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  1. GREAT photos!! Oct 2020 is so long away 😞
  2. Woot woot! I only have 300 more points to obtain. 😂
  3. WVHillbilly, Thank you for the great review. I am in CT and cruise solo. Have always been hearing about the great job done on Grandeur. I am doing Anthem in May and Oasis from NJ Oct 2020. I am really thinking of GOS in between them. Appreciate the information. BTW, which did you prefer Oasis or Grandeur? I think the bigger Oasis will be too big for me but I have to give it a try because one never knows Brenda
  4. I booked Quantum Alaska for 2020 two nights ago
  5. I love the Explorer style of ship but being I cruise alone I love the solo balcony option of Anthem. I have been spoiled and will definitely miss having a balcony Brenda
  6. What is this? I'm confused. I was looking at a cruise and it shows pay $1712 or Pay Monthly $171.00 with a loan from UpLift pay monthly with 15% interest. Can someone please tell me what that is? Does that mean I can no longer pay what I can afford each month and now have to "take a loan" Brenda
  7. i was able to get it but i had to go thru copy/paste into google search. Hyperlink not working
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