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  1. I have been on the Escape, Getaway, Bliss and Joy. If the Escape has the observation lounge then it would be my favorite by far. Since it doesn't I have to go with the Bliss
  2. We don't need your spreadsheet. We just need to know where you find out how many rooms are available.
  3. If I recall correctly Margaritaville lasted exactly 1 cruise as an included restaurant. Apparently there were 2 hour lineups for lunch and the next cruise it was a la carte.
  4. Yes. The parking garage right across the street is Republic Parking. I have used them a couple of times.
  5. How do you know this? I don't think any cruise line publishes totals of sold or available cabins.
  6. There is a post on the Encore Inaugural Caribbean cruise that show hard selzer as an option on the beer menu.
  7. We got our upgrade letter yesterday, 95 days out. We are in an inside. I did some mock bookings and it seems that the insides do not have many rooms left, and the higher room categories have many more rooms left. NCL might be trying to create some openings at the low end so they don't have to report the category as sold out. If that's the case we might expect that these offers might be accepted soon. Also, by not selling out the insides it means that the "starting at" price on the search summary stays nice and low.
  8. On the first cruise of the Escape, when Margaritaville was a free to dine venue, there were 2 hour waits for lunch. When they starting charging people on the second cruise then everybody lost interest.
  9. I saw the recycling area on the Star last February, so it is still in the rotation. The officer in charge was rather miffed that in some european ports all of their carefully sorted garbage is mixed together and taken to the landfill.
  10. You can get them from Amazon, Aliexpress, virtually any store fixture supply store. I got mine at http://www.eddies.com , search for hang tabs. I paid more in shipping than I did for the tabs. Be carefully when ordering. Some hang tabs contain a perforated section to make it easier to detach the glue portion from the tab portion. You don't want those.
  11. I just ordered some hang tabs. You know those plastic stickers with the hole that stores use to hang products. So now I can attach my card to a lanyard without using those stupid envelopes.
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