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  1. From those that have sailed Summit since the Revolution, the showers have been changed and not for the better.
  2. That's a pretty nice deal on booking the Royal Suite. Looking forward to your blog. Wishing you and Edward, Happy Sailing! Patty
  3. I don't recall a splash zone being on Summit. I believe the splash zones are on S class ships. On a past sailing we did see an inflatable pool that was brought onboard by the parents. It was put in a out of the way spot on the pool deck. The ships crew were thrilled to fill the pool and even enjoyed watching the child splash away! Enjoy your sailing!
  4. If I remember correctly on Summit it was open until 11:00 p.m.
  5. Very happy to report that our shower has been repaired. We're very pleased, but not surprised with the response by our butler and the Suite Manager.
  6. In our shower there is no place to put anything, except a drinking glass. Our soap, my travel sized hair products and Celebrity products are on the floor or on the water control bar.
  7. Currently on board Summit and we'll start with the good. The ship is lovely. Certainly very different from when we sailed this vessel years ago. The crew pleasant, friendly and also happy to assist. Our butler Homer is fabulous as well as our cabin attendant. The cabin and balcony furnishings are comfortable and good choices. Bed is comfortable, towels and bedding are a good quality. The bad - Design elements in our cabin are ridiculous! Too many items all around that just get in the way and have to be moved. The ugly - Our bathroom, specifically the shower. Tile work is poor workmanship. We have a cup holder attached to the wall (in case we need a drink while we're showering?) but no soap dish or shelving to hold our hair products. And no bar for shaving legs. What's really awful is that our water temp regulator is not working. Our past 7 showers the water is freezing cold or scolding hot. There is no middle ground. First night our butler thought he fixed it, 2nd day we mentioned it to him again and he advised the Suite Concierge. She called us and was sending the plumbers. Later in the day the Suite Manager and our butler came to check on the work and were surprised that the plumbers never showed and stated that she would accompany the plumbers to our cabin while we were at dinner.. When we came back from dinner we called the Suite Manager as it was still not working. She advised us that they will be here today (Monday) while we are out on our excursion as the fix will take approximately 4 hours. To say that I'm extremely unhappy is an understatement! We'll see what today brings.
  8. Is there also a Children's Menu in Luminae? Thank you for posting your photos.
  9. Niko is leaving Infinity on April 18.
  10. Love your photos and your review. We board Summit 2nd sailing after Revolution.
  11. I believe it's Wlim, not sure on the spelling. And, Niko is Suite Manager. Enjoy your sailing!
  12. I have been sailing with Celebrity for 25 years. Am Elite Plus, have been on 26 Celebrity sailings (with 3 more booked) and the only time I get an email from Celebrity is when my reservations have a balance due. I've called Captain's Club and they don't understand why I don't get anything as everything looks to be in order. I gave up long ago.
  13. There has not been any mention of the Solarium's thalassotherapy pool being eliminated. There is no charge and it's an adults only area open to all cabin categories.
  14. Yes, just let the escort know that you are traveling together. On our last sailing we were in a RS and our friends in a Sky. Being escorted together was not an issue at all. Have a wonderful cruise!
  15. Appreciate the updates as we'll be sailing in a suite on March 30. I can understand the weight issue with the pool and I'm not disappointed in that at all. I do like the idea of the "bistro". We are very excited about the revolution of Summit.
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