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  1. Sorry! What you see is what u get. Happy Sailing!
  2. I was on the January 27th - February 2nd Sailing to Western Caribbean. Below is a link to a Le Bistro Menu & a Moderno Menu. It also has the "What's Happening Today" section from the dailies. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1c9rFWUXHKzQmqk2xUINAsYEfdCgxkLOV?usp=sharing
  3. Probably looking to save money but you could purchase a sound machine that has a number of noises including white noise. In our balcony cabin there were USB ports on the light fixtures mounted on the wall on each side of the bed. Enjoy your cruise. 24 days and I'll make a return engagement on the Getaway!
  4. I love having a waffle with bananas foster on top. Also the hard ice cream. 45 days and counting! 😎
  5. I will be on her January 27th for the second time. I wouldn't call these "Secrets"? More like Tidbits I've gotten from Cruise Critic and from my own experience. Bring a power strip as there is usually just two outlets, at least in my balcony cabin. Margaritaville is a great alternative to the buffet for breakfast. It’s a smaller version of the buffet. Eggs, made to order omelets, sides, and such, just without all the lines from the buffet. Just walk in and seat yourself. I've heard on the Sea Days there is a free lunch buffet at Moderno. One was Tastes of Spain and the other was Tastes of India. Very good Salad Bar. On Sea Days Ocean Blue has a window from which you can purchase delicious Lobster Rolls. If you plan on attending Cirque Dreams and Steam show pay a little extra for floor seating verses banquet seating. If you want to SaiI with NCL again I would recommend getting their Credit Card and purchasing a couple Cruise Next Certificates. Both will provide you with onboard credit that will off set Norwegians "Feestyle" Cruising. I booked my balcony cabin more than 6 months out so was able to put down 2 Cruise Next certificates which was a $500 deposit.
  6. My worse day on a cruise is better than my best day at work. Thanks for the review. Got 59 days and counting!
  7. Thank you JMB1969 for your review. Sounds like you, hubby, and your boy enjoyed yourself. Will be on her end of January for the second time. 59 days to go!
  8. Tank412, thank you for your post and look forward to reading more. Was on Getaway 01/2015 & will return on 01/2019. Loved the Hard Serve Ice Cream Station! Since your mention I now recall how good the Coconut was! :hearteyes:
  9. Read your dailies. There were also 2 dayswhere there was a complimentary lunch buffet at Moderno. Tastes of Spain on the first sea day and Tastes of India on the last sea day. Don't forget Shanghai's! It opens at 5:30pm and there is a wait during peak times so get there early. Enjoy! (y)
  10. Enjoy the Southern Caribbean and the Fascination! Appreciate all the info and your sense of humor. Most enjoyable. 3 cheers...:)
  11. Most definitely not bored. Love reading about your adventure! Sorry you guys experienced digestive system problems. Will be on Getaway for second time in January. Happy New Year to me. :D
  12. Following along. Nice thorough review. We liked the location on the 14th floor. This coming January will have a angled balcony. Did they provide you with a 3rd chair or better yet a lounger? Thanks. ~Gary Ray
  13. If you get a NCL credit card you can earn $100 onboard credit quickly. If you enjoy your cruise and wish to cruise again with Norwegian look into Cruise Next Certificates. I've heard the are two days when Moderno offers complimentary lunch buffet. One was Tastes of Spain and the other Tastes of India. With the SDP you can dine at any of the up charge restaurants and arelimited to 1 entree pp but may choose as many appetizer or deserts as you wish.
  14. Thank you for the very informative review. Could you tell me... Did your angled balcony have enough room for a lounger. I assume they come with the usual two chairs and small table?
  15. In our balcony cabin there were light fixtures mounted on the wall, one on either side of the bed, each had one outlet for usb charging. Other than that I don't know.
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