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  1. LOL. 😁 Sadly those days are permanently gone for balcony or lower cabins. 😆
  2. Good that the ship has other options for specialty dining. One can never go hungry. Especially if you and your husband are shameless Gourmands. 😉
  3. Dine at Crown Grill. Order a 48 oz. Tomahawk Ribeye with all the sides you can eat. Or, you might get lucky, and veal chop will be available on the special secret menu. One time the chef prepared Veal Palliard for me. It was delicious. Another time Veal Osso Buco.. Ask the chef. I always leave satisfied and full. Good luck, enjoy your cruise, and eating.😀
  4. Yes. I do it all the time. Usually with third party vendors. Much cheaper than booking with the cruise shore excursion. There are always good deals in Mexico, and Caribbean ports of call. For example, there are some great deals now in Punta Cana, D.R., Cancun, and Cabo San Lucas, México at give away prices for an all inclusive day at many of the 5 star luxury hotel beach resorts. All inclusive including pick up and return to ship transportation, day pass to hotel resort, access to beach, beach loungers, buffet lunch, and unlimited alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Such a great deal. Good luck. Enjoy.
  5. I always use Dial 7 Car and Limo Service. Reliable and reasonable rates. Make a reservation for pick up. Good luck.
  6. To add this thought. Why would Celebrity have these exclusive suites if not bookable? Some PAXs certainly finds value in these suites to book them. Or, maybee they are booked for corporate or PR events, hospitality room, special Park West Art events, or comped to loyal well heeled high roller casino Celebrity loyalists , or for well heels Celebrity loyalist who can afford to stay in those super elite luxury suites. Not my business, nor do I really care. If one can afford it, good for them. 👍 And maybe these suites are available at a deep reduction in rate closer to sailing time to make it more affordable. Everyone makes their choice. Inside, Vie, Balcony, Suite, Penthouse, etc. Not mine, or anyone’s business what one chooses. It’s their money, not mine, or yours. Enjoy your cruise, whatever category suits you. And your budget. 😀
  7. Yes. You? And, Princess, and Oceania. My other cruise lines of choice. Motel 6, and The Ritz.
  8. Envy? It’s none of anyone’s business how I choose to spend my money.. You know nothing about me.
  9. Better to enjoy life to its fullest before you die. You never know when death comes knocking on your door. If you enjoy cruising, wouldn't be a joy to die on your next cruise? You can’t take your money with you when you die.
  10. Yes. So what? If you can afford it, doit. Many can. And it is great for families or a special occasion. That is why different cruise lines and ships have different categories of staterooms. Not everyone wants to stay in the cheapest inside cabin. To each their own, and it is their money. It like some peeps stay at Motel 6, others at The Ritz Carleton. Enjoy your cruise.
  11. What is an IF cabin? Enjoy your cruise.
  12. Always remove mine on day 1 after I meet Stewart.
  13. Yes. Lobster Bisque is usually soup. That’s what I order almost daily when sailing on Oceania. The real thing with plenty of lobster pieces in the soup. Splash of cognac optional. 😀
  14. The menu describes bisque as a sauce. Not a soup. Could you have asked for more bisque sauce? I may have read it incorrectly,
  15. Are you certain the lobster bisque is on the plate you posted? Where?
  16. Do you believe other PAXs care if you wear your tux’s on “Formal Night”?, And so what if they choose to wear something nice but less than Formal Wear/ tuxs? Not because to please you.
  17. Are you suggesting Princess cruises are on “luxury” cruise ships? Are you certain about that? 🤔 😀 Enjoy your cruise.
  18. Your friend will loose all her money minus insurance. Yes, your other friend is now screwed. Will have to pay solo fare.
  19. Sure why not.? Go all in, if you can afford to do so. It is not that much more money. Enjoy your cruise whatever you decide.
  20. Time for you to switch to another cruise line? You are not the only one with complaints about Viking customer service. Too bad no refund.
  21. Re: Formal Nights. Footwear. Is it ok for men to wear sandals or crocs? Socks or no socks? And for women? The same?
  22. Yes. It has been my observation more women in long formal gowns, and men in tuxedos. Enjoy, and bring your formal wear if you like dressing up.
  23. Is your complaint about the reduced portion size and limit to one appetizer for $29 per person? Do you choose quantity over quality? Or is it, in your opinion, the quality and variety of Italian cuisine in the MDR superior than what you find in Sabatini’s? 🤔 Enjoy your cruise. And food.
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