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  1. I love the private islands. I love not stressing about transportation, food, drink, crime, being harassed to buy things... I love just getting off the ship and exploring the trails and finding a quiet shady spot on the beach. The only thing I DON'T love is that "Cay" does NOT RHYME WITH DAY! And it might drive me stark raving mad. But bring on more private stops!
  2. 56 days out from my Anthem cruise and we still can't reserve entertainment.
  3. DAng, still can't book for my April 27 Anthem sailing 56 days out. 😞
  4. We still can't book today for our April 27 Anthem cruise (60days today for those not counting 😉 )
  5. It's not out for my upcoming Anthem (edited cause I wrote the wrong A ship 😉 ) cruise either, and I'm around 60 days out. So weird. Someone posted in the thread for that sailing that RCCL said it was delayed (but I thought they said cause Harmony and Symphony were keeping them busy...)
  6. There's only ONE long Oasis class itinerary (once-- Oasis April 2019 from US to Spain which is dreamy but not the right time frame.) No other long ones on Oasis class! The Grandeur itineraries look sweet, but the flowrider time on the Oasis class is sooooooooooooo much more. Currently contemplating b2b on any Oasis class that fits in our time frame...first with just a balcony room 2nd with a full suite... Will likely look at rebooking while onboard Harmony in Dec...
  7. Loving the ideas in here! Starting to get excited about the possibilities!
  8. Yes! We're about to embark on our first Oasis class cruise and it looks (from seeing the Cruise Compasses) like there will be SO MUCH more flowrider time than on other cruises we've been on (and loved!) I think this is good advice and Oasis class should be our first priority...
  9. My husband and I are loyal to Royal (namely, it's the FlowRider because that makes the vacation for hubby...) We don't take tons of vacations, but have been trying to do a Royal cruise about every 2 years. Next year is our 20th wedding anniversary and we want to do something really special! We can't imagine any other vacation being as perfect as a RCCL cruise, but we don't want to just do something plain ol' plain ol'... and we're not millionaires ;) just regular working folks... If you were looking to take a SPECIAL RCCL cruise in late 2019/early 2020 what would you be considering? I'm thinking repositioning maybe? We tend not to care so much about ports as we do about being on the ocean/on the ship...?? Would love ideas!
  10. Bill, if you start a support group I'd like to join. The bow of Freedom was my favorite place on any cruise ship ever (ok, fine, I've only been on 4.) Harmony is next up and I'm sooooooooo disappointed that it sounds like I likely won't get out there (and still insanely excited for the awesome ship, to be clear). Contrary to what atsealife said above, I think it's the most perfect place to hang out on the whole ship. The view is deeply awe inspiring, most people don't want to be up there so it's a great solitary spot, it's breezy and cool, just bring your sunscreen and drink along. (And who needs eyelashes anyway?!) I spent hours and hours up there alone on my Freedom cruise a few years back.
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