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  1. Love the way captain Kate interacts with the customers. Sorry that the edge is getting her instead of us going on the equinox. Read somewhere that "X" now has a 2nd female captain. Let's hope she's as good!
  2. Does anyone know for a fact that Kate is getting the proceeds and not celebrity?
  3. I agree w/ Charles. Yet another example of cruise line run by accountants. With all the capacity coming on,the pendulum will swing. Marketing and loyalty will once again prevail.
  4. The center ones are wider. In contrast to some other's post, we did encounter soot there.
  5. Hope u have a better day today!
  6. Maybe for some--but for us it's the special times with those we cruise with. Either those we knew b-4 ,or those we met. "Those we met " include special bonds with some of the staff--particularly in the dining room and captains club.
  7. All the passengers on the June 1 sailing are being given a paint brush!
  8. My recollection is the addition of a "mini al bacio" to the beverage station in the OV.
  9. Agree on the need for transparency. If they know much of the changes cannot be done , they shud say so. Offer free cancellation to any feeling cheated. I'm sure that there is a project manager that has a detailed timeline of what will be done .
  10. Just off the Equinox. Just wondering about the shortcuts they will now be taking on the update. With the broken crane in freeport-they are having the work done in Spain. With 14 days of travel time , how on earth will they ever get it all done?The time available for redo is cut in half!
  11. The senior or resident rates are refundable. Compared to a refundable regular rate they seem to be $300-$400 less. But yes, compared to a non ref- rate are not not much less. I think it will take them some time to figure this all out. Their new pricing scheme is a perfect example of "READY- FIRE-AIM".
  12. Is there anything published about this?
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