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  1. Y’all aren’t answering this “wind” person, who sounds like he/she wants more info on protocol getting on a luxury yacht who is trying Everything They Can to provide a safe sailing. I’ve got ONE thing to say to you! SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY bottomline ! These people from CA ruined a great deal of people’s vacations who were acting responsible! And the crew are suffering too !!!
  2. According to many of the people on board, this is what they were bragging about. Partying in Miami. I’m not quick to judge. At the end of the day, AND especially in these time, we expect people that want to travel, to be cautious, courteous and respectful!
  3. Staying away from crowds, ie bars, nightclubs, etc. Just like the Bajan government required you to stay on property of the regulated hotels, should you go into Barbados pre or post.
  4. For so many years it was our dream to one day be able to get on a Christmas Sea Dream. We took care of my mother for many many years, and would never leave her alone during the Christmas season. However she passed away this year from Covid, and our hearts are broken. So this was the year we would go out and spend time with our favorite crew on our favorite yacht for Christmas. Thanks to the hard work of all of the executives at Sea Dream to make this happen! Alas some stupid people decided to party before they got onto the ship, and have now ruined everything for all of us, incl
  5. Here’s a cute one of some of the staff! Can you name them!
  6. Me to a T! But Margaritas and Japanese food !
  7. Totally 💯 percent agree. SD has done an awesome job, but I tell you, if it were me, I’d drill every passenger! And make them sign something, just like I go now to PT for a broken elbow. No one goes in without reporting where they’ve been!
  8. I disagree. I think Seadream has gone above and beyond, except perhaps drilling the new passengers as to where they were/what they were doing 3 to 4 days before embarkation. We are still booked for Christmas and we pray the Barbados govmt will allow them to try again. No this is not selfish on my part. This is just how confident I feel. if you want to get on Seadream, then don’t go out partying before you travel ! Stay extremely vigilant, masked, travel with wipes, stay away from people ! Or don’t go! This crew, company - they are doing their utmost and I am proud of them!
  9. Wherever it came from, it's not the crew! And SD has done an extremely good job with protocols. I bet if you interviewed the passengers, you will find someone was not heeding protocols the night before they flew into BGI. I pray the Barbados government will allow them to sail again.
  10. Thank you for writing this ! We all need to help - totally agree! I’m going to see how to go back to my Facebook pop ups where most of my crew pics are stored. We are in North Florida, St Augustine and I understand there are several ships off shore here and one permanently docked in Fernandina Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. So, my Facebook keeps popping up pics of our many wonderful trips around the World, many of which are on Seadream. Hubby and I look at them and just dream of a Covid free life again and hopping on our beloved yacht. Yet we also can’t forget the wonderful crew - family - which makes the memories even more fond. So here, I’m just going to start posting them as they come up. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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