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  1. We were on Coral in June southbound from Whittier to Vancouver and my review including Patters is here: I don't know how a round trip would vary from the one way itinerary. Movies (from June) were listed on the Patters. I didn't get any MDR menus, just the children's menu. Yes there were some theme nights in Horizon Buffet - look on the back page of each of the Patters. And there IS an international café but its relatively small.
  2. Wow, i’m Looking at the deck plan and I can’t even work our where this is, clever you for finding it- do you think Regal or Majestic (other Royal class ships) would have same aft and front access? Many thanks Lou
  3. Can I ask you about the upper bunk and the balcony? We are thinking of cruising on Sapphire next year, there are 4 of us including 2 children. Are all balcony cabins the same, that you cannot access the balcony if the upper bunk is down? The only photo I have seen is the one on the Princess website when you book, and it has the beds closer to the door/bathroom (picture shows twin single lower beds, with 2 Pullmans directly above), with a desk/seating area/tv and then the balcony, so I can't see how the upper bunk would affect the balcony use - is the Princess photo deceptive, or do some balcony types vary, or something else I am missing? Many thanks Lou
  4. Can I ask about your impressions of the open deck space for this ship? For the Hubbard Glacier and Glacier Bay days? Also did you sail east or west of Vancouver Island? And did your children swim in any of the pools? Many thanks Lou
  5. We got off the Glacier Quest boat trip at 4.45pm and were checked in, through security and on board in our cabin by 5.15pm. Might have taken longer coming off the 26 Glacier cruise at 5.30pm, or when the 6pm train pulls in from Denali ...
  6. We sailed on Coral Princess in June, muster was 7.45pm before 8.20pm departure (scheduled 8.30pm) from Whittier. We have 2 children so we ate dinner after boarding about 5.15pm, and had started to explore the ship before muster and departure, and then after departure the children wanted a swim in the Lotus pool, so my husband and I took turns in supervising them while taking in the scenery of Prince William Sound - I would not have wanted to be inside, away from windows, through the evening.
  7. PurpleTraveller - thank you for your very detailed reply, you HAVE been helpful. The Sapphire itinerary out of Melbourne has one less port and one more sea day than the Regal/Majestic itineraries out of Sydney, hence why I am putting so much effort into choosing the right ship - either way we have considerably more seas days than we have experienced when cruising previously. Thank you again.
  8. PurpleTraveller - thank you for your fabulous detailed reviews, I have just read all through the recent Norway one, mostly because I am interested in Sapphire Princess. Can I ask you a question - we are trying to decide between Sapphire, Regal or Majestic to NZ. Sapphire is out of Melbourne (where we live) and has one less port (Bay of Islands) than either Regal or Majestic (both out of Sydney), therefore Sapphire has one more sea day. We are a family of 4, children will be 11 and 13 by the time this cruise happens. So things like swimming pools, that the children can use (they can't use one of the small aft pools on Sapphire I believe, and maybe not indoor pools?), and availability of pizza and ice cream are quite important to us, especially for the sea days. Also sports activities are important (somewhere for the children to kick a soccer ball? basketball court?). Even when the children use kids club, we are not Sanctuary users. I know Sapphire has the lovely wrap around promenade, and Regal and Majestic have considerably less public outside decks. We have cruised 3 times so far, all 7 night port intensive cruises (Alaska and the Med), with 3 different cruise lines, this NZ cruise would have more seas days than we have ever had before which is why I'm fussing so much over the ship we choose. Do you have any advice for me? Many thanks in advance.
  9. Yes we did. We went with Ketchikan Kayaking (https://www.ketchikankayakco.com/). Family of 4, children were 9 and 11 years and they catered to us perfectly. Meet at a central spot in town adjacent to the cruise ship dock, they drive you north to Clover Pass Harbour, fit you out with waterpoof jackets, overpants, a wet bag for any valuables (ie, camera). The tour was 12.30pm to 4.30pm, I think we had about 2 hours on the water. At the end we were unlucky with weather (started in light rain and no wind, which was fine, but when the wind picked up and rain got heavier, the children got tired and cold) so we skipped the last half hour on the water. We saw sea life on rock walls, porpoises and seals in water and sea lions on rocks, also lots of bald eagles around. Warm drink and crackers and dip when we got back to land then they drove us back to town to the cruise ship dock.
  10. I am trying to decide which New Zealand cruise to book. We are deciding between 13 nights on either Regal or Majestic from Sydney, or 13 nights from Melbourne on Sapphire for January 2021. The Regal/Majestic cruises have 6 port days, 5 sea days and 1 additional day of scenic cruising, while Sapphire has 5 port days, 6 sea days and 1 additional day of scenic cruising. I love the idea of the wrap around promenade deck on Sapphire, which I know Regal and Majestic don’t have. Regal and Majestic look like they have considerably less public outside viewing decks from the deck plans I can see online. We are a family of 4, the only cruises we have done before now were 7 nights & port intensive itineraries. This time the cruise is longer than we have done before, with considerably more sea days, and the children will be 11 and 13 by the time January 2021 comes round. Swimming pools (that children can use), and pizza and ice cream on board is important, as are sports activities (somewhere for the children to kick a soccer ball? Basketball court?). Even when the children use kids club, we are not Sanctuary users. Anyone got advice for me? Many thanks in advance.
  11. We missed Hubbard due to a storm while travelling northbound.
  12. Coral has excellent outside viewing decks. Wrap around Promenade, plus you can get outside at the front of the ship on decks 9,10 and 11 (this is not clear on the deck plans, no seating, standing only), also aft decks on decks 8, 9, 10 and 11 (these aft decks have sun lounges), plus deck 14 (lido) and deck 15 and 16 (sports). Horizon buffet is at the front of the ship on deck 14 which is great viewing in lousy weather when you don't want to be outside. If you do a search on my user name, I did a detailed review on our trip to Alaska on Coral from last month and I detailed all the outside viewing (we had an internal cabin, so this feature was important to me). Hope that helps Lou
  13. Tricky. I have sailed out of both Whittier and Vancouver and both are spectacular ports for sailaway, although I would argue sailing out through Prince William Sound is better. Also I think SB gives you better scenery through the narrowest part of Inside Passage on the final sea day by daylight. Also consider any DIY travel in Alaska, do you want to do that before the cruise (SB) or after (NB)? Hope that helps!
  14. I am looking at a cruise to New Zealand in 2021. We would book an internal cabin so outside viewing decks are important to us. We most recently cruised on Coral Princess which had fabulous outside viewing from a number of decks including a Promenade you could walk all around, and ability to view from the front and the aft of the ship. Can anyone help me with comparing Majestic, Regal and Sapphire's outdoor decks? Many thanks Lou
  15. When you get home, can you please tell me, aside from the Promenade deck, is there other good outside viewing on Sapphire? Front? Aft? We will have an inside cabin so outdoor viewing options are important to me. Many thanks in advance.
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