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  1. I've done internal quad share cabin with 2 adults and 2 not-small children for 7 nights twice, and doing it again in June. The above advice about trying to pack light, using the space in the cabin wisely (google this, amazing tips and even you tube videos are out there), being patient and considerate of each other and not planning to be in the cabin much beyond sleeping and showering/dressing is all good. Enjoy the cruise!
  2. Hello We are on a southbound Alaskan cruise on Coral Princess in June. The cruise departs at 8.30pm from Whittier. Can anyone tell me what time muster will be - I am trying to work out what to do about dinner (MDR? buffet?) and I have 2 children with me so a bit of advance planning is handy. Many thanks Lou
  3. We are doing the Yukon rail/bus because of the dog cart option (we have 2 children with us).
  4. I am tossing up between these two cruises out of Whittier. We will arrive by train at 12pm and we are departing on Coral Princess at 8.30pm, this is early June. We are a family of 4, children aged 9 and 11 years. Children would be more interested in wildlife than glaciers, but I appreciate all cruises out of Whittier are more focused on glaciers. We will have done the 6 hrs Kenai Fjords cruise 2 days earlier, which is focused on wildlife. I see the advantages of the Glacier Quest as being the slightly later departure time which gives us a chance to have a quick walk round Whittier, getting the children an ice cream from the harbour and husband wants to walk past the Begich building, he is fascinated by Whittier's history. Also the Glacier Quest should be a smaller boat, less crowds. I'm not sure I feel the need to speed from one glacier to the next covering 140 miles in 5 hours on the 26 Glacier cruise. Am I thinking about this all wrong? Should we take the 26 Glacier because its way better? Budget Queen - I need your help! Many thanks Lou
  5. Hello We are travelling on Coral Princess next June to Alaska. At Ketchikan they aren't docking but instead using tenders. The itinerary lists port time as 10am to 6pm. In reality, what time could we expect to be able to get off the ship (won't be booked on a Princess tour so won't have priority). I'm looking at a kayak tour from 12.30pm - would that be safe? I guess I have to try to time it so we eat an early lunch on board before tendering off (have children with me, going hungry not a great option). And getting back on the ship, what time do we need to be at the dock and in the queue for the tender? Many thanks Lou
  6. I travelled to Alaska on Radiance of the Seas when my children were 5 and 7 yrs. Internal quad share, but we didn't have children young enough for naps so we weren't in the cabin much at all. They did use the children's club but the main thing for them (and subsequent cruise to the Med) is a pool and ice cream - as long as I deliver on those 2 critical things, they will go anywhere. Radiance had an indoor pool, also hot tubs. You know your children best, so whatever their equivalent of pool & ice cream is! So I agree with advice above, for Alaska, pick the itinerary for the adults, and the children will be fine. With Alaska itinerary is more important than ship. If you do a search on my user name, I did a very detailed review of my trip, specifically around traveling with children, it was in 2015. Hope that helps Lou
  7. We sailed to Alaska on Radiance of the Seas - that ship has 2 pools, one inside and one out. The indoor pool is usually adults only space but for "cold weather" cruises like Alaska, its open to families 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm each day - this was enough for my children, we planned round swimming times (usually on shore mornings, back on board for lunch, children into kids club for an hour or so while we hit shore briefly again then got children out of kids club with enough time for swim before 4pm cut off). Might be worth studying the deck plans of the ships you are looking at carefully, and finding out if any indoor pools, then ring customer service for that cruise line and ask about children using the indoor pool, specifically to Alaska. Hope that helps Lou
  8. Thank you to everyone who has replied. We're taking the train from anchorage to Whittier. So now to decide between lazy otters or Phillips, and if Phillips then the 26 glacier or the slightly shorter tour. Lazy otter might not be an option due to timing. I am leaning toward the shorter Phillips trip, if the boat is smaller and less ground covered so less of a rush. Lou :)
  9. We are sailing on Coral Princess next June, departing Whittier at 8.30pm. I was thinking we could take the train from Anchorage at 9.45am, arriving Whittier at 12.05pm, then onto a 26 glaciers boat tour (boat operator would hold our bags?), departing 12.30pm, arriving back at 5.30pm then short walk to board Coral. My husband thinks its too risky, what if the train runs late and we miss the boat, what if the boat is late back and we miss the ship. Just wondered if this is common practice or I am trying to squeeze too much into the trip and we should just go straight from train to ship? Many thanks for any suggestions. Lou :)
  10. CCRAIN - this is a fabulous trip report, I am hanging on almost every word. We are cruising on Coral from Whittier to Vancouver next year - I have not been on Princess before - are you able to tell me what foods International Café and also the Patisserie offer, and which ones come with an additional charge? I am travelling with children so want to know what food I can get on board that will appeal to them! Many thanks in advance Lou
  11. It depends on your children. In 2015 with children aged 5 and 7, we did the 3.5 hr trip, bus up and train back. It was fine, the bus up was 90 mins but with about 3 stops for photos, it did not feel that long. And my children loved the train. But do pack food/snacks in your daypack. In 2019 we will be back and children will be 9 and 11 yrs, we are definitely doing the longer trip. Its not 7 hrs non-stop sitting on the bus, or anything like 7 hrs sitting in the family car, which my children do struggle with. Hope that helps Lou
  12. We travelled to Alaska with Royal Caribbean (Radiance) in 2015 with our 2 children,then aged 5 and 7 yrs. And then last year we travelled with MSC (Poesia) in theMed, children now aged 7 & 9 yrs. Both times we have had an internal quadshare cabin and not regretted it. Yes its cosy but you're only in there to sleepand change clothes. Just mentioning it because for us, we just can’t afford largercabins/multiple cabins; if we weren't in a quad share, we would not be on theship. We are now booked on Coral for Alaska in 2019, by which time childrenwill be 9 and 11 yrs, and again it’s an internal quad share cabin for us. I’m at work so can't do the legwork for you, but if you do a search onmy user name, I did a detailed trip review of the 2015 Alaska trip andsomewhere in the review there is a photo of the internal quad share cabin, ifthat helps. Also did a detailed review of the 2017 trip, again somewhere in thereview you will find a photo of the MSC internal quad share cabin. So if budget is an issue, don't feel you have to have a balcony/multiple rooms. Especiallyif you were camping the week before, the internal cabin will still feelluxurious!! The 2015 trip, we travelled late May and there were other children on board,not heaps, but enough. I know it was a different cruise line but my childrenenjoyed the kids club, loved the attention from the staff in the MDR and wantedto swim every day – Radiance had an internal swimming pool, but they can alwayshave a dip in the hot tubs on deck if no inside pool. For my children, as longthere is ice cream and a swimming pool, they are happy anywhere (which makes mylife easier). Lou :-)
  13. Hello We haven't sailed with Princess before but will sail with Princess to Alaska in 2019 (southbound from Whittier to Vancouver). We have a choice of 4 ships - Coral, Golden, Royal and Island. We are a family of 4 (children will be 9 & 11 at time of cruise) and we'll be in an internal quad share cabin. Priorities are: 1. possibility of an indoor swim for the children, 2. availability of ice cream, 3. sports facilities (golf? soccer?) and 4. good outdoor viewing spaces (front? aft? easy deck to move form side to side?). Many thanks for any suggestions Lou
  14. We were in Dubrovnik late May. This sign (see below) was posted on the wall at the port, next to the line of waiting taxis. Note they do only take cash, no credit cards.
  15. And that is it. Nothing more from me, unless anyone has questions I can help with, or wants photos from the non-cruise part of the trip. L xx
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