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  1. On Royal a couple of weeks ago the amenity bag contained a tube of lotion (same as on bathroom counter), tube of shower gel (same as what’s in the shower), cotton swabs, cotton balls, lip balm and shower cap.
  2. Hi, We had to cancel a back to back cruise for medical reasons recently and AON was fantastic to work with. We filed the claim and sent in the medical form and the approval was back within a few business days and the checks were received about a week later. I was pleasantly surprised by how great they were to work with. The onboard items like prepaid tips, specialty dining etc were all things reimbursed by Princess ( because the purchases were cancelled along with the cruise).
  3. I would do it do for sure! Good luck!
  4. What you are looking for is called the New Grounds Coffee Package. It’s $36.58 and you will find it under Beverage Packages in your Personalizer. As mentioned by Thrak it is no longer a punch card, it is added to your shipboard account.
  5. To the OP. Rest assured, you will have no problem getting a peanut butter sandwich without jam.
  6. Once you have your medallion in hand and are onboard you won’t be required to use the app again. If you choose to use the Medallion App onboard , put the phone on airplane mode, turn on WiFi and access the ship WiFi (you will be able to view things like your shipboard account etc but won’t actually be using the internet). as for your insurance app since you have already printed a copy of the policy so it would seem you have all you will need. If you encounter a problem during your travel you could either activate cellular or pay for WiFi at that time. To test what you can see in
  7. I recall Smashbox, Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder but I don’t recall Givenchy (although I could have overlooked it).
  8. Thanks for reporting back and letting us know that the issue was resolved. I hope the rest of your cruise will be problem free!
  9. Yes, they can share their own cabin. Have your travel agent link their booking to yours and it will be fine since you are a family traveling together. When our oldest reached the age of 16 our kids were always booked in their own cabin. As a side note, we found it very convenient to book side by side balcony cabins and have the balcony divider opened up so we could easily go back and further between cabins through the balcony doors.
  10. Here is something that has gone by the wayside that I doubt anyone misses... formal wear rental! For those who didn’t experience this, you could pre-order your formal wear items and they would be delivered to your stateroom upon your arrival. Following the last formal night the items would be returned for you. There was also a small selection of the formal wear items onboard.
  11. I called that manager number back in 2017 when they had the issue with missing points and they resolved the issue right then and there. Looks like I better go check my statement to make sure my points are showing properly. Thanks for the heads up and the phone number! Update: just checked and my points are showing up correctly, so at least it isn’t a system wide issue like the glitch in 2017!
  12. You would get the bottled water from the bar. I don’t know if they would give you two at a time. I suspect you would have to make two stops on your way to your cabin or get a bottle, wait a bit and order another one, Or perhaps just pick up one bottle at some point during the day, say after breakfast or lunch, and another at night before you retire. That way by the end of the day you will have two ready to go.
  13. We have only had ours lost by the airlines and the bags eventually were located and sent to us. It was really frustrating though while we waited three days for it to finally turn up. You mention being concerned about whether Princess will compensate, did you purchase travel insurance? I know the policy through Princess covers lost bagagage. Also, it might be worth looking at whether or not the credit card you booked your trip with provides any sort of coverage for loss of luggage. I hope the suitcase turns up soon and you don’t have to worry about filing a claim at all
  14. Forgive the small detour...Here is a tip to solve this issue ( provided your local library participates). Download the Libby App ( this is the public library app) also download the Kindle App if you are not using a Kindle. When you check out library books through Libby you will be given the option of reading in the Libby app or Kindle. If you choose kindle the book will be sent to your Kindle or device with Kindle App and downloaded to your ereader and you can now read it offline. I hope this is helpful. Now back to the original topic... either load plenty of books on your erea
  15. I have only rented mobility devices from them and I was quite satisfied with their service. I am not sure if they have recliners or not but here is their number if that helps (from their website) In case you want to call and see if they rent them 1-800-513-4515 . Happy Travels
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