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  1. Can you tell us more about the Magen's Bay excursion? What was it about the taxi ride? We were thinking about going to Magen's Bay on next cruise. They used Facial Recognition to disembark the Bliss earlier this month and it worked great. So sorry to hear your disembarkation was so horrendous
  2. Not with the regular UBP. Only at the casino bar do they care that you have the CAS free drinks card. It's nice to pick up a couple of bottled waters from the casino to carry off the ship in port.
  3. Yes, Mudslides & BBCs and other frozen drinks would be extra We have stopped paying the 'Convenience Fee' to get the UBP Promo. We get enough drinks in the casino and just buy a couple of extra along the way if the casino is closed. Cheaper for us!
  4. I am intrigued by the Concierge class. If you have never been in a Haven or Suite, this sounds like a good time to try it out. Not full Haven, but lots of pluses. Our favorite part of our Haven cruise was the private breakfast & lunches. Really loved that restaurant. We want to cruise more often so not planning to try Haven again. But on the Joy, I might try a bid for concierge.
  5. I thought I would report back on this question. Returned from the Bliss earlier this month. At the 'CAS Invited Guests' cocktail party held after sail-away the hosts said that with the basic Free Drinks card you could get $5 off an Ultra drink. We absolutely loved the Bliss casino and the hosts there were great. Lots of action and we heard several hand pays announced. Main casino was smoke-free, but we felt the balance of slot machines & games looked good between the enclosed smoking area and the larger non-smoking area.
  6. I think NCL is still trying to find the right type and quantity of paper straws. So far, reports of straws being available are not consistent across all ships. I found some nice reusable straws (with polka dots!) in a store close to me. Also looking at other options. I'll just continue to bring my own straws that I'm happy with. The biggest problem is keeping the servers from grabbing your empty glass before you can 'save' your valuable straw As for plastic bags, everything I bought onboard Bliss, Breakaway, and every other NCL ship has been given to me in a plastic bag. I reuse them for many purposes as they are sturdy and make great book bags, shoe bags, etc. Also, shopped in Florida before returning home and stores there still have plastic bags. I don't think there is a state close to ours that have banned them.... yet.
  7. We were on the Bliss earlier this month. Having sailed several times on Escape, Getaway and Breakaway we felt the biggest change was the Observation Lounge. We didn't do the go-karts. Also a big improvement was the enclosed smoking area for the casino. The addition of Los Lobos and Q was also appreciated by us. On our Eastern Caribbean Bliss cruise we never saw many people in the OL....which we thought was nice:) It is surprising to us that such a large area is dedicated to the Lounge, but kudos to NCL for doing just that. Now looking forward to our cruise next year on the Encore! I hope they continue to improve on this class of ship.
  8. I'm pretty good hitting elevator buttons with my elbow
  9. The Bliss is a beautiful ship! Just got home from her earlier this month. Have a great cruise 🙂
  10. For lunch or dinner on the Escape, we can highly recommend Pincho Tapas. Loved everything we had there. We have been on Escape 4 times, the first 3 times with the old Food Republic menu. It was our favorite place to eat on Escape. In our opinion, the new FR menu is just not as good as before so we recommend you try Pincho Tapas too.
  11. It's a beautiful ship! Kind of jealous of you now 🙂 This ship has two of our favorite 'new' specialty restaurants, Los Lobos and Q. Just the loaded fries and a salad at Q are super filling.....but save room for their desserts! And you have to love the table-side guacamole at Los Lobos. We have loved everything on their menu. Also, don't miss the light lunch options in the Observation Lounge. Nice salads and small sandwiches to choose from so you still have room to enjoy that dinner at night
  12. Wow, those sound great! Kind of jealous now I'm watching for that tax free sale myself. It's usually specific cruises, but I have 3 booked I could re-book under it if they are listed. Last year I got two booked under that offer. Using my two CruiseNext per cruise I have to have them add in the DSC to spend the $500 deposit.
  13. Are these postcards the ones that list cruises that are 6 months or less out? (My son gets those, but for inside and no OBC). Those sound like a pretty good deal to add to your Tier credit! That's probably why I don't get them. I usually have four cruises on the books with CAS and they are booked over 6 months out. I should be more patient, but I just have to book another when I return from a cruise
  14. We got off the Bliss earlier this month. For our cruise after embarkation you went to Teppanyaki where they had 5 or 6 stations set up with a hostess to help you make your reservations. It worked very well. When you walk in, don't get into the first line you see. There are several different lines available with employees to help you. It's a fabulous ship. Have a wonderful cruise!
  15. Syd Norman's Pour House is great! Hope they update something similar when other ships go through refurb. We prefer Getaway's Million Dollar Quartet and Burn the Floor, but will still enjoy and go to Rock of Ages and their Burn the Floor show on our next Breakaway cruise in May. We love this class of ship. Every night on board reminds us of a night out in Vegas.
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