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  1. A lot of people still know the difference between being a fun and interesting table mate or being the worst stereotype cruise passenger you care to use as an example - but the good guys are falling behind. Unfortunately, the odds of being exposed to people that don't care about anyone around them or sadly were never taught how to act properly in public is increasing. Seems the lowest denominator is becoming the norm. In an attempt to change the odds in our favor my wife and I choose ships that carry no more than about 600 guests. At dinner we make it a point to choose a table for two because [unlike some cruise passengers these days] we like to look neat and tidy at dinner, keep politics and religion out of dinner and cruise ship conversation and would rather not have some caveman family take charge of the meal. That said, we might meet up with the 'caveman' and his family in one of the ships pubs later and laugh ourselves to tears but dinner on a cruise ship for me is all about my wife and me. Selfish? Yup, but to coin a phrase used often on CC "we paid for it".
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