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  1. Just booked! Never been on a Quantum class ship, figured the inaugural would be a good way to try one!
  2. That's what we ended up doing. A big bottle of Silk Almond Milk Creamer on our carry on bag, no problem.
  3. Simply put, it the restaurant is open...you can dine there. Makes it a great value I think!
  4. I got it for $52 per person for a 3 night on Navigator. Well worth it, we enjoyed 2 lunches and 3 dinners.
  5. Sat in The Bamboo Room with Ron Ness every evening on Mariner in May. Super nice guy and had great conversation.
  6. Between the pool and waterpark, the beaches don't seem crowded at all anymore. People are so spread out now vs when there was nothing but the beach.
  7. We generally book 2 cabins and on paper have one child in each of our rooms since in the past I've been the only one to buy the package. My little one is 17, so I only have a few years left to do that AND since my wife got the package on our last short sailing I think she will want it moving forward anyway, lol. We also got in on the $18 for next years sailings so I think she'll now be hooked on the package anyway! LOL
  8. The above info got me thinking....if you did your initial booking with someone under 21, bought the drink package for yourself then swapped the under 21 with an adult would they catch it?? Not that I would do that, but it's an interesting thought.
  9. Yes, we ate at Jamie's on embarkation day as well as on a port day (Nassau) on Navigator. If the restaurant is open you can eat there.
  10. We spent a lot of time in The Bamboo Room last month on Mariner & Navigator. By far my favorite bar now! On The Run is my go-to drink there! Anyone on Navigator soon, go see Eka, she's wonderful!
  11. I was on the sailing that he celebrated his 8,000th cruise point last month. Saw him in Chops every morning eating breakfast with some of his friends. I've chatted with him on 2 sailing now, he's always super nice!
  12. I was there the 2nd weekend Perfect Day officially opened. We were on Navigator and the only ship there that day. There wasn't very many people at the pool until noon or so. Once the DJ set up and started playing music it got busier (and louder). There were TONS of available chairs on all the beaches, seemed weird to see the beaches not crowded at all. We had a Beach Bed and that part of the beach was a ghost town. Although I assumed the beds/bungalows were sold out since they disappeared off the Cruise Planner months before my sailing, there were only a handful of people occupying them.
  13. I watched a seagull land on a table to take some food as soon as someone got up for a second!
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