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  1. Only have 50 or so celebrity cruises. Most of those that I encounter are seniors/and or Florida residents. We are both. Lets face it the bulk of the passengers are not "suite snobs". The perfect solution might be to put all the " suite people" in purple uniforms for their earned recognition. For the rest of us old guys-most don't drink a lot (anymore). Celeb is doing their best to eliminate the evening social hour. Why not give us a few drinks -good throughout the day? Could be 3 for elite, 5 E+, etc. I wholly endorse the added level of Elite Plus Plus @1500 points.
  2. In the end , supply & demand prevails. Royal & X have pretty elaborate algorithms used to sense them. Also in the end they have to be competitive. I'm sure that they don't see themselves competing with Royal. I bet they do monitor Hal & Princess very closely . Not sure how MSC fits in with new ships entering the market--seems like supply is increasing,even with X's own ships. Pricing model seems to be a decent price a year out , then higher price at the six month out point-thru final pay. Then whack the hell out of prices ,and add perks as neccessary. I 'm a florida senior which generally rules out perks. I like to book on board--but that causes me not to be able to cancel and rebook after final pay date. From now on going to do open passage so I can wait. This will work unless going with friends , when have to have a certain date.
  3. Yes , it still works. Play either depending on ur preference.
  4. I don't ever recall the letter from the Club host(ess) calling it that?
  5. Yesterday I got a mailing "Capt. Club Newsletter". In it was an updated perks list. I noted "daily coffee lounge" seems to have replaced the elite breakfast? Can anyone shed some light on this?
  6. Charging $12,000 per cabin( basicbalcony) for 11 nites in the med isn't going too well. For that price the shud give part o wnership!
  7. The problem is that there is no area or room called the Persian garden on the edge!
  8. Talked to Cap. club today. PG perk s being restored. No PG on Edge,so having to reword web data.
  9. Thanks to all who replied. Yes i do that too! Was looking to see if I could avoid the trouble for my agent,if unsure where to move it to.
  10. Is it possible to change an on board booking for a specific cruise to an open booking (b-4 final payment)?
  11. Yes useable in MDR( during the prescribed hours).
  12. No waffles for me, but i did miss coddled eggs!
  13. The cruise was fine -the hilite was Gerry our waiter(& his helpers Pat & wine steward) at table 530!
  14. Just back from 10 day carrib on reflection. Generally very nice cruise. A couple of comments for celebrity if they are screening these. 1)Use of the term "extravaganza" for last day lunch in Ocean View. It pales compared to former ones. Drop the term of step it up. 2)closing of the outdoor area at back of the Ocean view until 8 AM a problem for those of us used to meeting out there and enjoying the morning air. Pls reopen!
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