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  1. I've been surprised that they keep running the Free Airfare. I would think it's much more expensive & troublesome to them than the other promos which are items they control on board the ship. I've expected that part to drop off of the ongoing and seemingly never-ending 'Free at Sea' sale🤔
  2. Do they have Admin fees, etc? Did you get your 'regular' type of comped cabin? After your cruise I hope you can come back and tell us what you think of the cruise and their casino. Have a great cruise😎
  3. I was hoping someone can find a drone camera overhead view for us. Any close-ups of the balconies/waterfront or ??? Actually, I'd love any additional pictures you guys can find for us😎
  4. Yes, we reserved our clamshell onboard. I can't recall the exact price but it was less than the $50 shore ex credit.
  5. It drove me crazy too! That's why I withdrew my bids and just paid for the upgrade I wanted😉
  6. Thanks for the info! It's been a few years since we were there. We had truly enjoyed it then. Looking forward to this excursion in November😎
  7. Thanks for updating us! Do they still have the Jaguar and other rescue animals?
  8. I would love to know which nights have the shows 'Blazing Boots' and 'Swing'. I've heard they are good shows and I want to plan our dinners around those nights. We will be on the Gem in two weeks so this is good timing for us 😎 I'm looking forward to seeing the menus for Cagney's and La Cucina too!
  9. We found the Seaport area very easy to walk. Our first cruise out of Boston was last year and we stayed at Aloft. Our son cruised earlier this summer and he got a great Hotwire deal on Yotel. We have an upcoming Boston cruise and using Hotwire got a great deal on the Westin. (Thanks to 138East for the great advice last year about Hotwire!) We were able to walk from Aloft to the cruise-port with our wheeled luggage. As long as it's not raining, it's a very doable and pleasant walk for us. Our son did the slightly longer walk from Yotel to the cruise-port and was surprised how quick that walk was.
  10. Yes, I was talking about a Category B1 which is an Aft Facing Balcony. On Deck 12, all the B1s are deep & wide enough to comfortably hold two lounge chairs, two regular chairs and a small table. If you plan to spend some time on the balcony, you would not be disappointed with the space or view.
  11. Deck 12 would be the best choice if it matches what Escape had. We had two loungers, two chairs and a small table on our Deck 12 Aft B1 balcony.
  12. With the new pricing, I would only go to Cagney's with a free Platinum meal or using one of my SDP meals. If you don't have the Dining package as a promo I would rather use that money to go to a special restaurant on land.
  13. I'm so excited for another Misugirly review!! Love your writing style and all the great pictures. Thanks for taking us along again😎
  14. You might need to google some cabin numbers to see if there is a picture available. Have you checked carefully for what is overhead? The Minis on Jewel deck 11 are not under other cabins. Some might be very loud late night/early morning as deck chairs are moved around. Also wouldn't want one under the kitchen/buffet area as they would be moving tables at night to clean. We chose a Balcony on Deck 10, but if you need the bathtub or extra space of a mini just be careful what it is under. Some have also complained of the high step into the bathtub to use as a shower.
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