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  1. I’m guessing the CDC will appeal this decision.
  2. We booked a Baltic Cruise on the Carnival Pride for August 21, 2022. Hoping we will be able to cruise in Europe by then.
  3. I totally get your frustration. Hubby and I (both 68) have decided to get off this merry-go-round and take the refund this time. The downside is that we will have about $4000 in Carnival gift cards to use when we feel it is safe to do so. Just hoping Carnival doesn’t go bankrupt and that we live long enough to use them.
  4. Our European cruise for June 2020 was cancelled and we rescheduled for June 2021. We bought Travel Insured International through Trip Insurance Store and initial application date was 6-22-19. I immediately called TIS after we rescheduled and our dates were changed for the same term for June 2021. I am worried now that the rescheduled cruise for June 2021 will also be cancelled. If cancelled by the cruise company or ourselves will we be able to change the dates on our policy again or will we just lose the insurance?
  5. Gosh.....this sounds sneaky to me. Wouldn’t they know the ship’s itineraries in advance and know they must depart U.S. waters and then return again? Will they quit booking transatlantic cruises? All of this is confusing to this novice.
  6. The first paragraph on page 20 seems to imply it would (b) Scope. This framework applies to any person operating or intending to operate a cruise ship in U.S. waters and to anyone operating a cruise ship outside of U.S. waters if the cruise ship operator intends for the ship to return to operating in U.S. waters while this order is under effect.
  7. I can’t help but wonder about the 2021 European sailings in which many are longer than 7 days. Will those be cancelled?
  8. I have contacted my Congressman and I really feel the CDC will once again be an independent body free from presidential pressure if we get a Democratic President and Senate. Right now the odds appear good we will but I remember 2016 and not count my chickens before they hatch. Right now I’m trying to decide whether or not to cancel my WDW trip for Thanksgiving. We are Disney Vacation Club members and I have borrowed points from 2021 that will expire on me if we don’t use them. Seriously thinking of just going and staying inside the condo. I t will at least be a change of scenery🥺
  9. If Biden wins the election, then I most certainly believe he will follow the science and take the advice of scientists and the top infectious disease experts in the country. The economy is going to take a hit until we can get this virus under control. It just doesn’t make sense to me to develop a herd mentality and let millions of people die due to the erroneous thinking of economy first. How can an economy thrive if workers are continually getting sick and can’t work and companies then have to go into quarantine and shut down? There needs to be a national plan such as a mask mandate and probably paying businesses and companies to remain closed that are high risk for spreading the virus ( I.e. bars, restaurants, etc.). Carnival’s problem is that they are registered in another country and thus can’t take advantage of any kind of relief that Congress might pass. An unfortunate situation but at least this current crisis is rare and and probably a once in a century situation.
  10. Maybe through Zoom but this is bad if a bunch of people end up with COVID. I guess they are doing contact tracing and they were even around the Biden campaign Tuesday night too.
  11. I think it would not be wise for cruise lines to ignore the advice of scientists and infectious disease specialists and sail again based purely on political considerations during an election season.
  12. Axios is a news site and Jonathan Swan got the scoop. He interviewed the president not too long ago. So my guess it is true in light of how everything the CDC has been recommending lately gets shot down or altered.
  13. https://www.axios.com/scoop-white-house-overruled-cdc-cruise-ships-florida-91442136-1b8e-442e-a2a1-0b24e9a39fb6.html
  14. This is the reason I booked Fly2Fun with Carnival so I could cancel with no $$$$ tied up till final payment. We just recently got our refund ($5000) for our cancelled air though Delta (Delta Comfort) for our cancelled Norway Legend cruise in June. Don’t want to go through that again. The bad thing for us is that we paid for this cruise with Carnival Gift Cards which did transfer over to the rebooked one next June. This is the first time we had bought the discounted AARP Carnival gift cards. We thought we were so smart and thrifty at the time.....lol. Lesson learned. However, I guess if this cruise is also canceled then those refunded gift cards will be good forever.
  15. Do you or anyone else know if there was ever a Roll Call on CC for the March Transatlantic? The only one I see is for a March 6 Panama Canal. Just strange. It seems that if there were folks previously booked then we would have heard from them.
  16. I don’t see any sailings out of Long Beach till May 2022.
  17. If my memory serves me correctly, the Carnival Legend was suppose to sail to Europe in March, 2021 from Tampa. I can’t find it now on Carnival’s site or even a roll call for ii🥺 All I see is the Transatlantic back to the US in October and the European sailings. I am beginning to become concerned. How is the ship going to get there? Will the European sailings still be on the Legend or another ship? Could this be a sign that the European cruises will eventually be cancelled? I would appreciate any info that you may have that I may have missed. Btw....we are booked for the June 4 Norway cruise.
  18. Not with Carnival. A few years ago I was able to do it with Princess. To the best of my memory, I think I could not do it till the tickets were paid in full. I suspect the same would be true through Carnival but it may be difficult to upgrade if you wait till final payment date. Btw, We usually book our own airfare with upgraded seats but I liked the flexible airfare available with Carnival in these uncertain times. Maybe someone else will post with more recent experience doing this.
  19. I booked Delta flights via Fly2Fun on Thursday for a Norway Legend cruise next summer with no problems. I would try again and if problems persist then call Carnival and let them book it for you. If you have a Frequent Flyer Number then don’t forget to add it. It gave me some comfort just seeing the confirmed flight showing up in My Trips profile on the Delta site.
  20. My hope for my rebooked Norway cruise for next year is fading considering the recent outbreak on the Norwegian Cruise ship recently.
  21. It may be better to speculate after Europe lifts the travel ban against Americans. They aren’t going to do that till we get the COVID under control here to their expectations. We are currently booked on the Norway Legend cruise but may cancel before final pament.
  22. There appears to be no rhyme or reason as to how Carnival does things. I am still mystified as to how they processed the cancelled cruise I rebooked. See the link to the post I made in another thread. The amount I paid was not for a new deposit. They never even mentioned I had to make a new deposit. Somehow a mystery $197.95 I had to pay which I could pay before final payment with the $254.95 gift card they were sending me. The remaining $57 would be the difference between the old and new cruise.
  23. You make good points. Right now I am frustrated with Carnival and quite honestly.....I am about through with them! In retrospect, I wish I had took the full refund back in March when we cancelled and rebooked for the following June. The problem is that we mostly paid with gift cards for this cruise ( first time ever...LUCKY US🥺) and will have to use the cards sooner or later or just lose over $5000 ( includes some shore excursions, etc.) I really don’t think it will be safe to cruise in June 2021 or even if Europe will let Americans back in. It bugs me that even though our old cruise transferred over to our new cruise with $57 left over, their accounting process and lack of transparency on how they do things is less than desirable. Our total old cruise was $4,320.73 ( paid in full before final payment date) which Included gratuities($377.73) and taxes/port fees ($516.00) The new cruise is $4, 065.78 which leaves a difference of $ 57.00. When we rebooked we got a receipt via email that said we had paid $4,065.78 and that $197.95 was due before final payment. We made numerous phone calls trying to understand why we owed more money when according to us they owed us $57. We had the receipts to prove it. To make things settle up, they sent me a gift card in the amount of $254.95 and was told I could pay the $197.95 due with the gift card and then I would have $57 left on the card. 133 days later I received the gift card. I could never understand why they just didn’t pay for the cruise in full to begin with and then just send a $57 gift card for the amount owed us. They never could explain their reasoning but assured us we would get what was owed us😳
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