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  1. I can't forget this quote....who said anything about putting a hand in your cookie jar. We have been speaking about what should be common courtesy and respect for all. I gave you the respect by responding with "have a beautiful day" po. I'd like to take that po away if I could.
  2. Same here, though I did change sheets 2x a week when living in hot, humid climates. It sounds to me like Princess is doing a lot of things right judging from the nice responses here and the general impressions I'm getting. Really looking forward to our hot/humid cruise in January from where it will be cold/wet. Thanks, everyone!
  3. I'm sure that other cruisers have had different experiences (at least I hope so). The worst was on a 4/1917 TA from NYC to Copenhagen. We had a cabin attendant who looked ready to drop from the first day and it was his last time on NCL so we didn't report him. He had so many excuses for other mishaps during the cruise that I had let it go at that time. This year, NCL,, NYC to Southampton, another one full of problems but much better worker. Still didn't see anyone carrying linens on the whole cruise so I began to check ours again. Not the way I want to cruise. Hal, Carnival, and Royal were all good. Maybe we just had bad luck, twice.
  4. That cruise was such a horror that I didn't notice until day 8 and by then just gave up. Shame on me. Really not changed? Old bedding with stains and small tears, easy to tell once seen.
  5. Thank you, Tony. I couldn't believe that last cruise (same ink spots on a sheet); most lines are much better.
  6. I would never have thought to ask this question until a recent 12 day TA on another line. Our sheets/cases were never changed. I know that it's not like a hotel but at least once a week? First time on Princess to the Mexican Riviera and would appreciate your input.
  7. Our loss is your gain, Australia. We just got our cancellation notice on the Pacific that we had booked (way early) for May, 2021. It would be great if Princess would build more small ships instead of another giant but we wish you wonderful sailing on Pacific.
  8. Another disappointed party booked on the May 9, 2021 cruise. Now it makes sense that there was no Alaskan cruise afterwards and we know that several cruises will be affected over 2020 & 2021. I guess we should wait to hear from Princess? We're booked on the Grand next January, should know before then...... Rainey
  9. What makes me feel bad is the disrespect I see from some Americans and Canadians on this thread, branding nationalities instead of the individuals who are not the norm on either end. We are Alaskans now in Oregon and have enjoyed meeting Canadians all our lives, including roll calls and on cruises. I find it more comfortable to simply book a table for 2; we still end up with group tables sometimes and encourage non-divisive topics. There are so many interesting things to talk about if you enjoy larger tables and plenty of other venues to get acquainted with others if you choose to.
  10. I would recommend the Hilton financial district (750 Kearny St) for January. Their prices are under $200 right now for low season and are a couple of blocks from Chinatown, short ride to the pier, cable cars and much more not far. Price was comparable to standard airport hotels and several inexpensive upgrades can be requested after booking. I was pleased that this property hasn't jacked up their prices on cruise departure dates like we've experience in Seattle , Miami and NYC. Enjoy your cruise and do hit your roll call for more info on almost everything!
  11. Thank you for a great reply! We booked two cruises 2 days apart so no OBC advantage unless we cancel second cruise and re-book after purchasing the FCD. Two years from now on the second and no perks so none to lose on a re-do. Ah, learn as you go; each cruise line has somewhat different rules and now we are wiser.
  12. Thank you, have just signed up for 2 Princess cruises and will get into the personalizer.
  13. Hey, kudos for being nice enough to respond! I actually knew the answers for NCL but am moving to Princess for now, at least.
  14. thank you! I'm usually an avid "googler" but missed this time.
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