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  1. You have to use a desktop computer browser. Log into the AMEX site, then click View All Offers. It should say something like “Available 100”. Just start adding a whole bunch of them to your card, heck add all 100. Then sign out and sign back in and it should be back up to “Available 100” and you’d see new offers that you didn’t see before. Keep repeating this process until the Available no longer maxes out at 100, that means that there is nothing left to load.
  2. If you are past the final payment due date then there is no going back. If not, then I think the only option would be to cancel and re-book, but you’d risk losing your price, promotions and possibly specific cabin number. I just went through a similar thing for a cruise that I had put a deposit on. I wanted to change the card I used for the deposit so I had to cancel the whole thing and re-book the whole thing. Still waiting on my refund of my deposit from the canceled one over a week later.
  3. They will just give me $500 cash back from my unused OBC no questions asked? How can I be 100% sure that the OBC I purchase pre-cruise is refundable? I don’t want to get screwed here buying $500 of OBC and then finding out once I am on board that I must spend it all or I forfeit it.
  4. Does anyone have any datapoints they can share with how long a refund took to credit back to your credit card after you canceled a reservation? I canceled one 8 days ago and it has not hit yet. Back in June when I canceled one it took 7 days.
  5. This is an odd IT quirk at the moment because the Epic is sailing currently in Europe. They had to turn off the reservations for dining to cope with capacity control rules on the ship over in Europe. Apparently they cannot turn off the pre bookings for just specific sail dates, but they can turn it off for entire ships. Once the ship is done with its Europe cruising season they will turn the system back on so people can pre book once again.
  6. Cologne, high end face moisturizers from shops. Nice shore excursions in every port. Facial from spa (great for after being in the sun for 2 weeks) Bottle of Veuve Cliquot ($99) to enjoy at dinner or on the balcony.
  7. You do it on the Celebrity website on your reservation. Go to Gifts section and you will find it there.
  8. How can we be sure that the OBC you buy in advance online is the refundable kind?
  9. Co-branded cards (i.e. Delta AMEX cards) never will receive these travel type offers.
  10. I got the offer on my AMEX Platinum. Thanks for the tip on the OBC. How do you make sure that the OBC is refundable? Does it say that somewhere?
  11. I’ve never seen sweet tea on any cruise. You’d just have to add your own sugar/sweetener to it.
  12. Here are a bunch I pulled down from the NCL website. Le_Bistro_Dinner Dessert-Mobile-Menu_Version4_0.pdf Cagney's-Fleet-Dinner-Menu-101121.pdf La-Cucina-Fleet-Dinner-Menu-101121.pdf Moderno-Fleet-Dinner-Menu-101121.pdf
  13. Thanks for all the responses. To build on my idea of a "Haven for Dummies" idea, I have gone ahead and created a shared Google sheet with items that people have requested in the Haven. I'd love for those who are seasoned Haven cruisers to add to this list so that Haven newbies can get ideas on what is acceptable to request. The goal is to make things a bit less intimidating for those sailing in the Haven for their first time so they can enjoy and get the most out of their Haven experience. @Sthrngary I have added things from your 1st post on this thread. But please do add anything else you can think of. Haven for Dummies Spreadsheet
  14. We are on the Epic January 16th and can’t book any restaurants either.
  15. Sailing in the Haven for the first time in January and I’m still just struggling so much to understand the limits of what is acceptable to ask for. I don’t want to look like a fool or ask for something that is just not the norm and then be embarrassed. Like for example I see people on here referencing that their butler will serve them breakfast in their stateroom. What exactly is acceptable to ask for? Are we talking a carafe of coffee and some pastries? Or can I have a full hot breakfast like eggs benedict delivered to my room? Another example, afternoon canapés, can I go so far as to ask for some shrimp cocktail, or am I limited to something more basic? I also like meats,cheese,veggies,hummus etc for enjoying on the balcony when sailing away from ports during the cruise. Is that an acceptable request? I would love for someone to write a “Haven for dummies” thread to explain some of these and give real examples of what is acceptable and where the limit is.
  16. You have to charge the purchase by 12/31. Don’t forget to add the offer to your card first!
  17. Thank you SO SO much @Mikew0805 for the photos and confirmation! It’s been especially hard getting any details on these unique shaped Junior Suites on the Odyssey so this is very helpful. As far as the room goes, (shape/size), was there much difference between 10724 and 12234? Were balcony sizes the same also?
  18. Did your cabin 10724 have the J4 setup with the separate shower and tub in one bathroom and then the toilet and sink in another room? Do you have photos of your room you can post?
  19. What cabin category? There are 2BR Haven Suites in the courtyard also that have a separate bedroom and separate bathroom.
  20. I applied for and was approved for the Platinum card and did not get the offer. I have requested a Gold Card for an authorized user so I’m hoping it will be available on that card.
  21. What specific AMEX card do you have that you got the offer on?
  22. What type of AMEX card do you have that had this offer? Also, could other people please post which type of AMEX cards you are getting your offers on? This almost makes me want to go apply for a non-co-branded AMEX just to be able to use this.
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