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  1. we are upgraded to fantastica inside...but have now a cabin that has a worse location...well...there are bigger problems in the world....
  2. our cruise 21-28 december is changed to Grandiosa. Now our cabin is changed, there is no cabin number anymore. Still Inside cabin though... also I can not choose a beverage package
  3. https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/news/5334/ Virtuosa will NOT sail in 2020. Hopefully it wil sail early 2021.
  4. And then you have the people....Never in the history of mankind the healthy are being quarantined. Normally you quarantine the sick....for now the people understand something has te be done...but if millions will lose their jobs and nations are going bankrupt, people will not gonna take it..... In Sweden the government has done a very different job. No lockdown, cafe's and restaurants are open, as are all the shops...and the mortality rate is just the same as in a lot of other countries...but for now...they saved their economy a bit....
  5. exactly. This would be ridiculous. The whole tourist industry is death by then, and I guess it's 13% of the GNP. So this would be very very supid. Let's not forget that only a very small portion of the people who will get Covid19 are dying (and those who do, are very very old). I am not agreeing a lot with the clown in the white house, but on this I do...sometimes the cure IS worse than the illness.
  6. I am so sad, tomorrow we would've been going onboard the Navigator of the Seas. Our whole vacation to the US is cancelled ofcourse. We would've been going to friends in Texas, and after that to Miami, where we would have stayed a few days before going to the Bahama's. This was our first RCL cruise. Normally we sail with MSC, because we're from Europe, and we most sail in Europe. These are unfortunate times. But this is all a luxury problem. There are people dying everywhere. We are still healthy and we have solid jobs...I hope I will be back at this RCL forum someday, when I book another cruise with RCL. But for now I'll be visiting the MSC boards, because the next two cruises are with MSC in Europe.
  7. My wife and I have both the Deluxe Package on Navigator. But what is the best drink package for our 7 year old girl. She does not drink soda and only drinks water, orange juice, and mocktails...and really loves ice cream. What is the best beverage package for her? When we purchased the Deluxe Package there was not an option to buy simultaneous a package for our daughter, which we found strange...we are MSC cruisers in Europe, and when you buy a drink package at MSC you automatically have to buy a children's drink package with it.... Please give me suggestions!
  8. Does anyone know if the scale model, they usually sell at the logo/gift shop onboard the cruise, has the new amplified Navigator of the Seas? From every ship we've been on, we collect the scale model....
  9. If your cruise will still dock at the cruise terminal (lately a lot of cruises will be docking outside the city because of nuisance) then a short train trip to the Cantral Station (then a 10 minute walk/ 2 minute taxi drive) will be the fastes and cheapest way to travel (5-6€) or take a taxi and pay 40-50€ and get ripped off by the notorious taxi maffia of Amsterdam.
  10. I have spoken to RCL and the information on multiple website is wrong. Navigator is on 29th April at Cococay, not on 30th April...It is because of the limited information on RCL website. So now this thread can be closed....
  11. We've been in 8021 inside and we did not hear a thing! It is quiet, because that room is above the Spa, that is closed in the evening...and deck 8 is very near deck 7 where the Irish Pub is, so for us it is a no-brainer to book this cabin any time we are on a Meraviglia-class ship.
  12. Normally we cruise with MSC in Europe. Those Italians always create chaos with conflicting stories on their website...so when we've decided to give RCCL a try when we were in the US, I thought everything would be much better organised...lol
  13. I've bought the waterpark tickets when I thought there were only two ships.....
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