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  1. A more fair activity would have been a graduated scale (for all booking categories); however, likely easier to keep track of just one category should people bail prior to the cruise (either cancelling or downgrading), in which those 10 points earned are taken away (it’s in the fine print).
  2. In the fine print it states that if you do not go on the booking that yielded 10 points, they subtract the 10 points when the booking (or suite, if downgraded) is cancelled.
  3. After a brilliant Panama Canal (full transit) cruise; 2 years later, we returned to Panama for 10 days.
  4. Click on screenshot below to enlarge (to read) - terms/conditions of earning / posting to account
  5. Emails are slow coming in - but today is the day. First Activity - June 10, 2020 (Survey) Second Activity - June 17, 2020 (Social media post) Third - today, June 24, 2020 (Survey) So - next up, perhaps July 1, 2020 (if they maintain a weekly schedule)
  6. I’m up 5 points as well - did all the activities and I’m loving it. Spending no $ and only a wee bit of my time. 5 points is greater than 2 nights in an inside/oceanview cabin (= 4 points) OR it is equivalent to one night in CC/AQ. All three activities have been easy peasy 🌻
  7. The points for June will not be allocated until mid-July. In the fine print it explains that points for an entire month are calculated at month end and then it will take up to 2 weeks to post to your account.
  8. New Activity today! easy peasy 1 pt 🌻 Another survey - three questions with radio buttons. In 3 activities, I have earned 5 points which are 2 1/2 nights in Inside/Oceanview OR 1 night CC/AQ. Not bad for minimal effort and no $
  9. 100% - we postponed our January 2021 cruise until April and even then I’m wondering if that will be a go. Our April cruise is dependent on travel advisories being lifted (affects medical insurance - to be covered, or not be covered) and how Asia / Canada is doing at that time. We won’t go if we are not covered (insurance) and / or if we have to quarantine for 2 weeks after returning from the trip. 44 weeks to go - a lot can happen (or not happen) in that period of time.
  10. We cancelled a May 2020 cruise back in March. My Celebrity Vacation Planner gave me a # to call to find out about the FCC. 90 minutes hold time and the answer was - it was supposed to be issued by May 01, 2020 but it is system-driven and it is backlogged. So new projected date is (now / was), May 31, 2020. It is now June 19th, 2020 and no FCC issued as of yet. Since, I did confirm we were eligible (i.e., noted in the system) for FCC (via phone) and it is system back-logged, I am not willing to phone again (with extensive hold wait times) as I do not plan to cruise at all in 2020 (travel restrictions / COVID 19). I will just wait it out. Interestingly enough, when on the phone they asked me if I planned to sail soon (as if that made a difference of when I could expect to see it) and when I answered “no”, we ended the call of “it will be issued soon”.
  11. At initiation (in fine print) it did state surveys, social media participation, and bookings. I think they will eventually focus on the latter two, as that would drive the most promotions and $ for Celebrity. They need to get something out of this and surveys will only give them a bit of information and not really drive revenue bucks for them. I suspect that the next activity will be “make a booking” for “X” number of power points. That’s the only activity that I won’t participate in, as I have too many $ locked up as it is for sailings that may or may not proceed.
  12. Yet, quite often I read posts of - “I’m 2 points, 4 points, 8 points away” from next level - when I cruise next, will I be awarded the next level during the cruise?" (which is a no). I’m 38 points away from my next level. I highly doubt these activities will get me there, but just in one short week and two activities, I am 34 points away from my next level. Honestly, not expecting to get to Zenith (I jest when I say that I will) - but I have earned in one week what is equal to 2 nights in an inside or oceanview cabin and I have spent no $ and very little of my time. I for one, am appreciative of these opportunities and will participate in as many as I can, as long as they don’t involve plunking down $$$ (ie., deposits for future bookings).
  13. You also need to tag Celebrity “@CelebrityCruises” (part of the criteria of the activity),
  14. This is what it should look like after all said and done ... When you type in the text post field - “@CelebrityCruises” - it will come up as an option to click on - click it! that’s the tag. Then at minimum, the post needs to be public (vs. sharing with only Friends) and you need to use the hashtag, #SailingWithCelebrity. You can add more, if you wish - but that’s the minimum in order to earn the two points. You can edit your post at anytime, if you missed any steps (up until June 21st, when the activity closes).
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