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  1. I just hope they announce the delay prior to our final payment date. Yesterday I booked Oasis for November 4th....sadly I needed to go for my plan B 😞
  2. Although I agree this almost definitely means Odyssey will be delayed....RCCL owns 4 cruise lines. Does one of the other 3 have a ship scheduled for delivery in 2020? Probably not but trying to maintain hope.
  3. She will have Giovanni’s Table, I have reservations there for the November 5th sailing.
  4. Wow, that’s really good!! It’s currently $49 for the inaugural sailing so I jumped on that! I had paid $57 but repriced with this sale!
  5. This is the AIDA Cosma, not Odyssey. This is the latest Odyssey pic from the webcam...
  6. Mine finally showed up last week. I’m 183 from sailing as of today.
  7. Thank you for the info, I wasn’t sure the date they said you’d get the credit by and I can’t find the email. Guess we’re all in the same boat on this.
  8. Has anyone that selected the $50 OBC seen it on their Cruise Planner? I responded to the email and selected the OBC over 3 weeks ago and figured after the deadline to choose the OBC would show up.
  9. I had 1864 on Mariner this past May. It was absolutely awesome! That particular cabin is about 50% larger then the other Panoramic cabins and it was the same price. We didn’t miss our usual balcony at all! IMG_6165.MOV
  10. Just booked! Never been on a Quantum class ship, figured the inaugural would be a good way to try one!
  11. That's what we ended up doing. A big bottle of Silk Almond Milk Creamer on our carry on bag, no problem.
  12. Simply put, it the restaurant is open...you can dine there. Makes it a great value I think!
  13. Does anyone know what the non-dairy options are for coffee cream at Cafe Promenade or Starbucks on both Mariner and Navigator? I think there might be something like an almond milk, which is not the same as almond creamer. Can anyone shed any light on this? I love to enjoy a cup of coffee on vacation. I'll bring my own if I have to 😞
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