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  1. Royal has suspended all cruises from US ports for 30 days...
  2. We did the self assist debark off the ship this morning. We are one of those crazy people who book flights before noon. Our flight leaves at 10:01am out of FLL airport. According to the sheet given to us previously posted with leaving times, there were 3 self assist times based on what deck your stateroom was on. No one was checking that, so if you need to get off first just show up to the 1st group area. We arrived to the main dining room at 6:55 am, and only 10 people were in front of us. By the time they started letting us off the line was wrapped completely around
  3. This is the worst part of the last day...getting luggage tags and where to go to disembark. If you've never sailed before, you have the option to carry off your own luggage and leave early, or have your luggage out by 11pm, and you will pick it up in the morning when your leaving group is called at the dock. If you are putting your luggage out the night before just remember to keep your clothes for the last day and shower supplies with you in your carry-on! On a positive note, we finally ran into this guy right here! He is the infamous piano player in the e
  4. The Silent Disco tonight on the Promenade was great! If you get the chance, do it! Basically you get a set of headphones, where you can switch between 2 different songs, and just dance! If you really want to have fun, just take off your headphones and listen to people just randomly singing and dancing. It's great!
  5. We went to the Farewell Show, which was a comedian, Steve Wilson, followed by the Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers singing a farewell number, and at the end are joined by different staff members from waiters to stateroom attendants. Very nice show!
  6. We only ate at the main dining room twice this cruise. We love the experience just wanted to go a little more relaxed this cruise. Here are some pictures of the gorgeous dining room found on decks 3, 4, and 5 aft.
  7. Another must-do is to find the Heli pad on the ship! To get there you need to go down to deck 4 forward. You will go outside and walk up a flight of stairs and it takes you right out there!
  8. Today is our last day at sea. The worst day ever! Lol. We are back in Ft Lauderdale tomorrow. This morning we spent a few hours by the pool this morning. The winds have died down significantly and the rocking is virtually gone. We decided to head back up to the sports court which is found on deck 13 aft. The Flow Rider was in full motion, as well as the water slides, sky pad, and rock wall. All of these options are complimentary but some require you to sign waivers to participate.
  9. Here is the Cruise Compass from Day 4. And 2 cute cruise towel animals that we found in our room on different nights!
  10. Last but not least tonight was The Quest adult game show! This is an 18 and older adult scavenger hunt that tends to leave some of the guys without clothes! Lol. I'll post a few pics so you get an idea. This was held in Studio B, the ice rink, which is right in the center of deck 3. FYI, the only way to get there is to take the stairs/elevator from the front of the ship down to 3.
  11. After 80's night we headed to the Royal Theatre again for a production show called Once Upon a Time. It's based on classic fairytales, but with music you might still hear on the radio. It was actually really good. Again these singers and dancers are incredibly talented. Go see it!
  12. So I have mentioned the Promenade multiple times. If you have never been in this ship, this is the main thorough fare. You will find it on deck 5, and it runs from forward all the way to the aft of the ship. You will find all the shops here, sorrento's pizza, cafe promenade, Ben and Jerry's, Ale and Anchor Pub to Guest Services, the Shore Excursions desk, and Next Cruise. This is also where they had the Greek Parade, 70's night, and 80's night from my previous posts. If you look hard enough, you'll even find the big red dog! Lol
  13. Tonight was 80's night on the Royal Promenade, complete with Pac Man and a ghost!
  14. Dinner tonight was in the Windjammer(the buffet), theme Mexican night. I will post some pics of the Windjammer from the last week, complete with the Washy Washy guys!! Windjammer is on Deck 11 aft, and you will also find Chops Grill and Giovanni's Table right inside the entrance.
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