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  1. It's a good question because the "map" on the Celebrity site looks like it sales SW until the International Dateline but I believe that is deceptive; we chose the port side for that very cruise (also low to center for smoother sailing). I grew up in Alaskan waters, deep sea fishing, and the water and wind is COLD, even in August and more active than the Atlantic, in my opinion. Early Fall, we're expecting some choppy seas and temps from mild to cold. You might ask your question on the roll call for the cruise; there are repeat cruisers for that same itinerary and season. Rainey
  2. Why not? Same TP: leave Vancouver in Sept. Sitka, 3 stops in Japan with an overnight in Yokahama.Same class ship, same class cabin. I booked in March with AI already in. If they drop it before 09/16/22, I expect our price to hold. We did not use any FCC and that may have made a difference. The Solstice is the only Celebrity ship on this itinerary. Like I said, there will be a variety of price changes (or not) but research will tell us what is available. TA's may be different because of competition.
  3. Soul sister here. I too compared S class, 15 day. If the perks cost more than the former up charge for grats and wi-fi, we'd write it up to inflation over 2 yrs. It's part of the memories to read back and compare quotes from different sources.
  4. Three pages and almost no positive comments? A long-time cruiser and one who keeps old fare information in each year's planner, I have to speak for "the other side". We missed out on a 15 day TP last year but I kept the quotes from Celebrity and 2 big on-line agencies. Guess what? Going in 2022, same cruise on Celebrity, Same Price, but now includes: gratuities, basic drink package, and wi-fi.....we always pre-pay gratuities and wi-fi. Classic drink package won't be used much, so what? I did find one fare last year that was $50 pp less than the new Celebrity always included. In oth
  5. I just booked the TP from Vancouver to Tokyo for 2022. After reading this thread, looked up the quotes from last year and the price was the same (except. it was $50 less from an agency) and did not include the gratuities, classic drink package and Wi-Fi. . For us, it's a great deal....we would have skipped the drink package. With no perks built up, we definitely saved a lot. I hope that they offer a "no frills" option for those who don't want it all. You've certainly earned some loyalty perks vs. those of us who sail by itinerary over several lines. We may become loyalists after sa
  6. I totally respect your right to choose your path AND accept that it will put you "out of the cruising game" for awhile. This is how to be true to yourself while still respecting the rights of the many.
  7. NO. 4 I completed my vaccinations in early Feb. (volunteer in hospital, lots of patient & family contact). As a retired RN, I feel very confident about the vaccines....I could still get Covid-19 or a variant but it would probably be a much less severe infection. I still can be a carrier (as can children under 18) so masks, social distancing, and HAND WASHING until we see a greater percent of the world being vaccinated. We're waiting until Sept. 2022 for our next cruise, a transpacific to Japan. I believe that crew members, shore personnel (cruise line staff) and children should all b
  8. We're booked on a transpacific from Vancouver to Japan in September, 2022. A little concerned even this far out but needing some sea days!
  9. Good news! I have found your posts to be: informative, sensible, and intelligent so I make it a point to read them. Lots of different opinions on what a "heated" pool; I'm referring to a swimming pool not a hot tub, so a water temp. of 84 or so is what I currently appreciate for my post-surgery PT. Room temp. in most homes is closer to 72, average, a cold temperature for most of us. Our TA is northern waters, not southern. A cruise you may be familiar with? Hope we all finally get to go next year. Rainey
  10. We're doing a transpacific (Sept, 2022) cruise and can't imagine getting in an unheated pool, covered or not. Thank you for the info. Rainey
  11. Exactly why I didn't talk about her homeland. The others were very nice and I think that Tea Bag has a good insight about possible dementia. My favorite uncle peeled 5 lbs. of green apples over his daughter's brand new white carpeting (he wanted a pie).
  12. I was being nice by not mentioning her country. She was part of a large tour group from China. I'll bet that the hotel in Singapore would discourage wet beverages being treated the same as peanuts. Didn't get the impression that she was upset about anything....maybe her first time in a restaurant setting. Who knows?
  13. Isn't that the truth? Actually, folks, it wasn't the WHOLE cup of coffee. It was more like cleaning out the last third. Maybe we should give her credit for not scraping her plate as well?
  14. You'd think so, wouldn't you? Haven't traveled to her country yet....maybe it's the norm?
  15. I was just sitting down in the buffet area of another line when a woman at another table poured her coffee on the carpeting......what? She calmly got up and left. Never saw anything like that before. Note....not a Celebrity passenger, lol.
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