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  1. Yes. Contacted my TA, and the Specialty Dining promo was automatically added to my booked cruise on Sky. That is in addition to the one Speciality Dining my TA comps me on every cruise I book with her. Two comped Specialty Dining on a 7 day cruise? That’s crazy good. 👍 Not needed to cancel/refare. Bring me the 48 oz. Tomahawk ribeye steaks prepared Pittsburg style, please. 😁
  2. “Are you feeling lucky?” 😀 If you wait long enough, you may get a free upgrade to a suite or above. Usually a week or less before sailing. No choice in location though, if that matters to you. Good luck, and enjoy your cruise.
  3. I was there only a few weeks ago after debarking from the Crown. There was a lot of road work going on, and some of the sidewalks were closed. Not sure when the sidewalks will be repaired. Hopefully repaired by your cruise. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. Is the Red Hook area around the cruise port safe to walk around?
  5. Should be ok. Cruise terminal to MIA takes around 20 minutes.
  6. Sounds good. Location of your new cabin? Or does it matter to you? Enjoy your cruise.
  7. Yes. Allowed. Some PAXs walk to the hotels/restaurants/shops only 5-10 minutes walk from the cruise terminal. Not hard to catch a cab/Uber/Lyft at the cruise terminal. Drop off/pick up at the terminal curb.
  8. Nice to get a free cruise 👍👍 How about offering to pay your mom the difference from an Inside cabin to OV or Balcony? Or, inform Princess or your TA, you are willing to take an Upsell offer. There are promotions going on now. Or, you can leave the TV in your inside cabin to the Bridge Cam channel. Enjoy your cruise.
  9. Yes. Yes. Yes. So, why the concern over a $37 increase in port fees? Others seem to agree, it’s not a big deal. Enjoy your cruise.
  10. Yes. No limit. On a recent 28 day cruise, I carried on 12 pack of Dr. Pepper, 12 pack of Fanta Orange, and 12 pack of Dad’s Root Beer.
  11. Is that going to be a deal breaker whether you take the cruise?
  12. That’s a lot of Patter’s you’re asking for.
  13. Yes. Marvin from Manila? On the Crown now. Apparently he has a huge following.
  14. Yes. New policy. You can always wait until you are on board to make an appointment and pay. Your choice.
  15. You are on vacation. Minimize activities that will cause you stress, including booking independent 3rd party shore excursions. By your own admission, “we are not very adventurous, and quite frankly a little afraid of touring on our own in ports”. IMO, Bite the bullet, and spend a little more money for the peace of mind, and only book the Princess shore excursions. Stress free. Enjoy your cruise. 😀
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