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  1. I love the private islands. I love not stressing about transportation, food, drink, crime, being harassed to buy things... I love just getting off the ship and exploring the trails and finding a quiet shady spot on the beach. The only thing I DON'T love is that "Cay" does NOT RHYME WITH DAY! And it might drive me stark raving mad. But bring on more private stops!
  2. 56 days out from my Anthem cruise and we still can't reserve entertainment.
  3. DAng, still can't book for my April 27 Anthem sailing 56 days out. 😞
  4. We still can't book today for our April 27 Anthem cruise (60days today for those not counting 😉 )
  5. It's not out for my upcoming Anthem (edited cause I wrote the wrong A ship 😉 ) cruise either, and I'm around 60 days out. So weird. Someone posted in the thread for that sailing that RCCL said it was delayed (but I thought they said cause Harmony and Symphony were keeping them busy...)
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