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  1. We went with Clearwater Adventures in West Bay. They were incredible!! I highly recommend them. The service was outstanding, and it was very personalized. We went to 3 locations and it was the best snorkeling we have ever done. If you look at them on Facebook, they are the #1 operator in West Bay and have stellar reviews. There is definitely a reason for that. If you book with them, let us know what you think!
  2. We just got off the Allure last week with the same itinerary. Roatan was the only stop that has a time zone difference (they are in the Central time zone). I was not able to get a clear answer prior to the cruise whether the itinerary was referring to ship time or local time, but was told by the Guest Services Supervisor on the ship that they always go by ship time (I don't trust this is consistent though). Just to give you a heads up, the itinerary times that we had prior to the cruise were different than what they actually were once we set sail. We were originally scheduled to arrive in Nassau at 7am, but found out the night before that it would be 8am. We missed our excursion due to this. And, I was assured by Guest Services 3 times while on the ship that the Roatan arrival time would be 8am Eastern, but we learned the night before that stop that it would be 9am Eastern. Our Roatan excursion was also messed up due to this. You don't really get anything official until you get the Cruise Compass the evening prior to a port stop. I was told by one of the tour operators that cruise lines are notorious for being vague about port times to make it difficult to go with an outside vendor.
  3. We sailed on Allure December 9th. There is a smaller buffet at the front of the ship (in the Solarium) during breakfast and lunch. It had less variety, but it was much less congested than the Windjammer. It was a great option on port days for breakfast when we had early excursions (much quicker).
  4. We just returned from the Allure of the Seas. We had one stop (Roatan) that had a different time zone. I contacted Royal Caribbean about 8 times prior to our cruise to check on whether the itinerary was referring to eastern or central time for that stop. I was given a different answer each time. The only response they would give me in an email basically indicated I would find out once I was on board. Once we got on board, the Guest Services Supervisor told us the times were always listed as ship time (at least on that ship & itinerary). From what I have read in forums here, this can always vary & it can be very unpredictable. We got completely screwed over on independent excursions because the times given on our itineraries (on our invoices) and in the Royal Caribbean app were different than the actual port times (and we did not receive those actual times until the evening prior to each stop, in the Cruise Compass). We completely missed our Nassau excursion because we planned it around a 7am arrival (which was on our itinerary & in the app), but the actual arrival time was 8am (which we did not find out until the day prior). And, the Guest Services representatives were very clueless about all of this. Two of them tried arguing that we missed our Nassau excursion because of a time zone difference (there was NO time zone difference with Nassau). After the Nassau fiasco, we were assured 3 times by the Guest Services Supervisor on the ship that our arrival time for Roatan would be 8am eastern time, but then learned the evening prior to that stop that we were arriving at 9am eastern. We missed half of our excursion due to that. We could not trust anything anyone told us. The independent tour operator that we booked with told us that the cruise lines are notorious for not giving this information ahead of time so that it is difficult to book a non-cruise line excursion. This was so frustrating for us & I probably would not do another cruise because of this. I prefer to do excursions with independent companies, and it was just too stressful to have all of these mixups.
  5. We were extremely disappointed that there were not any in our stateroom. Make sure you don't forget to bring a wall charger that you can plug your USB cord into. I can't imagine what we would have done if we hadn't have packed ours! We also packed some portable chargers so we could charge those continuously and have them available to charge our devices outside of the room.
  6. We just returned from the Allure. The comedy shows from day 1 - 6 were the same show, held in the comedy club (there were 2 comedians). Those same 2 comedians had a different show (with different material) on the last night, which was held in the Amber Theatre. There was also a family friendly show they did earlier that last evening, but I don't think that was able to be booked ahead of time (you could just drop in). The Windjammer buffet has different stations, but it was always jam packed and chaotic. There is a smaller breakfast & lunch buffet at the front of the ship in the Solarium that is MUCH less congested. We always went there on port days for breakfast because it was much quicker and a much more pleasant experience.
  7. Thanks for the input! That is actually what I was thinking after looking into it a little further, so we went ahead and booked a snorkel hopping tour with a local dive shop. I am glad to know that was probably the best option. I am so excited!
  8. I know - this is really confusing. I looked at a few cruise port time websites as well & they all matched the time on my RC itinerary. I was assuming those sites would have been referencing the local time, but maybe they go by what RC puts on their itineraries. You would think that RC would do a better job of specifying their practice on the itinerary. The rep I spoke with had to put me on hold for a few minutes while she looked into this, so even she was confused (which is why I wasn't confident she gave me the correct answer). I also noticed a Roatan tour operator's website indicated participants staying on the island may need to be flexible with their tour times when mixed with cruise passengers because they do not get confirmation of the ship's arrival/departure time until the day prior.
  9. I am sailing on Allure in December & one of our ports of call is Roatan, which is in the central time zone (1 hour behind eastern ship time). I contacted RC today to ask if the itinerary times are referencing ship time or local time & the rep told me it is ship time (so 8am - 5pm on the itinerary will actually be 7am - 4pm Roatan time). She did not sound completely sure of herself. Can anyone else confirm this is true? I want to make sure I don't mess up on booking my excursion.
  10. Guest 2000, Thank you so much for your input! This is very helpful. My husband is not the strongest swimmer, so I don't want to put him in a situation where he is fighting waves. I will look at some options in the area that you suggested.
  11. Thanks for your response. The tour operator is located in French Kay, which would be where we are departing from (they are very close to Daniel Johnson’s Monkey/Sloth Hang Out). The description of the 1-Mile Drift just indicates is along a 1 mile reef. I could ask for more information regarding where the drift location would be. The description of the multi-location tour indicates the locations would be “The barrier reef, lobster city, the drop off, and underwater Mayan city” (all stops are close together). I am not all that interested in seeing the Mayan City & not too sure about lobster city, but the drop off sounds very cool.
  12. I am looking at a 1-Mile Drift Snorkel or a Snorkel Hopping tour that visits 3 or 4 locations in Roatan. I am leaning more towards the Drift Snorkel, but I was curious to see if anyone else has experience with this. Do you typically see as much marine life with a drift snorkel? Is it more strenuous than doing a more traditional snorkel hopping excursion?
  13. We will be booking a snorkel excursion with Roatan Ocean Adventures. I am looking at both the 1-Mile Drift Snorkel or the Snorkel Hopping tour that visits 3 or 4 locations. I am leaning more towards the Drift Snorkel, but I was curious to see if anyone else has experience with this & would have any advice or thoughts you could share.
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