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  1. I've done them now twice during the winter. Yes... its frigid the first day or two. Embarkation day for our Quantum cruise was one of the coldest days on record for the past decade. That said, there is plenty to do inside during the first day or two. Also... the outdoor hot tubs feel amazing when its freezing outside 😉
  2. As an FYI (haven't read future posts to see if someone mentioned already) but Apple includes a document scanner in their "Notes" app. See link to directions: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210336
  3. Bird your reviews have always been excellent, and this was no exception. I think I speak for everyone on these boards... thank you for taking us along on what is only the beginning of a new age of cruising.
  4. This is my biggest problem with Royal's choice. I don't trust that they'll actually be able to keep the numbers to 5% unvaccinated and how they ensure those people wear masks. It will be interesting to see how the story develops.
  5. The non-vaccinated ones are the short ones running around the ship, hitting all the elevator buttons, and bothering their parents.
  6. HA! They should just cover that up with a "Go to www.royalcaribbean.com for more information on our wonderful cruise options including BOGO!!"
  7. This is what I'm expecting. All pax required to check-in online prior to arriving so that they won't be asked for vaccine confirmation at the port.
  8. Exactly this for me and my fiancee... Really excited for this change for our October Oasis cruise. 4 free drinks each per day? Sign me up... Normally we just drink 1-2 during HH inside the DL or occasionally at another bar. ooo I didn't even think of that... If so, that's a gamechanger.
  9. The biggest issue is that traveling with unvaccinated passengers creates a ton of risk for the cruise companies... for multiple reasons The Caribbean does not have great access to the vaccines and its unpredictable how transmission between locals and cruise-goers will be. The CDC guidelines seem pretty difficult to enforce. How do you know who is and isn't vaccinated on the ship? What areas are off limits to unvaccinated? How do you separate vaccinated and unvaccinated for meals? Seems arbitrary and likely easily abused. If there is a viral spread on-board (even with
  10. Yes Getaway has Teppanyaki. I'm not sure about dining more than once with the package.
  11. 🙄 because of several things: 1. You can still carry the virus with the vaccine. You may not get seriously ill, but you can still pass it on 2. They're concerned about other people because they're human beings with empathy 3. They're concerned about the future of the cruise industry. As cruises start back up there will be a ton of eyes on it. Will NCL/RCL/CCL/X/Disney etc be able to avoid mass infections and avoid quarantines at sea? The first large scale infection spread on a cruise ship will cripple the industry for years, if not permanently from the United States (if no
  12. I dined solo several times. Teppanyaki was a blast. Always get seated with 2-3 other groups who were surprised that a 20-something was cruising solo and were very welcoming.
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