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  1. I booked though the Australian office and Fair Trading dealt with both offices, here and in Miami. Miami sent a 2 page letter of reply to Fair Trading in September. Then the notice that they were going to pay went from Miami to Fair Trading direct as well. This is it below. The Australian office mainly sorted out the bank details etc for the refund. In furtherance of the above reference and attached Crystal Cruises, LLC response dated 21 September 2020. Crystal Cruises, LLC is processing same to be paid in the next ten (10) days reflecting completion of the Refund. Kind regards, Leyaní Román Paralegal / Assistant to Jessica Hoppe Legal Department | T: 786/971-1171 1501 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 500 | Miami, FL 33132
  2. With my refund, I had paid the cruise in full using a VISA card. I couldn't put in a complaint to VISA due to time limitations so I complained to our Department of Fair Trading here in Australia. They made contact with Crystal in Miami and 3 months later I received my refund. The money wasn't credited back to my VISA card, it was actual 'wired' direct to my bank account. They told me the reason for that was that because my complaint had gone through Crystal's legal team, they pay out money in a different way. Don't ask me why as I have no idea, but it seems to me that there's another account that has a pot of gold in it somewhere.
  3. Hello, Just letting everyone know that I received my full refund today from Crystal. I was told in December I was getting it but I didn't really believe them until I saw the money in my account today. So they are still refunding money. Good luck everyone and I hope you get yours soon.
  4. OzKiwiJJ Have you tried the Department of Fair Trading here in Australia? I submitted a complaint to them in September and Crystal agreed just before Christmas to refund all of my money for my cruise they cancelled in April. It's taken some time to since for them to actually send the money due to a few bank issues but I should be receiving the money within the next day or two. Fair Trading were amazing and I'm sure I would have had to wait much longer if it wasn't for their help. You can lodge a claim online and they will ring you within 14 days.
  5. Hello, 9 days ago I received a phone call from Crystal stating that they will be refunding my money within 10 days. The have also emailed NSW Fair Trading (here in Australia) stating the same as I had originally complained to them about Crystal. I emailed Crystal today asking them if I will still receiving my refund within the 10 days as they promised and here is a copy of their reply. Good Day Mr. Henderson, We have checked your reservation status. Regrettably, there is no change at this time on your pending refund. Our team is aware of these and should I hear an update, I will advise you. For the moment, we are not able to provide a definitive date for the amount to process; however, you are in the queue for the refund. We sincerely apologize and know this is not the answer you had wanted. However, we remain focused on providing all our guests their pending refunds in due time. Best Regards, Oscar Vicente Special Assistant to the Office of the President 1501 Biscayne Boulevard | Suite 501 | Miami, FL 33132
  6. Hello, I got a reply from Crystal about the credit card issue. They agreed that they are only refunding for one particular card. It just shows how low the Crystal organisation have gotten as they have been saying all along that refunds are being paid in date order, but that is not the case now. A copy of their reply is at the Facebook page Crystal Cruise - Where's My Refund?.
  7. Hello, Does everyone know that Crystal is having issues with refunding cruises booked with either a VISA or MasterCard? It may have been spoken about before. I rang the Australian Office of Crystal today and they told me that Crystal has come to some sort of deal with American Express and can issue refunds for people who paid using that, but no one will be receiving refunds if they were paid with VISA or MasterCard. I know there are people out there who have put disputes in with their cards and received their refunds, but for the rest of us who can't and have paid using them, it's going to be a long wait. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to search for and join this Facebook page - Crystal Cruise - Where's My Refund?
  8. Hello Ann and Paul, that's great news. It must be a huge relief. Let's hope they are doing all refunds for those cruises which would mean mine won't be too far away. Dean
  9. There's a new Facebook Group chat available as well. It's called Crystal Cruises - Where's My Refund . If you have have Facebook please join in.
  10. Whatever profits Crystal make from these new cruises won't be given to us. It will be used to help pull Genting out of the hole they are in.
  11. Crystal should not be allowed to sail until they have paid all of the refunds they owe to everyone.
  12. Hello everyone, I sent another email to the "office of the president" the other day asking about our refunds. This was their reply. It's a bit generic as usual. Good Day Mr. & Mrs. Henderson, We sincerely appreciate your follow up and understand this has been, and continues to be, a very difficult situation. Please know I have reviewed your refund and we see it is currently pending and in queue for reimbursement. We are continuing to process refunds; however, we are not able to provide a definitive date at the moment. We are working as hard as possible to resolve refunds in queue. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Best Regards, Oscar Vicente Special Assistant to the Office of the President 1501 Biscayne Boulevard | Suite 501 | Miami, FL 33132
  13. If you are from Australia Slater and Gordon are taking registration details for those people who want to be part of a class action against the ships. Go to their website and follow the links. Have your documents ready to upload as well.
