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  1. Right now, if you search by ship, the Allure has one cruise open in September 2021. Nothing else after April of that year. The September cruise is leaving from Orlando.
  2. Huh. It looks like I posted on this topic a year before I sailed in that cabin. I have since sailed, and I have a video of the room as well as a text review of it on my blog. We noticed little noise in the hallway, and none from the deck above. Happy sailing!
  3. I have all of the bar menus from the Liberty of the Seas this Summer. I found pretty much everything to be included in my package. Hopefully, the menus can help you figure out if they have what you want. Sometimes you have to hunt for what you are looking for. For example, I didn't find Four Roses Single Barrel until the last night of the cruise. Prices may be slightly higher on some ships, although their drink packages tend to cover an extra dollar or two per drink.
  4. We were at the Falmouth cruise pier this Summer. The link goes to a personal blog post I did on it. My summary: I probably wouldn't walk around on my own again. We used Jamaica Culinary tours for a guided walking tour and some local bites to eat. It was excellent, and that felt perfectly safe. That also accomplishes your goals. The Falmouth pier is wholly owned by Royal Caribbean. It is also now completely built. It was a lovely facility, and a couple of places inside had great bites to eat. The stand I pictured in my blog post sold meat patty. That was what the British would call a meat pie and I would call an empanada con carne. It was fantastic, and I tried several other varieties of patty. My 13 year old went crazy for the Jamaican blue mountain coffee stand. It was July, so he got something iced. Anyway, I would either take a tour or stay inside the pier area. Enjoy your trip!
  5. Both of those are covered and fully indoor. The parking pad looks to me to be raised a foot or so over street level, although that is not a scientific observation. If there is a hurricane, your car will flood. If there is fairly heavy rainfall, it should be just fine in either of those locations.
  6. I have used Galveston Park n Cruise the last three times. They are located across the street, and it is an easy walk for most folks. We actually pass Galveston VIP parking on the way, so it is a few feet closer. Do know that both of them are only open for Saturday and Sunday departures.
  7. I have all of the MDR menus from the Liberty in July 2019 here, including wine, breakfast (same every day), and one lunch menu. I also have the specialty restaurant and the bar menus. My personal strategy is to book a specialty restaurant at lunch. It is cheaper then, and I really enjoy the MDR. Your mileage, of course, might vary. Happy sailing!
  8. We ate at Cayman Cabana. It was amazing. From the Georgetown cruise pier, turn left. You walk about a block and it is there on the water.
  9. Here are the bar menus for the Liberty of the Seas this Summer. Since they are the same class ship, I would assume the menus are fairly similar. Happy sailing!
  10. We used the Surf and Stream package on the Liberty in July. It was OK at the start of the week, and it seemed to get progressively slower later. Most of the time, our group was able to use it to effectively exchange messages using Messenger. However, one night even that experienced delays of an hour or more. On that cruise, at least, even the faster package was barely adequate. It did, however, usually let us exchange messages.
  11. We went to Royal Palms Beach Club. I enjoyed it very much, and it certainly met most of your criteria. The problem is that it was awfully crowded. I cannot tell you how that varies seasonally.
  12. Cool. I learned something new today. The notch where they cut the deck seemed to be at about the same point as in Vegas, although I can't tell you whether that leaves one deck or two in the shoe. When it was a shoe rather than an auto-shuffler game, it did indeed look like they were using something like 8 decks rather than the 6 or so I usually see in Vegas. Good luck!
  13. I wrote about the casino in 2017. The service is now better, although the basic rules haven't changed. As with Vegas, the rules get better the more you are betting per hand. However, to Royal's credit, they work to keep a lot of lower limit tables open. Sometimes you have to hunt for a table with more favorable rules. and I would always ask before you sit down. As a general rule, however: They have both 6:5 and 3:2 tables, but there were more 6:5. I believe all of the tables allowed double after split, although generally speaking you could only split aces once. Sadly, I don't know what "PEN" means in this context. There are more machine shuffle games, but there are still shoe games. The dealers are required to hit soft 17. It is hard to get the bartender's attention. Bring your own. Happy cruising!
