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  1. Got back from the Joy a little over a week ago. The Balcony in 17732 was 17'2" long and 8'5" deep. Pretty huge balcony for sure. Nice trade off for a small room.
  2. The check in time is for NCL to try and manage peoples arrival time only. It has nothing to do with when you can and cannot board. My recommendation is to arrive by 10-1030 and on a good day you will be on the ship by 1230-1pm. And go straight to the MDR for lunch it will be mostly empty. The Buffet was a nut house completely full of people with their bags waiting for rooms to become available.
  3. We were in the Haven. There were 2 Hot (warm) Tubs, and plenty of space up there to hang out. On the busiest days it was half full. I believe vibe was slightly larger than half the size of the Haven area (Only one side of the ship instead of two and I believe one hot tub) but hardly anyone in the vibe from what I could tell on the port day (You could see the entire vibe area from above) It was too chilly on Sea Days to lay out for most which is what kept it empty most of the week. We used this Haven area at the end of the Port days as well as sea days and there may have been 10
  4. We did not eat any meals in the MDR so I did not get any pictures of the Menu. Bird Travels has 2 great reviews though that have this info. One here on the Joy - The other is more recent from Bird Travels on the Encore that has most of the menus. Each sailing will be slightly different. They will have specials in the MDR and The Local each day (They were different in each venue) and this will change cruise to cruise dependent on inventory and what the chef decides.
  5. We made the best of our recent trip but the activities are limited on this ship. Go Carts (15$ for 10 min) VR Games (7$ each/20$ for 4, about 4-5 min each) Drop Water Slide (free) Kids Water Slide (free) Pool Gym Atrium Activities And at night add - Cavern Club - Same Band every night and packed The Social Comedy and karaoke/dance Main Theater And misc musicians around the ship. Lots and lots of places to lounge and hang out. We had a great time but it was one of those cruises where we played gam
  6. Just off the Joy. In the Spa (Mandara Spa not Thermal) they have a small Sauna. You cannot use it use it unless you pay for Spa services. I did ask about this and the Spa manager said if you want to pay 20$ for single access or 99$ for a week then you could go sit in the Ssuna. No where else on the ship has a sauna. Nothing in the Gym (No locker room in the gym) nor in the Haven.
  7. We were in a Haven Penthouse and had a US plug on one side of the bed, A Euro plug on the other and a US plug on the desk along with a second Euro plug. Best practice is to bring a Euro plug to US converter and use it in the Euro plug to charge all your devices (Make sure they are rated 110/220v. It's highly unlikely a battery charged device will not be compatible with 220v but sometimes... I'll let someone else answer about plugs in the standard balcony rooms.
  8. Some other notes about the Joy - 1. The Local - This place was insane on Sea Days. Going down to Mexico and the last Sea Day coming back was chilly outside and everyone was in here for lunch. You do have to check in at the hostess stand if you want to order food. Even if you sit at the bar to eat. Wings and Fish and Chips fit the bill here. Limited beer selection at the bar. 2. Speaking of Bars - We spent most of our time at the Haven Bar which was amazing. The Haven Bartenders informed us that they are in the process of changing over the Liquor selection and in
  9. And another quick video of the cigarettes and chocolates available in the Liquor store. Shopping on the ship (for us anyways) was slightly disappointing. The largest stores were all watches and jewelry which we were not at all interested in. The 10$ sales of all the cheap made in China/Taiwan stuff was not even interesting. I thought I would be able to find a cheap pair of sunglasses but they were all stamped plastic and not one pair I tried on fit straight. They did have a closeout on some neat NCL tshirts for 10$ each but they were all too small f
  10. Here is a walkthrough of the Casino. It's pretty small with limited machines. Sorry for the poor quality and vertical orientation. Here is a walk through of the "Variety" style shop. Very limited. No real snacks or drinks for purchase and the NCL clothing selection was small.
  11. They did have porters with Wheelchair assistance from the parking lot side that we saw as we left. I do not know how that works though. I am sure there is a security line seperate for wheelchair access. Other than being crowded inside the building the seating aisles were easily 10-12' apart to get from one side to the other from what I remember.
  12. Those were all the menus I took pictures of. They do have some different mixed drinks in the brewhouse and Food Republic as well. I have a picture from the digital menu from FR.
  13. These next 2 menus were found in Atrium and Mixx. Same menu at both bars. If there is suppose to be a different menu we did not see one.
  14. Maltings Drink Menu - Grass Clippings was interesting. We asked Lester up in the Haven to make us one and it was night and day from what we got in Maltings. Lester muddled fresh cucumbers and Cilantro whereas our Maltings bartender used all syrups.
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