opinions that differ from my own. H.
  2. I agree as well. My first thought was that the cabins were designed to keep guests “out of their cabins” and out where the revenue could be collected. Having guests lounge in their cabins or on their balconies does not generate revenue for the company. I thought I was alone thinking this, but comforting to read that others perceived /thought similar things as well.
  3. Sincerest heartfelt empathy for your loss. It was a great pleasure to meet Carol on one of our cruise-journeys. Sending love and light your way during this difficult time. Sincerely, Heather & Anthony Ontario, Canada
  4. It’s not that much of a secret - the same message regarding the software glitch has been reported across many different social media forums.
  5. Back to the ORIGINAL POST - for those who are booked on a 737 MAX, you would be well advised to check your air reservations, as the majority of 737 MAXs have now been grounded. Following suit of other countries, Canada (this morning) and the USA (this afternoon), have grounded them.
  6. Our “X”perience was Christmas & New Year’s holiday sailing. Anything and everything happened - OH BOY!
  7. @Despegue delivered an informative, well educated reply. I did not read any blame in his message.
  8. Try South America over the Holidays - LOL! yep! happened, not my imagination. Itinerary brilliant, on board experience was “eventful" - even the staff were commenting about the chaos. A record # of people were “disembarked”. Saying that, I am not opposed to kids being on board, but after that one “X”perience (which could have very well have been a one-off), I won’t sail over the Holidays again! H 😉
  9. Yup - cannot enter / leave / nor flyover Canadian airspace: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/garneau-boeing-ethiopia-crash-1.5054234?fbclid=IwAR3QAJs3zRUHsnmAnOyJ1A7tJRnP_6DY2InTrH_APcEbzRBOsb_IbNkb_0c
  10. Definitely price differences for practically the same itinerary ... IF I were to choose a ship, I know which one it would be! Although not everyone has the flexibility to sail after final payment, there are still some deals out there. Not many, but some!
  11. @Cruise a holic - apologies, I dredged up an old post. The OP did switch out to #2114 (explained further down the thread) and I was asking (18 months later) how they enjoyed #2114. Please ignore the accessible cabin initial query as that has been closed and I only reopened this old thread for information on #2114 (regular Sky Suite).
  12. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. We too prefer the aft-facing, but there are only so many S2s. Our cruise has “doubled” in price, so moving to an S1 at this point, is not feasible. So? we were hoping to get out of the 2133 location to something better; 2114 sounds good! and we’ve relocated. With sincere appreciation of your time, Heather
  13. @Want2Cruise 701 - I know this post is 18 months old, but just wondering how you liked 2114? We had 2133 and just switched out to 2114, as I have been in 2126 before and the rolling carts were an issue. Would love to hear your experiences (pros/cons) - how was the slant balcony beside you? noise? H.
  14. My work office is greys/beiges, now my favoured cruise (vacation) line is grey ... sighhhhhh Maybe the lines (colours) will be so blurred that when I’m at work, I can think I’m on vacation (vs. on vacation, thinking I’m at work!)
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