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  1. There is a lot more to Salzburg than the Sound of Music or Mozart. Visit the city's website for more information. Helbrunn Palace with it's trick fountains is really unique; take the funicular up to the fortress; there is also a nearby cable car so you can go up for a great view; palaces, churches.
  2. To decide if it is worth it, you really have to do a table with all the included amenities and what you will pay extra for: Airfare transport to and from the ship expense of extra tours you really want to do laundry cocktails/alcohol soft drinks tips to crew tips to drivers and guides extras provided: Scenic sundowners, concerts Insurance if cruise can’t continue After you do a thorough analysis, Scenic may not be any more expensive than “cheaper” cruises with add on expenses.
  3. I've sailed on Emerald once and on Scenic twice. Scenic had the better food but I really did like the Emerald Dawn with its little swimming pool and the big open balcony. Also, we had a great tour director on Emerald but that was just luck. As mentioned before, a lot has to do with the chef.
  4. Yes, last year was Emerald from Nuremberg to Amsterdam via the Mainz. Loved the towns and cities on the route. GREAT cruise director but so so food. This Year is on Scenic from Basel to Amsterdam. Some familiar places but lots new, too.
  5. I agree with doverboy's description of Scenic with a few additions. A bag of laundry is included for even the lower level cabins. The mini bar in the room is restocked daily so there was cold diet coke waiting when we got back to the room. And we were taken to the airport and escorted to our check-in counter. Like Jebbud, when we took our first Scenic cruise in 2015 we compared it to Viking and Scenic came out cheaper. For returning cruisers there is a discount. For our upcoming 2019 Christmas market cruise with Scenic there was also a discount since we paid in full before a certain date. This cruise includes airfare and, with all the amenities, it would be hard to beat the price.
  6. Your info will arrive a few weeks in advance of your departure date. Check the zippers, etc. on your backpack. If they don't work, call for another one to be sent. If you booked with a TA you documents may go directly to them. You already should have chosen the first couple of tours on the Emerald website. Go to the Trip Personalizer section and input your booking number and fill in the information. The first river cruise we went on, the TA did not do this for us and we only found out about when I called her and asked about booking tours. Since then, we've directly booked our three other river cruises. We got a great bargain on our 2019 Christmas market cruise with Emerald. Given the nature of river cruising, we don't find that booking with a TA really added any value.
  7. Booked Scenic from Basel to Amsterdam for December 2019.
  8. “To each his own .” is really true. On our second Scenic cruise we were a group of 8 , all in the lower level. We all enjoyed ourselves and asked the hotel manager if there was a cabin in an upper deck that we could see. He graciously offered to show us an unoccupied cabin. The five of us who saw all agreed that we were happy with the lower deck and didn’t think that the added expense of an upper cabin was worth it.
  9. I've been on two Scenic cruises (2015 and 2016) and one Emerald (2017). Scenic includes the following not included by Emerald: 1. No charge for minibar items 2. Cocktails, alcohol includes whenever the bar is open 3. One bag of laundry per cabin 4. Evening sundowner (Beer, adult beverage at a scenic location) 5. All tours included. Emerald: 1. Cabins are very similar in style to Scenic 2. Has small poor which seemed to be used frequently. The pool area is very nice. 3. Beer, wine with meals 4. Tour in each port but there are optional tours you pay extra for. 5. Food on Emerald was good but not nearly as good as that on Scenic. Our Emerald cruise director was the best of the three directors that we had. IMO, look carefully at your itinerary and determine what Scenic includes that Emerald does not include and if the difference is worth it. On my first Scenic cruise I mentioned that the included alcohol wasn't that important to me but one person stated that it was to them. Their bar bill on their last ocean cruise had been $500. We got a great bargain and booked a Scenic Christmas Market cruise for 2019 but would happily cruise with Emerald again.
  10. Pinkboat,, ships dock at different places which will effect how far away you will be. Have the ship staff arrange a taxi to take you there and pick you up at an agreed upon time. In 2015, when we were there, taxis were very inexpensive. Check their website for current prices and the latest information. There are small lockers in one changing area and larger private "cabins". See my earlier response in this thread.
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