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  1. JohnLocke2012

    Tropical storm (potentialy hurricane) Erika

    Good to hear about the Conquest. Some people on carnivals facebook started a flame war over how bad their vacation is going right now.
  2. JohnLocke2012

    Tropical storm (potentialy hurricane) Erika

    So close I can taste it! Day after tomorrow is looking good t set sail :D Just sad that its a 5 nighter and not 7 :( oh well, cant wait to experience Carnival for the first time3
  3. JohnLocke2012

    Tropical storm (potentialy hurricane) Erika

    [quote name='Jeepenfun']At this point by Monday Erika will be aiming for New Orleans. Lol. Miami will be clear skies and clear sailing weather.[/QUOTE] What makes you say that? Everything ive read says Florida landfall Sunday night into Monday? I hope you're right, just curious why you think that?
  4. JohnLocke2012

    Tropical storm (potentialy hurricane) Erika

    The DR should break most of this storm up. Or is that just my wishful thinking since Im leaving monday?
  5. JohnLocke2012

    Tropical storm (potentialy hurricane) Erika

    We are going on the Conquest monday. Carnival is saying they are still going to be leaving then.
  6. JohnLocke2012

    Tropical storm (potentialy hurricane) Erika

    [quote name='perditax'][url]http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/46774-tropical-storm-erika/page-8[/url][/QUOTE] So does this mean Ill be good leaving FLL monday?
  7. JohnLocke2012

    Tropical storm (potentialy hurricane) Erika

    Anyone know if the 31st 5 night sailing on the Conquest will be effected? Its leaving monday, so im hoping its after thr storm passes.
  8. JohnLocke2012

    Hurricane Danny

    So I have notching to worry about on my 5 day eastern leaving the 31st?
  9. JohnLocke2012

    Is Nassau really that bad?

    Will be in Nassau september 1. Anyone think this hurricane will effect my 5 night carniva conquest cruise leaving FLL August 31st?
  10. JohnLocke2012

    closed loop Puerto Rico cruise

    Thanks for the replies! Just out of curiosity, do you or anyone know of any ports that REQUIRE a passport? Ive never been to anywhere in the Caribbean that required one.
  11. Would the same boarding requirements apply to a closed loop cruise leaving from PR? Can I travel with just an original birth certificate and state issued ID? I know I can fly without a passport, what about cruise?
  12. JohnLocke2012

    upgrading at the pier

    Does it matter that I used an online TA and not direct through CCL?
  13. JohnLocke2012

    upgrading at the pier

    Oh I know that most ships sail completely full these days, but Im hoping the timing (end of summer), we might luck out. Of at the time of booking a balcony was lets say $300 more per person, will it cost thay much the day of departure?
  14. JohnLocke2012

    upgrading at the pier

    Has anyone heard or successfully upgraded their room the day of embarkation? Booked a 5 day eatern Caribbean Conquest cruise for next month and was assigned cabin 1204. I knew I was getting an inside, and I gues I should have expected the worse. Does Carnival offer upgrades the day of the cruise if a better room is available? How much per person do yoi guys think itd be to go from an inside to balcony for a 5 nighter if one is available?
  15. Just booked my first Carnival cruise for next month (long time RCL/NCL/MSC cruiser). I have always been wary to book Carnival based on things Ive heard, but from what I see, this ship seems to be well loved. What can I expect out of the MDR though? Anyone know where any sample menus are? Does Carnivals MDR food compare to RCL/HAL/NCL? I also like the fact that this ship only has 1 paid restaurant, seems like NCL has more fee added dining than free options. How is the steakhouse on the Conquest though? Worth the $35 cover? If it matters, ill be on a 5 night eastern Caribbean. Thanks!