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  1. AmazedByCruising

    Medallion being used on Holland America yet?

    You are right. But, Medallions are an intermediate stage. The ship could already quite easily follow everyone carrying a mobile phone. But the next step is using facial recognition, which is what China is openly pursuing. By that time (3-5 few years or so), people don't care anymore, as every shop will have it. "To prevent shop lifters" at first, but to count, analyze and measure each and every visitor very soon after.
  2. AmazedByCruising

    Bio Hazard bag under the bed

    Of course! I think you are already very, very nice not saying which ship this was, I'd mention that as well. 😈
  3. AmazedByCruising

    Cruising & Marijuana?

    So glad I wasn't completely naked at the time 🙂 My "adventure" ended up having fun on the top deck in the middle of the night with said neighbour, getting rid of all alcohol in our fridges and looking at going through the locks to get to Amsterdam. It turned out to be great. The next day however, being disembarked, not so much 🙂
  4. The only time I visited guest relations was when I was sick, and I paid for that. And the cost was surprisingly low. You wouldn't see me whining about a suitcase and I don't like people who do. But that doesn't mean I would seek my own compensation by stealing. If you need social glue, why not simply pay for the glue. You bring tens of thousands of dollars to the ship to gamble, you tip freely to each and every employee in sight, you are very pleasant to other passengers, but you can't tell the waiter that he should put a few drinks on your account despite your package? For what, was it more than $15? The waiter would probably give you a wink and return the card immediately and if not so be it. It is still the same as stealing a chocolate bar at a gas station because you paid more than enough for the gasoline. Also, next time you decide to spend $1800 on pictures, find a local photographer, and offer him a free cruise!
  5. AmazedByCruising

    Holland America Munster Drill

    That's like a driving test where the examiner warns you to stop at a red light. Something must have gone wrong giving that Safety Officer a contract in the first place.
  6. AmazedByCruising

    Holland America Munster Drill

    OK, another dumb idea totally destroyed by the expert. Thank you for taking the time to do so each time 🙂
  7. AmazedByCruising

    Holland America Munster Drill

    I'm not saying the ships are "flawed". I've felt completely safe on them, but the drills are a nuisance and I'd like a ship without lifeboats. And if the ship simply cannot sink because there's too much foam in it, I might convince others to cruise. I don't understand how a Duck boat sank if it had enough foam around it, that can't have been the problem. Even if you can't inspect it, foam never lets you down. A rubber duck that is filled with foam will not sink. Puncturing, torpedos, atomic bombs, it will not sink. IMHO there's no need for inspection as foam is extremely reliable to stay afloat unless gravity stops working.
  8. AmazedByCruising

    Holland America Munster Drill

    Would it be possible to build ships that cannot sink under any circumstance? So obvious unsinkable that UNCLOS and flag states would say that you wouldn't need mustering or lifeboats as the ship is always better than a lifeboat? I mean, ships rely on steel that should be able to handle an iceberg but if it doesn't there's a second layer of metal to keep the water out, and if that doesn't work there are compartments, and if that doesn't work there are lifeboats. But these are a series of "unlikely events" stacked on each other, and history shows that the unlikely is often less unlikely that what the study showed. It needed an incredible long series of unlikely things to go wrong, combined probably less likely than winning the lottery 6 times in a row, and still that's what happened to The Herald of Free Enterprise. (I think my text book on psychology mentioned at least 10 things that should happen at the same time and were deemed nearly impossible or weren't even considered, and they all happened at the same time) Yet a rubber duck never sinks no matter how high the waves, how big the iceberg, how much rain and wind, or even how many torpedos shot at it. If you can build a rubber duck, it would be as reliable as gravity. A cruise line could spend a lot of money for ships to be a bit larger, with space all around the ship to be completely filled with polystyrene or something that doesn't burn, to effectively have a rubber duck and advertise with "no life boats", "no muster drills", "no obstructed view". Maybe even "as unsinkable as a rubber duck, even if the Captain is a show off from Italy".
  9. Except this movie is for sale, actually the ship is designed to sell the movie. Selling drinks are one of the few reasons the ships can sail at all and every drink you gave away is a real cost to the ship. If you don't like the rules, you indeed should find another venue. People like you make my cruise more expensive.
  10. Thank you for your report, and great that you actually won! But finding people to steal drinks for is a joke right?
  11. AmazedByCruising

    Cruising & Marijuana?

    They nearly always smile at me, telling me to have fun ashore and welcoming me back aboard, and are most friendly explaining about my belt causing the alarm once again. But OK, the time when I was nearly naked (it could have been even worse) and mistook the door to the hallway for the door to the bath room, locked myself out, at 3 AM or so, on a HAL ship where everyone was asleep just after 10 including most if not all security staff, after which my very friendly neighbour allowed me to enter their cabin and call Guest Relations, who in turn woke up a security officer, who finally opened the door of my own cabin. Well that's the security officer I remember that did not smile at all.
  12. AmazedByCruising

    Heads Up Hold ‘em Royal on Emerald Princess

    If you win a lot and I'm near you, quickly switch places with me. I'll return every single chip, promise, but there would be no forms for me. I'd be happy for the beer in return
  13. AmazedByCruising

    "pure chaos" as Sunshine lists

    That's another thing that i'd like. Continuous updates. We're turning now, bunkering takes more time than expected, there are two guests missing so we are late, dolphins at port side. If you are sleeping and the Captain wakes you up saying "such and such, you can go back to sleep" there's no panic. If you are watching a movie and suddenly the ship lists, glasses start falling, which is not what happened during your all inclusive last year, you may want the comforting voice of the Captain saying that you will not be on TV the next day. I don't fly anymore. Yet there was one flight on a tiny plane where I was completely relaxed. I sat next to the pilot. I could see all of his "dashboard". If something would be wrong I'd know. He also explained everything. How difficult is it to say that the ship is listing because X and Y, we're sorry but you are not in danger. Sleep well.
  14. AmazedByCruising

    "pure chaos" as Sunshine lists

    IMO, "pure chaos" is what you get when pax and crew don't know what's happening. A rather vague letter from the Captain the next day doesn't help. This is my pet peeve since my first cruise where the ship made a full circle which looked like we'd be sailing to Syria and the Captain didn't even mention it. The Captain should find out the problem, get it fixed or maybe not if he can't. But the very first thing after that should be to get the microphone and explain what happened even if it's 3 AM. He should tell the pax not to search for lifejackets and make a joke about many plates that now don't need to be washed. All this secrecy only leads to angry passengers and negative media attention, while everyone on board would be OK with an explanation that stabilizers can simply fail once in a while and the ships can't do much about that. This thread probably wouldn't exist if the Captain simply explained what was going on.
  15. AmazedByCruising

    Is there a way to check you drinks for the SBP through the day?

    On X the Martini bar staff "scanned" my card by jokingly rubbing them on their chest. It might have helped that I bought the package from them, but they really couldn't care less about book keeping.