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  1. What is so much better about the Haven on the Epic? I’ve heard that before on here also. We are going on the Epic in January (first time in Haven). If the other ships havens aren’t as good, I feel like it would be a huge let down if Epic is our first Haven.
  2. @Sailing12Away Can you post a pic of the full letter?
  3. