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  1. I think it also depends on what ships you all are booked on. I don't think the smaller ships are going to return to service anytime soon. My trip in December to the Caribbean is on the Encore, and my trip in Feb 2022 for the Mexican Riviera is on the Bliss. With Canada not opening the ports the May trip makes sense to cancel now so people can find other things to do.
  2. Only my Alaska cruise in May shows this. My Mexican Riviera cruise in 2022 looks fine as does my December Caribbean.
  3. The people that would lose money would likely be commercial lenders. They would reorganize under chapter 11 and it would allow them to breathe from the commercial loans. I don't think a judge in their right mind would let them screw hundreds of thousands of passengers out of their money. It would certainly spell doom for them. I'd never sail NCL again if I even lost my cruise next certs. No one would book with them anymore since the trust would be broken. Then they would end up using Chapter 7. Just my thoughts.
  4. What a bunch of negative Nancy's on here. What's a cruise deposit run? A few hundred dollars? This is why I buy insurance and don't pay off cruises until I have to. I've got 3 on the books. One for August, one for September, and one for December. August is the only crap shoot in my book. The rest I expect to proceed as usual. And if I'm wrong I'm out a few hundred bucks and have a bunch of airfare credit. It isn't the end of the world.
  5. I've used the new version of the NCL App on the Dawn and the Bliss. It worked much better than iConcierge for texting. I didn't find myself closing it and launching it non-stop. I always have an internet package and I still get the $9.99 onboard messaging just to keep in touch with those that don't. Though I am questioning that wisdom since more people I know are getting something we can stay in touch with on board.
  6. They can also adjust prices for you if they change sometimes. Or if they can't do that I've been issued on board credit at least.
  7. Working in IT I feel for the Internet Managers. It's nothing but a mess of people who typically don't know how to use their devices. They are super patient. I've never had any luck getting my promo minutes bundled with my platinum minutes. I have a 9 day coming up and will be going for the premium unlimited because why not. Yeah, it stinks because I can see it online right now for $265.50, so that would work out to $160.50 based on online pricing. But on ship it won't have a 15% discount so will run roughly $305 for the package with setup minus the $125 credit the package is worth on board so
  8. Dislikes: No SpiceH20, no Spinnaker lounge, no Great Outdoors to eat breakfast at in the aft. Interesting layout. Likes: Crew and staff are great, enjoyed the casino, still has decent size balcony's compared to the new ships.
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