  14. I'm not a scotch drinker, but I have a rather significant taste for bourbon. We sailed on the Liberty this Summer, and some friends reported that they could get decent Scotch in the cigar bar. I found Four Roses Single Barrel and a couple of other great bourbons in the English pub... on the last night of the cruise. Take the first day to walk your ship and look at the bottles each bar has on offer. Happy sailing!
  15. We highly recommend Maya Chan. I have both a text and photo review of it on my blog as well as a video. Do make sure you make reservations in advance. Those tacos at lunch are the best shore excursion meal I have ever had.
  16. I did have it. As Biker 19 notes, it depends completely on a wide variety of factors. My experience was not impressive, and I wrote about it here. I primarily relied on service to my cell phone when we were in port.
  17. On our ship, it was a plate of cheese, a plate of olives, and maybe some hummus. It was free and there for the talking, although you had to be in the wine bar to know it was there.
  18. I saw it open at least 2 times outside of the evening cocktail period.
  19. I thought the mattresses were fine, but I tend to prefer a firmer mattress. You definitely get dessert at Chops for lunch- they offered us the same dessert menu as was offered at dinner. I enjoyed most of these food at the Windjammer, and some (things like curries and stews) I loved. However, routine options like hamburgers weren't great.
  20. Breakfast was in Chops. Nothing for lunch.
  21. I have uploaded copies of the Cruise Compass from each day of our trip. General observations about on board activities: We were in a large group. I tended to spend my time doing things which required no advanced planning like having a drink with my buddies or going down the waterslides with my kids. I always go to the ice show. It is a highlight. There were a couple of kids in our group who loved the open ice skating. I was dragged against my will to the In the Air show. It was about 45 minutes. There were some cool acrobatics, but there was no theme. It did not work for my hyper-linear brain. I was dragged against my will to Saturday Night Fever. It was more like an hour and a half, and I enjoyed it. However, the show was sufficiently long that I almost sobered up by the end. *Almost.* I did not participate, but the Blackjack tournaments were very well attended. $500 first prize and winner take all.
  22. Here you go. General observations about the two lounges: Both are located on Deck 14 aft to the sides of Olive or Twist. That, incidentally, is my favorite indoor bar. Each has an identical happy hour menu and appeared to have very similar food offerings. The Suite Lounge is physically larger. The Suite Lounge seemed to have fewer people going in to it. The Diamond Lounge has free beer and sodas in a grab and go fridge. The Suite Lounge does not. Both have a private outdoor space which is a lovely place to sit with a book. Each has a concierge. I certainly preferred the physical space of the Suite Lounge. However, the free beer in the Diamond Lounge would be a lovely benefit if one did not have a drink package.
  23. Thanks very much. What I tried to do here on Cruise Critic is post the things which are most likely to be interesting to the largest audience and then answer questions. Over the next few days I will post the Cruise Compass (daily program) for each day, and sometime next week will post the specialty menus. Sadly, I have to work for a living. It will take me a few months to get everything posted, but well before your cruise in February should post about other hotels and restaurants and such in Galveston. I genuinely enjoy Galveston as part of the vacation.
  24. Thanks so much! It means a lot to know that what I am doing is helpful. As for parking, I wrote about Galveston Park n' Cruise after our 2017 trip. We used it again last month. I am cruising again in December (on Carnival), and might well use them then if I drive down there rather than fly. If everyone in your party is physically able, it is an amazing choice since there is no shuttle involved. That is particularly nice when you want to get rolling on the morning you leave. We actually pass Galveston VIP Cruise Parking on our way in, so that is another option. I cannot speak from experience concerning them, however. If anyone in your party has mobility issues, you may be better served using one of the lots which shuttles you to the pier. We had an adult in our party who walks very slowly as well as an 8 year old who was trying very hard to carry her own bags. They both made it just fine, but might have been better served being driven directly to the pier.
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