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  1. OMG I use CPAP without destilled water...it runs just fine....
  2. for a week you should just use normal water...destilled is not necessary. It will not make a huge difference.
  3. In May 2019 they were still accepting these coupons on the Fantasia.
  4. In October we will visit the port of Piraeus to go to Athens. My question is, will MSC use shuttle busses (they are normally ridiculous expensive) or is it possible to just walk off the ship to the taxi's etc.? I don't want to spend a lot of money for a shuttle bus, that takes just 5 minutes to drive between the ship and the taxi rank.
  5. We've been on 5 MSC cruise by now...we love MSC, BUT....it is an Italian cruise company, and that means different service! Not the perfect service Americans are use to. The ships are spotless. We've been on the new Seaview (2018) and the old Fantasia (2019), there are ten years between these two ships, but they are both still looking new! The easy Drink Package is very easy...and cheap...although the prices had gone op since last november. Easy is still allright, but Premium is better...almost all cocktails and specialty drinks are on it...and Premium you can use in specialty restaurants, Easy drink package not. But for the american cruisers, I urge you not to expect any service! This is normal in Europe, but not for you I guess. Also be aware that on Europe sailings there will be a lot of Italians, French and Spanish people. They have another perspective on being polite. They will cut the queue anywhere they can. So the buffet is always a ratrace....or a jungle. We are used to it by now, but our last cruise was in the Baltic without southern Europeans and it was a breeze! The Seaview (and Seaside) look beuatiful, and especially in the Caribbean they will be suited for the weather. There is a lot of deck....and deckchairs....and pools. I do not know anything on YC. Too much money....
  6. Typically MSC. Great ships, great food, service....mwah.... Just go to the nearest specialty restaurant the first day onboard, and make reservations...We had made reservations beforehand, online...but while onboard, they never found these reservations.... Do not expect logical thrustworthy service of an italian cruise line....but also without al the logic, and service, MSC is still worth your money! And the Meraviglia is the most beautiful ship in the fleet!
  7. There are a few people on the island I guess...and they also have mobiles?
  8. https://www.cruisehive.com/royal-caribbean-releases-photos-of-cococay-during-hurricane-dorian/34101 Nothing happened to Cococay
  9. https://nos.nl/l/2299966 Luckily everyone will still enjoy their Perfect Day at Cococay!
  10. It will not be destroyed...only damaged...after a few weeks all is good...it was only a storm at Cococay...wind speeds op 8-10 Beaufort. Only the cruises in September will be affected.
  11. touchy touchy LOL I guess you're from the US?! Hahahaha....
  12. Drink Package on Navigator = 60,72 € on a 4 nights cruise to the Bahamas....that is 66,70$ ! No way that we will pay that...
  13. Wow...the people of the Bahamas are in the worst storm...losing their houses and possibily their lives...but you are worried about your perfect day at Cococay? WOW
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