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  1. zeenichka

    What's the best thing you've done in Aruba

    Thank you this was very helpful. Zina
  2. zeenichka

    Aruba beaches

    Hi Jimmy, I was searching for the Port of Call Board and could not find it that is why I started a new thread. Thank you for providing a link. :) Zina
  3. zeenichka

    Aruba beaches

    Thank you for taking the time to post a response they were all very helpful. :) Zina
  4. zeenichka

    Aruba beaches

    Greetings, We're booked on the Island Princess cruise of Panama Canal, November 1st. One of the first ports is Aruba and we were interested in just going to the beach and perhaps doing some snorkeling. Any recommendations on a beach that may have snorkeling gear for rent? I am assuming there are taxis by the port that we can hire to take us? The excursions offered on Princess did not interest us. Thank you for your time, Zina
  5. zeenichka

    Opinions of privategreecetours

    We used Private Greece Tours in Athens and we were very pleased with the whole arrangement. From the initial contact with Nikos, to the booking of the tour, and finally taking the tour it was all hassle free. There were 7 of us and we all enjoyed the tour very much. Our guide was Maria and she was knowledgeable and very pleasant. Our driver (Unfortunately, I can't remember his name) was very good and professional. When we go back to Greece I will use Private Greece Tours again.:) Zina
  6. zeenichka

    venice train stations

    Thank you everyone for helping this challenged traveller out. I don't know what I was thinking. But I have my tickets & all is well. As always thank you for patience and help.:)
  7. zeenichka

    venice train stations

    We would like to take the train from Venice to Rome on saturday 25th of June, around 1pm. High speed . I did not use the Trenitalia.com it was something like EuroTrain.com or something like that. What I see, and thanks nparmelee for your step-by-step on the website, trains leaving from Mestre instead of St. Lucia. I see on the map it is the mainland but I guess that's ok we just have to allow enough time to transport over to Mestre. Or I am a total dork and don't know what the heck I am doing:o
  8. zeenichka

    Choosing your dining table before you cruise

    I don't remember our TA asking about select dining. Perhaps we are a party of 11 and it would be difficult to find a table. Can one change from late seating to select dining or is it too late for us. Not too big of a deal just wondering. Thanks!!!
  9. zeenichka

    venice train stations

    Looking at the train schedule from St Lucia to Rome it lists only 2nd class. First class, I am assuming, is booked? Is there such a big difference between the classes? Also, the only schedule I see are trains that run from 1am to 10am & nothing in the afternoons. I'm probably missing something.:(
  10. zeenichka

    venice train stations

    Thank you!!!!!
  11. zeenichka

    Hotel recommendation in Venice?

    Our friends stayed at the Hotel Abbazia and absolutely loved it and recommended it. Said it was unique and wonderful. Great service. Unfortunately they were booked for our visit. Next time. Try TripAdvisor like everyone stated and the boards recommendations. I haven't been given bad advice yet.:)
  12. zeenichka

    venice train stations

    Greetings, We are staying right in the heart of Venice by St Mark. Which train station would you recommend would be the closest to where we are staying? Santa Lucia? Mestre? S. Lucia (same as Santa Lucia?)There seems to be several listed. I would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks, Zina
  13. zeenichka

    naples/salerno naples/capri?

    You bring up a couple of good points. Last night DH wondered why Celebrity was changing ports on us. He stated, answering his own question, I bet it's cheaper to be in Solerno than Naples.
  14. zeenichka

    naples/salerno naples/capri?

    Thanks euro cruiser and aquilegia for the information. I agree I think it is misleading. I guess Celebrity has its reasons for changing. I guess it doesn't matter we are still on vacation and visiting Naples.:) Z
  15. zeenichka

    naples/salerno naples/capri?

    Hi All I just received a notice from Celebrity for our upcoming trip that the port/destination was changed from Naples/Capri to Naples/Salerno. Anyone know what the difference is? Is it a different port area? I am assuming you can still access capri. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.