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  1. Hello- Getting ready to book an Alaskan cruisetour for Summer 2020. Will just be me and my husband, both of us in mid-fifties. We are considering all the major lines...Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Holland America, NCL, and Princess. We are Diamond members with Royal, but really want to withj the cruise line that offers the best on-board enrichment programs, specifically Alaska-related speakers, etc. Would like to book a 14 or 15 day cruisetour, hopefully with a stop in Talkeenta. Any suggestions? We are not foodies, so cruise ship food is of no concern. Really just looking for best itinerary with the best learning opportunities, as this will likely be our only visit to Alaska. Thanks! Linda
  2. Thanks everyone. I'll let you know what they say.
  3. Hello! We booked 9 night Caribbean on Getaway, 12/13/19 out of New Orleans, back in January. Booked a mid ship balcony, got free air, drink package, specialty dining, pre-paid gratuities, etc. At that time, we paid $4096, total, for two of us. I was happy with the price, given all the perks. Of course, I forgot to check price before final payment. I just checked yesterday, and total for two, same category, same perks, is $2741, a difference of nearly $1400. We are 85 days out, so cancellation fee is 50%. I could practically cancel, rebook, and still come out ahead. Of course, I'd rather not go through all that hassle. Any suggestions on what to do? Do they ever offer obc in this situation? I'm getting ready to call them, just thought I'd check here first to see if anyone has encountered a similar situation on NCL. TIA! Linda
  4. I'm sure this has been asked before.....but....hub and I are planning our first (and probably only) Alaska cruise for 2020. We have been on close to 30 cruises, all in Caribbean/Panama/South America. We are Diamond status with Royal Caribbean, but have also sailed Celebrity, Holland America and NCL. We are in our mid-fifties, and will be traveling with just the two of us. All of these lines (and Princess) offer the cruise tours we are interested in. Would like a couple of days at Denali, and would like a stop at Talkeenta. Anyone recommend one cruise line/ship over another? Best observations decks? Best balconies? Best excursions (or all they all the same?)? Would like minimum 10 days, and I see Holland has a number of 18 night trips. Any advice is appreciated! Would like to book soon, as rooms are filling up! Thanks! Linda
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