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  1. thanks, I'm going to check again using my husbands laptop.
  2. I know it is a ways away, but we booked a cruise on the Panorama, for, I think November 12, 2022. I did a mock book for the cruise to see if there were any price reductions and the cruise calender is showing NO panorama cruises for 6 months, including the month we are booked on. All last night and most of today I kept tring, hoping it was a glitch. When I go on the site it stillsays 394 days or something ike that until my cruise. I know that Panorama is having some sort of mechanical problems, but would it take 6 months to fix them? I have tried to call Carnival several times today and I just get a message telling me due to the volume of calls to try again tomorrow. According to the site, they will be cruising again in January. Thinking of putting a temporary hold on a couple cabins. WHen I was on it said 156 were onine booking that cruise right now. Not sure what to do.
  3. You'll probably have an incredibly long wait. I can't see how they would cancel your vaccinated cruise because of their IT issues, especially with so few people cuising now.
  4. On our last couple B2Bs' we bought liquor from the store on the ship. They delivered it on the last night of the first leg of the B2B and we had plenty of liquor and mixers for our next week.
  5. Well, I live in Colorado, have known our Governor since he was a toddler and I'm pretty sure that I can talk him into accepting cruise ships! We just need to have a few small canals built an no problem! {I wish]
  6. Okay, so I just tried to check out the price drops to see if that includes my cruise. My cruise in on the Panorama, nov 12, 2022. I looked, and wow, the price had dropped. It said $559 a person, oceanview,with 2 in cabin. So then I tried a mock booking and immediately the price for that date was at $750 a person. I tried this several times with same response. Also, if the drop is accurate is there any way to get the price adjusted without waiting for hours on the phone to speak with a representative? thanks.
  7. We have reservation for bonsai teppanyaki on the Panorama next year. If you tried it will you please share your experience. please and thank you.
  8. Thanks so much for your informative posts! a few questions please. How is the cruise director, lee mason? Does he make the funship even ore fun? Is there an interior smoking area other than the casino and is the casino bar still there. Have you noticed the salad selection on the serenity deck? Thank you so much!
  9. I love Chase credit cards, especially my Chase Saphired Preferred, my Freedom and my Southwest. Those special offers makes it worth using the cards even after the initial rewards.
  10. I'm so glad you came back! I was afraid you had abandoned us. sounds like you're having a wonderful cruise! I have tons of questions, but I'll only ask 2 now. My nephew is coming with us and wants to know if there is any indoor smoking areas. Also, this is to anyone, but I am fairly computer illiterate and I do not know what I did to make my font suddenly dark. suggestions on corrections, please and thank you.
  11. Hi everyone! I am dieting hard for a week before my first weigh in. I am afraid the shock will be too great and I will give up before I start. I have participated in a few of these but never lost as much as I wanted to before each cruise. This time, for various reasons, it will be different.
  12. Is this change in the itinerary a permanent or temporary change because of covid? The reason I ask is because, though my cruise is a year away, i already booked a horseback riding excursion in Puerta Vallarta. If the changes are permanent then our excursion will be at the samt time we have reservations for Bonsai Teppanyaki. If this is a temporary change, no problem, but if permanent I would like to change my dinner reservation. The only reason that I suspect that it might be permanent is because the last time I cruised out of california was when the "Brand New Carnival Elation" first sailed and our first port was Puerta Vallarta. Thank you
  13. A few things I would ike to know, please and thank you. Is the serenity deck often packed and/or windy and I would like to know about the performance of the cruise director as well.
  14. I am interested in knowing if there are any indoor smoking areas, if the sky-ride is a little scary, if the platinum/diamond party is still on the last full day of the cruise and the average length of the Bonsai Tempanyaki dinner/entertainment.
  15. I just checked out Saint Gregs' pictures of the ship and all I can say is WOW!!!!
  16. I;m back to super excited! All of your answers were awesome but what sold me was finding out that the library bar has direct access to outdoor seating! I am Autistic and my neurology craves extreme sensory stimulation about a fifth to a quarter of my waking hours and totally the opposite the other three quarters of my waking hours. I ussually spend about 3 hours a day when on a cruise in the bathtub [ I love the junior bathtubs. short but deep. I just prop my legs on the wall and there's plenty of room] 3 hours decompressing in my cabin and about 5 hours relaxing in the library. I always loved that on the Breeze there are actually 2 rooms that make up the library, but being able to easily access outdoors is even better! Thank you!
  17. Thank you. You have all given me something to think about. But where is the "wow factor" on the Panorama? I suppose I would have found it if I had booked Havana rooms, but since we also paid for several kids and grandkids we did not feel it was right for my husband and myself to have a Havana cabin when the kids do not [not in our budget, at all]
  18. I have been looking at pictures and videos from the Mardis Gras and it looks breathtaking! My next cruise, though is on Panorama out of Long Beach. I decided rather than drooling over a ship I will easily never go on that I would look at pictures and videos from the Panorama. My first cruise ever was on the Fantasy. I fell in love with the ship and with cruising as well. My next cruise was on the new Carnival Elation. I was incredulous at it's beauty [and yeah, I always liked the "Farcus touch." After that, I figured that I would never love a ship as much as the Elation so the next cruise was also on the Elation [same itinerary] After studying pictures from the Conquest I reluctantly booked our next cruise on it out of Galveston. Somehow, I loved it even more than the Elation, so our next cruise was on the Conquest again. I probably watched the video a hundred times before booking the Magic, and lo and behold, within an hour of stepping onboard she was my favorite ship. After 3 times [notice a pattern here?] we found and fell in love with the "Breeze." OMG! I did slightly miss the flashiness of the other ships, but once again I fell in love. so we followed it from Florida to Galveston back to Florida again for a total of 7 cruises. Now, I look at all the videos from youtube about the Panorama, and it looks horrible compared to any of the others. The main dining room is one level and looks plain. The floors look boring, the LED lights look cheap and in no way look like they can compete with the atriums on the other ships. Except for the Havana area [and we are not booked there] everything looks blah and dull. The other good thing that I am aware of is that, like the Breeze, the Panorama has Deluxe oceanviews. This is a big deal to me as we live in a village with extremely stringent water rationing, so we don't have a tub at home and I spend several hours a day in my Deluxe oceanview bathtub [short, but very deep] in a Deluxe Oceanview cabin. So, anyway, I am hoping that someone will be able to share some of the "Wow Factors" on the Panorama so that I can, hopefully, be excited for my next favorite ship. Thanks.
  19. We all need to best protect ourselves and others. And the cruise industry needs to protect itself as well. It would be nice if we didn't have to wear a mask or get tested despite having been vaccinated, but Delta, and other possible variations changes everything. I'm hopeful that this will be temporary and especially hopeful that the situation does not become worse.
  20. We've still got over a year before our next cruise on the Panorama. I have been looking at the deck plans and noticed the clubhouse on deck 15 [I think] and have a few questions. As far as activities it mentions that there is ping pong, mini bowling, foosball, pool,and twister. I was wondering if these activities are free or if they cost extra. Also, there is a pass-through bar and I was wondering what hours it is staffed. I am also curious how crowded is the clubhouse and how much of it is located inside the ship. Thank you.
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