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  1. Thanks so much for these files! What a help in planning. Please tell me what people can wear or do wear in the regular dining rooms - not buffet and not specialty. My "cruise consultant" said anything goes from shorts on up. I thought we needed a touch nicer than that. What is typical? Our group ranges in age from 25 to 85. Literally. Also, how is the A/C on board in closed areas? I'm always cold so I know I need a sweater, but curious for your take on it. We're going next week.:cool: Thanks in advance for your answer!
  2. Is there a minibar or minifridge in the room that can be used for our own items by removing what they put in it?
  3. Yes, access desk is where I e-mailed. Hopefully they will get back to me answering some of my questions prior to sailing. Thanks for the hopeful reply!
  4. I reached out to NCL's "help desk" almost FOUR weeks ago to discuss my being a vegan with many food sensitivities. I got back a read receipt on 7/31 so I know it was received. However, I have not heard a single thing back and was told by the customer service department that NCL only accommodates vegetarians, not vegans! :mad::mad::mad:We NEVER would have booked on NCL if we knew this in advance. We have traveled on RC, Celebrity and Oceania of which all 3 were extremely helpful both in advance and on the ship. Unfortunately all 7 in our party had already booked non-refundable airfare making a cancellation of the trip not feasible. Questions: Do cabins have a mini-fridge in the room? If so, would there be room to squeeze some individual soy yogurts, container of hummus, vegan butter, etc.? There is a Whole Foods in Maui where I can stock up on a few vegan sources of protein. (I'm allergic to nuts among many seasonings, so finding peanut butter on board won't help.) I was told we may not bring any food on board, but weapons and alcohol were the only prohibited items listed in the terms & conditions. Has anyone noticed any protein sources such as veggie burger, edamame or bean dishes that might be vegan? Do they have soy milk? Italian ices or dairy free sorbet? Unseasoned beans in the salad bar area? Pasta without eggs? Any insight or advice will be very much appreciated!!
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