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  1. If you're looking for more of a Chub/Chaser cruise, there's a new event being launched this November on Adventure of the Seas. I don't wanna break any rules by listing the web site, but it's called Cruising At Large.
  2. Interesting as Serenade didn't begin cruising until 2003...
  3. You will have a shared group number in addition to everyone's individual reservation numbers. I just told my interested guests to call/email my TA and they did the rest. They processed the payments to Royal, handled requests, told the cruise line group department what I wanted, did all the dining stuff, even helped with some of my guests flights and hotels!
  4. For example, for my upcoming cruise, I had 4 GAP points to spend (that's the typical amount). I chose to spend 3 of them on a private, 1 hour, open bar cocktail and canpes party on our first sea day. The remaining 1 point I spent on a surprise cupcake delivery to everyone's cabin on day 2! You can use them to give everyone OBC or other fun deliveries too!
  5. Ok cool 🙂 Just so you know you don't HAVE to book with the posted group rates. Sometimes the website price is better. Your TA can book it as a normal booking then transfer it into your group. This also works well when the particular sub-category of room you won't isn't offered at a group rate. Do you know about GAP points?
  6. Just curious, have you picked a ship and sail date yet?
  7. Hey! I'm on your cruise too! The Soda Package is currently $9.99/day on your Cruise Planner and that'll give you all the Powerade Zero you want via the Coke Freestyle machines on board! Total with gratuity is $58.94. Definitely don't want until you are on board as the price will only be higher! See you on Sunday! 😄
  8. Absolutely use a TA! I am leading a group cruise this upcoming week on Jewel. I wish I could share my TA info, but rules is rules. 😕
  9. Also, with only Jewel in port, did Labadee feel empty at all?
  10. Did the 5-night have a lobster(tail) night in the MDR? thanks
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