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  1. Blambky, I missed the riverdance in the centrum! Is your husband the same guy who did the riverdance at the Hypnotist show? Also, which excursion was cancelled?
  2. Entertainment shows in the Pacifica Theatre: Day 1: Welcome aboard show with Billy Garan, comedian, 7:15pm. The show was funny!! He also had a late night adult comedy show at 10:15pm. My husband attended and really enjoyed! Day 2: Marc Savard, Comedy Hypnotist. He had 2 shows at 8:15pm and 10pm. We went to the 8 PM show. It was so funny! Even if you dont believe in Hypnotism just go! Day 3: Production Showtime, Now and Forever. It featured the Royal Singers and Dancers. Shows 7pm and 9pm. We did not go, we were just too exhausted after 7pm all aboard in Cozumel. Day 4: Singer/Entertainer Kenny James. He is a Motown Singer, who took over the lead in 1980 for the group Hues Corporation (Most popular song is "Rock the Boat"). It was pretty good! Did I mention he also won on the 80's show Star Search 13 times? Lol. Day 5: Production Showtime: Center Stage. Farewell production for RC Singers and Dancers. Lots of good singing/dancing numbers. We enjoyed! And ran in to Kenny James in the audience!
  3. One of the fun highlights of our trip was the Men's International Belly Flop competition on the last sea day. Obviously a crowd favorite! 20190111_133938.mp4
  4. Yes! I do remember there was bread pudding!
  5. We decided to do the self embarkation off the ship. Per the letter we got in our stateroom yesterday, it would start at 7:30 am meeting in the Pacifica Theatre on Deck 5. At 7:10 they started letting us off the ship and less than 10 minutes later we were out of the terminal!! I will post a few other random thoughts on our cruise shortly but all in all we had a fabulous time!
  6. Dpostman, Yes I did have the Surf & Stream package. It worked great for me! No issues even with uploading photos!
  7. Dinner was in the MDR again tonight. Finally the duck! Lol. That is our favorite and tonight did not disappoint. I had the Lobster Bisque for an appetizer. Not had this much lobster in the soup in a very long time. Was excellent. Dessert was the No Sugar Added Peach Shortcake.
  8. After the all access tour we went up to deck 12 aft to play some miniature golf. This is a 9 hole putt putt course. You will also find the rock wall back here. Just underneath both of these, or deck 11 aft, is the basketball course and kids play area with a splash pool and water slide. Fyi, adults, you will get stuck on the slide if you try to go down it. Lol.
  9. SailorJeff, I have the Royal app and Brilliance does support it. I didn't use it at all. If you need to see what the events are and aren't near your compass it could be helpful, but we didn't need it.
  10. This morning we did the All Access Ship Tour. It was incredible hearing how these ships operate. They are very much so a well oiled machine. The tour took us to different spots including the galley, the laundry facilities, the garbage/trash/recycling facilities, the engine control room, and the bridge where the captains are. Here are a few pics. You are allowed to take pictures but no video. Also long pants and closed toed shoes are required. This tour lasts about 2 hours.
  11. Here is the Cruise Compass for Day 5, At Sea.
  12. Per the letter we got self assist is between 7:30 and 8am in the Pacifica Theatre.
  13. We did not eat dinner in the MDR this evening, we felt everything was on repetition and opted for a casual buffet in the Windjammer (it was Mexican night with nachos, burritos, and a chef making quesedillas). Here is the MDR menu for night 4.