  14. Hello Ann & Paul, Yes it's ever so slowly getting closer.
  15. Hello everyone, I won't copy and paste my reply from the Office of the President as it's exactly the same as the 2 posted above. I also rang Crystal yesterday and they told me they were up to April cancellations. Dean
  16. I think everyone on here that hasn't received a refund yet should start sending daily emails to this email address asking for some action. I've done 2 in 2 days. They have had long enough. It's time to show them what we really thing of them. I also think we should be flooding their facebook page with our concerns. That way, it's not just us people who they owe money to seeing it. Everyone will get to see what Crystal has done to us.
  17. No we won't book again with Crystal. While I'm sure the experience on the ships are first class, the administrative services are appalling.
  18. We only had 12 months to put a credit card claim in so unfortunately we couldn't do that. We probably should have lodged one earlier but we actually trusted Crystal . No we held out and waited for them to cancel the cruise. I had already been onto our travel insurance company and they said if we cancelled, then we wouldn't be covered, so we just waited until Crystal did it. Yeah that last paragraph is irrelevant.
  19. Hello Everyone, Long time reader, first time poster in this thread. We had our 22 May 2020 cruise cancelled on 6 April by Crystal and elected to get a 100% refund. We had our cruise paid for in full on 5 August 2019. Like most people, we are still waiting for our refund. After many calls to the Australian office of Crystal and getting told the same dribble each time, we decided to ask the Australian Department of Fair Trading for assistance. We knew it was a long shot as Crystal are not based in Australia. Fair Trading have been fantastic and today received a reply from Crystal's Miami office. The result wasn't what we wanted, but I thought I would share a snippet of what we received from Fair Trading. There maybe some information in there that will assist others on this thread. Dear Mr Henderson I refer to your correspondence dated 12 August 2020 regarding Crystal Cruises Australia Pty Ltd. Your concerns were brought to the attention of Jessica S Hoppe, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Crystalcruises.com based in Miami, Florida USA. Ms Hoppe advised they have reviewed your issues raised and confirm due to the ongoing global pandemic your cruise was cancelled on 6 April 2020 and the refund is in line for payment. Ms Hoppe stated during this pandemic and under the current circumstances in the cruise industry, Crystal continues to process refunds accordingly as dated through the chain of payment history to ensure credits/refunds are processed accordingly. Ms Hoppe apologised for the delay in response, but due to financial strain of the pandemic, Crystal closed its California office, and all mail was forwarded to their Miami, Florida office. Ms Hoppe stated this office has been closed to employees first due to government required closures and then out of abundance of caution as COVID-19 cases have surged in South Florida. Ms Hoppe notes that in any situation, cancellation by a guest would be pursuant to the Cruise General Ticket Terms and Conditions and thus timing is very relevant, and a later cancellation of the cruise would not entitle all consumers who previously cancelled of their choice. Ms Hoppe stated Crystal reserves all of its rights and remedies under the Cruise General Ticket Terms and Conditions, to which you agreed upon, at law or equity. The email does go on further, but is irrelevant to this thread. Thank you, Dean
  20. We received our emails yesterday. I spoke to the Crystal office in Australia about a month ago and they told me our refund would be paid on 5th July. After reading the email I'I'm not feeling very confident that it will be that date. It's annoying that Crystal will debit your account almost instantly when paying for a cruise, but take over 3 months to return the money.
  21. We were supposed to be boarding Serenity on 22 May and will be traveling from Australia to get to the ship. We are holding out for Crystal to cancel but if they don't we will cancel at 31 days out.
  22. Hello Keith1010, Welcome to Sydney. We turned on the heat for you today but this southerly has certainly cooled it down. Thank you for sharing your trip with everyone. It was certainly good to read every day. My wife and I will be boarding Serenity in Barcelona on 22 May this year and thanks to you we are more excited than ever. It will be our first time on a Crystal ship. Have a safe trip home and we look forward to your next adventure. Dean & Jenny
  23. Does anyone have a copy or a link to the Waterside Menu?
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