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  1. And how do you know this? Documentation to support this, please.
  2. BirdTravels, PLEASE lighten up. It is not that serious not here anyway. Get a hobby. Grow a garden. Get a life.
  3. We have absolutely no plans to cruise this year. We normally book a B2B (21 days or more) spending a few pre and post days where we embark and disembark. We will consider 2021 but only if there is a vaccine. We are making plans to spend Christmas at home since December (Asia cruise) was where we had planned to cruise this year. This will be the first year in 20+ years we will not cruise.
  4. The answer is yes for me. Only you know what your WiFi needs would be. So only you can answer this question as it pertains to you.
  5. Most of us try very hard to practice good hygiene. However, if others around us don’t, then all our efforts are in vain. When I see fellow passengers coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths, handling food in the buffet with their hands and totally ignoring the utensils or not washing their hands after using the restroom I am always fearful of something running rapid.
  6. Good for you. However, I fail to see how the type of insurance you purchase will help Capeviewer.
  7. Both are great. Just off the Jewel and had the opportunity to visit both.
  8. Since we take only on devise, my iPad we have the IT person to roll my hubby’s “30” minutes over to my account. Never been a problem. Any time we have left from the first cruise the IT person will also roll over to the next cruise if you doing a back to back.
  9. It’s your money. Tipping or not tipping. Who the hell will know. Most importantly who cares. Please not this discussion again.
  10. We always get travel insurance. Starting 2020 our personal health insurance will cover us around the world. Can’t tell you how happy we were to learn this.
  11. After getting sick on a B2B cruise a several years ago and stuck on the boat with two days at sea and an ill equipped on board ship store I learned my lesson. Now I carry what others have mentioned above and then some. I also take a mini ice/mini bottle, ace bandage, tape and thermometer. It all fits in a gallon zip lock bag and over the year has come in handy. I promised myself I would never be caught without my own first aid kit no matter where or how I travel. lesson learned.
  12. To all the narrow minded people on the thread...Be Blessed. I hope your views and narrow minded thoughts are not indicative of everyone in Australia. Thank you very much.
  13. Sorry I don’t understand...get caught doing what? You people need to stop assuming the worst. I followed all the laws. Bought nothing in that I should not have. I was simply stating the facts and the facts have not changed no matter how rude you are or how many idiotic comments you write. Thank you very much.
  14. I did not start the thread to impress just stating facts. Like it or not. As a matter of fact I followed all of the custom’s rules. I emailed customs about questions I had to make sure I followed all rules. Since I am blessed with excellent health I take no medication. I had my husband’s doctor provide us with a letter concerning his heart medication. We completed the form truthfully. It still does not change the fact that customs waved everyone through. As far as me trying to bring something naughty into any country to see if I can get away with it you must be a idiot to even suggest such a thing. Thank you very much.
  15. We are here for a total of 27 days. And you are totally (not probably) incorrect. Who said anything about a 3 day cruise. Never assume. Again so much for all the hype about customs in Sydney.
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