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  1. Sand and Seas

    Random Bliss Questions

    Thanks BirdTravels! I want to try so many of these. Baked Ziti and Tortilla bowl sound like a good lunch or late night snack. Even the grilled cheese with tomato sounds perfect! And usually we don't order dessert at O'Sheehans, but we definitely need to try that carrot cake
  2. Sand and Seas

    Random Bliss Questions

    These sound so good! Just saw on menu below that the Rachael has apple cole slaw. Will be ordering both of these in a couple of months 🙂
  3. Sand and Seas

    Platinum Plus Priority Perks

    This has been our experience too. We have been Platinum Plus since the group was created.
  4. Sand and Seas

    Choir of Man Encore

    It was mentioned here in the forum a little while back that there was a casting call for Footloose on the Joy. Sounds like a fun show!
  5. Sand and Seas

    Live Blog: Bliss Dec 8th

    Thanks for sharing your cruise with us! Great start
  6. Sand and Seas

    Do you choose a certain cruise if smoking is allowed in Casinos

    The Harrah's in New Orleans is non-smoking due to a city regulation. They have opened a couple of smoking courtyards that have some slots but it seems they have still lost some revenue due to the non-smoking in the totally beautiful main casino.
  7. Sand and Seas

    Bliss Casino & CAS- your experiences?

    It seems like all the newest slots are penny, even if they take 8.88 to play full 😉 I hope Christina Bicca is still on the ship in February. She is a great host and such a nice lady. Thanks for the update on the Bliss casino!
  8. Sand and Seas

    Was it just us? No debarkation info provided

    We were on the first Breakaway out of NOLA and they had the debarkation information for us. Our embarkation was somewhat confused but debarkation seemed normal.
  9. Sand and Seas

    Random Bliss Questions

    We love the Chicago Dogs at O'Sheehans, so the chili dogs sound good too! I thought I saw somewhere that the Local had some different options for sandwiches and desserts. Just can't find that menu picture so was wondering if someone had tried them.
  10. Sand and Seas

    Random Bliss Questions

    How did you like the Local's menu? We usually eat several lunches in O'Sheehan's so wondering how the different menu at Local will be.
  11. Sand and Seas

    Dawn Questions

    We love Los Lobos on the Dawn and have to agree that the Dawn staff was really great!
  12. Sand and Seas

    Was it just us? No debarkation info provided

    We were on the Breakaway last month and the steward delivered us the standard 'You'll be leaving us soon....' paper to our room. Strange your steward didn't leave you one. Big difference from the 'old' days where someone in the cabin had to go to a special meeting about debarkation.
  13. Sand and Seas

    Comments from on board Getaway 12/9

    Can you check dailies and see if Getaway has a lunch buffet in Moderno on sea days? We really enjoyed the themed complimentary lunch buffets on our recent Breakaway cruise. Have a great cruise!
  14. Sand and Seas

    Bliss Casino & CAS- your experiences?

    Thanks for your response! We are less than 80 days out for our Bliss cruise. Good to know you re-booked!
  15. Sand and Seas

    Favorite food onboard?

    Cagney's Crab Cake appetizer with a mustard sauce La Cucina (old menu?) Gorgonzola crusted Filet Mignon MDR- Any of the warm dessert souffle's with sauce (most recently had the Banana Souffle with Butterscotch Whiskey sauce)