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  1. Stlcardsfan79

    booking through Casino at seas

    For our Jan cruise people on our roll call and FB page didn't receive offer until about 72 days out.
  2. Stlcardsfan79

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    HA! Yep Go Cards!
  3. Stlcardsfan79

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    For our Jan cruise on Breakaway I bid $300 per person to go from inside to balcony, we were awarded an aft balcony. I think that the high bid helped.
  4. Stlcardsfan79

    Ocean Blue and UDP

    We ate there twice when we were on the Breakaway in Jan, we had the shrimp cocktail (husband had 2 of them) no extra charge for them. Husband also had the surf& turf 2nd time no extra charge.
  5. Stlcardsfan79

    Question about food allergies

    When we were on the Breakaway the first thing our server asked us was if we had any food allergies. This was something new from the Pearl last year.
  6. Stlcardsfan79

    Bring soda or water on board

    It's once you have gone through security and inside the waiting area.
  7. Stlcardsfan79

    NCL soda package

    They had orange soda and root beer on the Breakaway a couple weeks ago.
  8. Stlcardsfan79

    Casinos at Sea question

    We also book our cruises with land based casino. And if you do just get the inside perk and you have to pay the administrative fees which for our 10 day cruise in Jan was about $200 for each of us, how much do you really save by booking with the offer if you upgrade to OV or balcony and don't get the extra perks but pay for say dining pkg?
  9. At the port in New Orleans after you have gone through security and gone through the line to get your ship card they have you wait in a large waiting area, just to the right when you enter the room there is a vendor there selling lanyards, snacks and a big cooler of sodas. You are allowed to purchase them at that time and take on board, sorry can't remember if Dr Pepper was a choice.
  10. Stlcardsfan79

    Breakaway / Live (*) / Solo - Feb-07-17-2019...

    Two weeks ago it was after 6:00 before we took of. Those boarding earlier had no problems but apparently later on people were having long waits to board.
  11. Stlcardsfan79

    Breakaway / Live (*) / Solo - Feb-07-17-2019...

    New prices when we boarded the Breakaway on Jan 17th.
  12. Stlcardsfan79

    Upgrade advantage - does price range change?

    The highest bid on mine increased, for awhile it went back and forth then stayed at the higher price.
  13. Stlcardsfan79

    Breakaway / Live (*) / Solo - Feb-07-17-2019...

    Looking forward to following along with another one of your reviews. We just got off the same cruise on the 27th, loved it! Have a great time and safe travels.
  14. Stlcardsfan79

    Norwegian Breakaway

    I had the berries filled one and added ice cream on the side, yum!
  15. Stlcardsfan79

    NCL discount for Total Rewards Members

    When you book a cruise using th Harrah's Diamond discount instead of the certicate do they still charge you the $200 administrative fee?