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  1. no it doesn't. In the Netherlands everybody's working for months, schools are open for months and the economy is booming. House prices are a record high...only young people get the virus (and those who refuse to take the vaccine which is their own responsibility). Those young people do not get sick....there are no new hospital and intensive care patients (only unvaccinated). So please stop with these hysterical comments...the cruise industry will go on and people will go on vacation. Now that almost everyone (whou could be reallly sick) is being vaccinated life must go back to normal....
  2. There are many online TA which to choose from. We did book via an online discountcruises website in the US and did have very good deals. But nowadays the dollar is not so cheap and the premium drink packages are very expensive for US bookings
  3. We have a lot OBC during the cruise this summer. Can we use this to buy shore excursions?
  4. Mostly the German MSC site is cheaper than the Dutch site. Sometimes the Dutch site is a little bit cheaper. The Italian site is cheap. For us in the Netherlands the UK site is expensive. Most people in Holland don't like to cruise. They prefer camping (is much, much cheaper!). So the cruise market is very small in our country.
  5. nah..they won't. Especially in Italy there are a lot of non-vaccinated people...so no
  6. hardly an outbreak...an outbreak is when many people get the virus...
  7. But are they sick? No..only very mild symptoms. Let's move on and let cruising be normal again. By the way...in three weeks I am fully vaccinated. But children won't be vaccinated in Europe for a long time and MSC is a family cruise line, so they will not have the policy that only fully vaccinated people can board.
  8. You need an antigen test or PCR test to get in the country, but there is no border patrol if you go there by car...in Italy you can get tested at the pharmacy ( 40€) or free at the big train stations.
  9. Why? You are vaccinated so you are safe...it's the people who aren't vaccinated that will be in quarantine. Not you
  10. In Europe there are no kids vaccinated, so they won't change the policy. At least children should always be welcome onboard. I guess they will work with the European green pass.
  11. on our MSC site in the Netherlands there is no mention of not being tested if you have both jabs...
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