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  1. I was doing a back to back out of Miami a few years ago and standing in the lobby for the last guests to leave and clear customs before we could we could do our quick disembark/customs/reembark routine. There was an elderly couple that waited in their room until there name was called on the PA system as the very last passengers before they even bothered to come down to the gangway. That couple made all the Back to Backers plus hundreds of people on the pier wait an additional 15 minutes because they didn't want to get off the boat too early. Don't be that couple.
  2. Bid anyway, when people are upgraded it creates vacancies in other categories. I was on the Escape last year, there were only two rooms left on the entire ship, they were havens. When they processed the bids 2 suites moved up to haven, 2 balconies moved up to suites and we moved up to a balcony from an oceanview.
  3. Most alcohol based hand sanitisers are ineffective against norovirus. Soap and water will probably work better. https://www.romper.com/p/why-wont-most-hand-sanitizers-kill-norovirus-theres-only-one-that-will-36063 I am assuming that the washy washy crew uses the effective kind listed in the link above.
  4. I usually hang a Canadian flag that covers the top half of the door using magnetic clips.
  5. Very large (18"x24") zip lock bags.
  6. $148 per berth. Not entirely sure what constitutes a berth in this context, does it include the empty 3rd and 4th found in many cabins, does it include crew? https://www.pancanal.com/eng/op/tariff/1010-0000-Rev20180802.pdf
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