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  1. Me too please. I'm having a difficult time connecting with a knowledgeable TA. Michelle.miles77@gmail.com
  2. Thank you! I will wait until next week! There are a lot of rooms left still so I guess it will not hurt to wait a week. Question, can the OBC be used towards an excursion booked with the cruise line.
  3. UPDATE: we have decided on a S-class silhouette 9 day southern Caribbean! Now that is solidified just working on seeing what room we want and if it makes sense for the prepaying perks - and of course finding the best TA. I am glad we now at least know where we are going!
  4. The Edge was almost double the price so we decided against it. Thanks everyone for opinions, it is helping.
  5. Alaska is not an option, I am from the West Coast of BC, I grew up in a town that ships used to go to. I have seen the scenery that a paid cruise has to offer for free my whole life. I also worked for a small local airline and would often take flights along the coast, so I have seen everything by sky and sea. Thank you for that option - but I just would not enjoy it 😞
  6. I need a little help I don't know where to start. DH and I have been on 3 or cruises before we had kids. Once we had kids we stopped (been about 12 years). For the past 12 years we have done AI mexico trips and Disney world annually. DH and I like good food, great wine great service. When going to land resorts, we typically get suites and swim up rooms. We like nice things, we are no party people and we like to eat - but we like familiar foods. We do like good nightly entertainment we will usually do one or two excursions a trip, but that is starting to stop as we feel like we have done them all. We are looking at a few things for our trip in May which will be DH and I. Punta Cana at a AI resort, the only reason we are not going there is the travel time from Seattle is crazy. We want to stay away from Mexico this year. So we were looking at a cruise. We have narrowed it down to two and I really don't know what to pick. Do we want to go to ports we have been before but a nicer ship? or do we want to go to new places on a different type of ship. My other hesitation on cruises are only so many times you can snorkel go on catamarans, go visit distilleries, coffee plants etc. We also just got back from Bora Bora and are afraid we won't be blown away by the water. Our choices - Summit Aqua Class (its about $100 more than the concierge class). Grenada would be the only new port for us. The ship would obviously be new for us to explore. BUT we leave from Puerto Rico which would mean a similar travel time as Punta cana Option 2 - Rotterdam HAL - in a Vista Class room all ports will be new we leave from Tampa. Stops are in Key West, Costa Mata, Mahogany Bay, Santo Tomas De Castilla. This ship is smaller although we like the Zeiderdamn 10 years ago, our traveling style has changed. We also don't want to be charged for everything! The only thing we drink is OJ and coffee at breakfast and water through the day and wine at dinner. NO pops or cocktails. DH LOVES room service, we often book hotels based on the room service menu. I would be open to feedback and maybe even questions asked that will make me thing of something I never had before!
  7. My husband and I just came back from Bora Bora. It was a hard decision for us to decide whether we were going to take a cruise with Paul Gauguin or just stay in some over-the-water bungalows. We decided to just Island hop. Now that I'm home I really really want to go back but I know that was a one-time trip. I love everything about this Cruise Line. I haven't researched other similar Cruise Lines very much however I'm wondering if there would be something similar to this in Hawaii? Or would it not be a comparison? I've been to Hawaii before it's beautiful but really no comparison to Tahiti but if I can't go back to Tahiti maybe something closer to us would work? Thoughts. Uncle just came back from the Windstar in the Caribbean. That's Cruise Line sounded very appealing but I've been to the Caribbean too many times.
  8. We have this one and love it https://amzn.to/2Gb7dai
  9. We have this one and love it! https://amzn.to/2Gb7dai
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