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  1. I have only been on the Marco Polo once a number of years ago. A very old, basic ship with little or no stabilisers. I would not voluntarily choose to do a long cruise on this ship.
  2. We have just renewed our annual travel insurance with Columbus Direct (that is the name of the insurance company and not connected to CMV in any way). We took out their Worldwide cruise insurance, which covers you for all things cruise related in addition to the usual clauses. Very reasonably priced too. However, I am not sure if this would be available to anyone outside the UK.
  3. The hairdryers on Ventura are perfectly fine. I have very thick hair and it takes ages to dry, even with a powerful hairdryer, and I found the one in our cabin to be very much up to the job.
  4. Are you referring to P & O specifically, or music themed cruises in general?
  5. We have just returned from a cruise on Ventura to northern Europe and also did the Fjords last June. On both cruises, smart shorts were acceptable everywhere except the main dining rooms and speciality restaurants. My husband wore black tie on the formal nights and long trousers and jacket on casual nights in the main dining room, but wore smart shorts on every evening in the buffet (as did many others). The only rule regarding long trousers applies to main dining rooms and speciality restaurants only.
  6. Not quite accurate. You can certainly wear smart shorts anywhere on the ship in the evening, apart from the main dining rooms and perhaps the speciality restaurants. Shorts are perfectly acceptable in the buffet.
  7. We are on a cruise departing 14 July which we also booked specifically for the overnight stop in Amsterdam. Travel agent says that the change is because of the €8 per person berthing fee which the city has imposed. I tend to agree that there has to be more to it than that, as the cost of laying on shuttle buses will far outweigh the €8 fee. We are rather disappointed that we won't be able to come and go as we first thought and the shuttle business will require some planning, especially since they don't appear to be stopping anywhere near Dam Square. If there is a petition or similar, I will gladly add my name, but I fear that any court action will be drawn out, expensive and ultimately futile. I feel that life is just too short to get bogged down with this and we will make the most of our cruise, despite this change to itinerary.
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