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  1. OzKiwiJJ Have you tried the Department of Fair Trading here in Australia? I submitted a complaint to them in September and Crystal agreed just before Christmas to refund all of my money for my cruise they cancelled in April. It's taken some time to since for them to actually send the money due to a few bank issues but I should be receiving the money within the next day or two. Fair Trading were amazing and I'm sure I would have had to wait much longer if it wasn't for their help. You can lodge a claim online and they will ring you within 14 days.
  2. Hello, 9 days ago I received a phone call from Crystal stating that they will be refunding my money within 10 days. The have also emailed NSW Fair Trading (here in Australia) stating the same as I had originally complained to them about Crystal. I emailed Crystal today asking them if I will still receiving my refund within the 10 days as they promised and here is a copy of their reply. Good Day Mr. Henderson, We have checked your reservation status. Regrettably, there is no change at this time on your pending refund. Our team is aware of these and should I hear an update, I wi
  3. Hello, I got a reply from Crystal about the credit card issue. They agreed that they are only refunding for one particular card. It just shows how low the Crystal organisation have gotten as they have been saying all along that refunds are being paid in date order, but that is not the case now. A copy of their reply is at the Facebook page Crystal Cruise - Where's My Refund?.
  4. Hello, Does everyone know that Crystal is having issues with refunding cruises booked with either a VISA or MasterCard? It may have been spoken about before. I rang the Australian Office of Crystal today and they told me that Crystal has come to some sort of deal with American Express and can issue refunds for people who paid using that, but no one will be receiving refunds if they were paid with VISA or MasterCard. I know there are people out there who have put disputes in with their cards and received their refunds, but for the rest of us who can't and have paid using them, it's going to
  5. Hello Ann and Paul, that's great news. It must be a huge relief. Let's hope they are doing all refunds for those cruises which would mean mine won't be too far away. Dean
  6. There's a new Facebook Group chat available as well. It's called Crystal Cruises - Where's My Refund . If you have have Facebook please join in.
  7. Whatever profits Crystal make from these new cruises won't be given to us. It will be used to help pull Genting out of the hole they are in.
  8. Crystal should not be allowed to sail until they have paid all of the refunds they owe to everyone.
  9. Hello everyone, I sent another email to the "office of the president" the other day asking about our refunds. This was their reply. It's a bit generic as usual. Good Day Mr. & Mrs. Henderson, We sincerely appreciate your follow up and understand this has been, and continues to be, a very difficult situation. Please know I have reviewed your refund and we see it is currently pending and in queue for reimbursement. We are continuing to process refunds; however, we are not able to provide a definitive date at the moment. We are working as hard as possible to resolve ref
  10. If you are from Australia Slater and Gordon are taking registration details for those people who want to be part of a class action against the ships. Go to their website and follow the links. Have your documents ready to upload as well.
  11. Hello Ann & Paul, Yes it's ever so slowly getting closer.
  12. Hello everyone, I won't copy and paste my reply from the Office of the President as it's exactly the same as the 2 posted above. I also rang Crystal yesterday and they told me they were up to April cancellations. Dean
  13. I think everyone on here that hasn't received a refund yet should start sending daily emails to this email address asking for some action. I've done 2 in 2 days. They have had long enough. It's time to show them what we really thing of them. I also think we should be flooding their facebook page with our concerns. That way, it's not just us people who they owe money to seeing it. Everyone will get to see what Crystal has done to us.
  14. No we won't book again with Crystal. While I'm sure the experience on the ships are first class, the administrative services are appalling.
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