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  1. If they would go back into the previous years and get a photo of me when I was younger and didn't weight as much as I do now I would love that!! LOL
  2. How does your security photo get taken so it can be attached to your stateroom key card?
  3. According to what I just looked at, both the March 8th sailing and a March 15th sailing is still able to be booked via my TA's website. As of last night when I looked at HAL's website, both sailings were able to be booked online as well.
  4. So this is odd. I am booked on the March 8th cruise. I just contacted my TA and they looked in the HAL system and they told me the cruise was still active. So I asked that they call the cruise line directly and confirm and the HAL rep indeed stated that the sailing is still active. Now I don't know what to do!!
  5. SargassoPirate from post #17 and bEwAbG from post #21 basically summed up the issue I had with the TA and AmEx. It is an unfortunate outcome because of some business decisions by two companies.
  6. Oh my..... My issue pales in comparison to yours. I hope it all worked out for you anyway!
  7. You summed up my AmEx card situation. 😃
  8. They are a fairly new thing with HAL, I believe they have only been around for a couple of months. According to HAL they will eventually be available for sale via their website, but currently you need to call the Mariner Society to buy them directly from the cruise line or places like Kroger offer them too. Right now when you go to the gift card section of the HAL website you can only check your gift card balance online.
  9. My TA gives me onboard credit as part of the service they provide. Then I usually get some type of cruise line onboard credit. I most generally don't use all they give me so I kind of hated to buy some with the AmEx card just to have it come back mostly unused as a credit at the end of my cruise.
  10. My TA was adamant that they can't process a payment with AmEx. I even asked if they wouldn't just mind calling the cruise line and processing the payment through them and I was told that they couldn't do that. I do know when I use any other card with my TA, all charges are shown as being billed through HAL. So I don't get why they couldn't do it with AmEx.
  11. In the end it all turned out okay. I am just amazed on how HAL does such great training with the crew onboard, but then they can't train the folks that work in the IT department to post the correct information and then train all of the folks that answer the phones to be all on the same page to provide correct answers to those that call in. I am amazed that you can call three people at the HAL offices and get three different answers. (Yes it has happened to me more then once.)
  12. At one point I felt like I was dealing with Comcast!! LOL
  13. Well to add to my story Roz, I was fortunate enough to receive an offer on my AmEx card that if I booked a cruise with HAL and spent a minimum of 500 dollars I would receive a rebate back to my card for 150 dollars. So I called my TA and tried to take advantage of that but my TA does not accept AmEx for payment. So the only way they could think of to be able to take advantage of the offer would be to buy a gift card directly from HAL on my AmEx card then to call the TA back and book the cruise using the newly purchased gift card. What I won't do to save 150 dollars..... 😀
  14. I love sailing on HAL ships. By nature I am fairly easy going, but dealing with HAL stresses me to the max sometimes! I have been trying to purchase a gift card from HAL all morning. It literally took me six phone calls to actually get it done. They have published a phone number on their website that states to purchase gift cards call this number. I called the number three times to wait for a representative to pick up. Was on hold for more then 30 minutes each time with nobody ever answering. I called and spoke with the Mariner Society and they gave me a website to use instead. I hung up (should have tried it while I was on the phone with them the first time) tried the site address they gave and it came up as an error page on the HAL site. Called the gift card number once again and waited for more then 30 minutes and no answer. Called back to the Mariner Society once again and finally got someone that took the time to help. Seems the number that they have published for gift card purchases belongs to Club Orange. (Don't get me started on why Club Orange won't answer the phone) I explained that I used the number that was published on HAL's own site and received an I'm sorry answer. (Bet the same wrong number will still be on the site for months) They then proceeded to tell me that gift cards can only be purchased through the Mariner Society. Don't know why the first call to the Mariner Society didn't tell me that!! Finally after 3 hours and 42 minutes, gift card finally purchased. I almost need go on a cruise to help me let go of the stress caused by dealing with the cruise line! LOL
  15. Yes they do, however I have not used it. Here is more information about it. https://www.verizonwireless.com/solutions-and-services/international-travel/
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