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  1. Yes I wonder what it will be like in the on board casinos too. I hope some of our favorite hosts are still employed with CAS. If they have rookie hosts it will probably be harder to get additional earned comps. Las Vegas is going fully masked this Friday but so far won't be turning every other machine off again. I hope with 100% vaxed CAS will be able to keep everything open.
  2. Good to hear! But you are right, can't see how we can requalify for Ruby again by April 1st.
  3. Try Breakaway Waterfront. (Ships are almost identical)
  4. Yes, please back to Prima on this thread😊 I would love to see some pics of how the balconies look on the side of that rounded aft section. I'm not in a Haven, but I hope I 'scored' with my MA category on that aft section.
  5. We bought some plastic luggage tag holders from CruiseCritic Logo store years ago (old Logo) and are still using them. I see they are still selling some. Probably cheaper if you search for some elsewhere, but we like our reusable CC tags.
  6. Fun to think ahead about this.....we are on 12/30/22 on the Breakaway😊
  7. My Dec 5th Breakaway and our four 2022 cruises look OK on the phone app.
  8. Delete- I see Karaboudjan already added the link to floor plan. Thanks! The floor plan shows closet at entrance instead of next to bed or sofa.
  9. I think it's great the way they moved the closet to the opposite wall of the entry. We liked the Bed by the Balcony on the Away ships so we wouldn't have it blocking the closet. On the Prima they have fixed that problem.
  10. We love your pictures of Old San Juan. It's been awhile for us, but your pictures bring back good memories. Looking forward to the rest of your review as we plan to sail to the ABC islands in January😎
  11. Like mentioned above, I'm watching the Gem's August 15th sailing as it is before the due date for our early January Miami cruise. We are getting closer to NCL's return to sailing from US ports. It will be fun to read accounts from those on the earliest sailings while the rest of us prepare for our cruises. I'm planning to cruise from New Orleans in December and Miami in January😎
  12. At Q, we usually don't use a dining plan meal. A regular meal there is huge. They do have some great 'loaded' baked potatoes or 'loaded' fries that we enjoyed. At Los Lobos, unless he would enjoy the Carne Asada, maybe you could sit at the bar and enjoy Margaritas with some Guac for you.....then take him to the Local for a burger? (and yes, the Elotes street corn is delish!) Ocean Blue- Great place to use a Dining Plan meal. We have enjoyed several meals there. My DH has had no problem finding something like a steak there he can enjoy.
  13. We sail with casino comps and have been receiving the offers to bid. It might be they want to offer you a chance to upgrade so they can look at selling your current cabin to someone else. We usually sail in cabins that are in categories that are popular and are usually sold out before sail date like Aft Balconies or Club Balcony with larger balcony. We are happy with the cabins we have booked so haven't taken them up on offer to bid for upgrade.
  14. If you get a chance to take a ship's tour, the laundry room process is amazing. Huge machines that fold clean towels and so many other interesting things.
  15. Definitely want to stay on the island instead of Houston. Maybe see if we can afford a couple of days pre-cruise.
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