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  1. I found it right outside the bathroom. Generally accompanied by voice cracks and off-pitch singing. shhhhh don't tell the fiancee...
  2. Already went... Boarded Anthem the week after the shortened cruise due to Corona screening. Not a big deal.
  3. We just got off Anthem. One of the shows ran until 8:15 and we had late seating. They know there are shows letting out late and to expect people to be late. It was no big deal.
  4. I wish they would just add Kahlua already. Its no more expensive than Baileys, and there are generic alternatives.
  5. I mean... its not an amusement park but keep believing whatever you'd like. There is a paid water park on the island, but is by no means required. I just spent a day there and didn't spend a penny.
  6. Our stateroom was not ready until ~1pm last week. Take the app with a grain of salt.
  7. I was on Symphony in August and noticed a majority of people dressed in Formal attire including families with young children. The real answer is wear what you'd like and enjoy your vacation.
  8. Book a Jr/Mini Suite and get 2 points per night
  9. Nope. And I'm on Anthem next week. If you're scared of boarding a ship because of this, you might as well lock yourself in your house and board the doors.
  10. Right after he posted that I called at least 7!
  11. Sucks that it got changed, but had to be coming. Good offer from RC too.
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