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  1. As usual well said and I agree 100%.
  2. I hope we do get some of the things back that has made HAL special. If so, it might take a while with money being tight once cruising resumes.
  3. I definitely like the fact he knows the cruise industry.
  4. What are everyone's thoughts on the new President?
  5. This past winter on the Nieuw Statendam, it was the first drink that they listed on a table tent style drink menu at BB Kings. But agree that it does sound like a better name for a Billboard themed drink.
  6. Thanks for posting. I was on your photography website earlier this weekend and saw this menu, but it didn't list the specific drink that I was looking for. I saw by the date, that you took this pic was earlier in 2019. Now I am curious if the drink is ship specific or something that came out later in 2019 or 2020.
  7. Since it doesn't look like we will be sailing anytime soon, I am continuing to miss my favorite drink in the BB Kings Blues Club. It is called the "The Top of the Charts". I can't seem to recall all of the ingredients. Anyone have a picture of the menu showing it so I can refresh my memory as to what it includes, so I can try and hopefully duplicate it myself until I can once again order one at sea and listen to some great music?
  8. Unfortunately it isn't just HAL having issues with refunds. I am at 62 days today waiting on Princess to refund my money and nothing yet only promises it is coming soon. First it was a couple of weeks and then went to I will see it within 60 days and that is now past.
  9. I have to feel sorry for all of those businesses in Alaska that rely on cruise ship passengers spending money in their shops to be able to make a living.
  10. If they would go back into the previous years and get a photo of me when I was younger and didn't weight as much as I do now I would love that!! LOL
  11. How does your security photo get taken so it can be attached to your stateroom key card?
  12. According to what I just looked at, both the March 8th sailing and a March 15th sailing is still able to be booked via my TA's website. As of last night when I looked at HAL's website, both sailings were able to be booked online as well.
  13. So this is odd. I am booked on the March 8th cruise. I just contacted my TA and they looked in the HAL system and they told me the cruise was still active. So I asked that they call the cruise line directly and confirm and the HAL rep indeed stated that the sailing is still active. Now I don't know what to do!!
  14. SargassoPirate from post #17 and bEwAbG from post #21 basically summed up the issue I had with the TA and AmEx. It is an unfortunate outcome because of some business decisions by two companies.
  15. Oh my..... My issue pales in comparison to yours. I hope it all worked out for you anyway!
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