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  1. For our cruise on the Breakaway 1/31/21 it shows I can upgrade to unlimited for $50.
  2. For our last 2 cruises 10 day and 7 day 250 mins were enough but I have Verizon for my cell service so when we were in port I used my travel pass $5 for 24 hours in Mexico ports and $10 for others and this allowed me to make calls, text and data.
  3. Just got off the Breakaway Sat., I didn’t think it was cold, I thought it got warm in the casino a few nights.
  4. Thanks for the review, getting ready to go on the Breakaway for the 2nd time next month. I noticed on the daily’s someone else posted that the specials in O’Sheehans had changed a lot, I liked the old sailor’s basket on previous cruises. Do they have the text app for $10 on the Breakaway?
  5. We went from inside to aft balcony on our last 10 day cruise by bidding.
  6. Last January for our cruise I bid on both oceanview and balcony, but just the minimum on OV and more on the balcony since I really wanted the balcony. We ended up with an aft balcony. Good luck.
  7. I’m glad I found this thread, was also wondering what was going on. We are on the Breakaway in Feb for 7 days, been watching the price almost daily about 6 months ago balcony was $1299 been steadily going down. On Friday it all the way down to $1049 then yesterday morning jumped up to $1479. The sail away rates seem to still be low, I don’t think they moved much.
  8. 89 days out and we have already received email to upgrade.
  9. I was responding to someone who said there is Diet Dew on board.
  10. I didn’t see any diet Mt Dew when we were on the Breakaway in January.
  11. Last year we were on the Breakaway during the NFL playoffs, the games were shown on the big screens at Spice H2O and in the Atrium. Unfortunately it was raining so a lot of people in the atrium.
  12. I just called to see if we were eligible for the extra credit. The lady I talked to said since we were booked through a land based casino offer and upgraded from inside to balcony we weren’t eligible. If we had gone from oceanview we would have been. That's ok we still have the 4 perks and in 151 days we will be cruising.
  13. For our cruise last Jan that happened to me a lot, one day it wouldn’t be there then the next it was. And it was different on my IPad vs my IPhone, the way I could view my bids and the range they were in. Good luck!
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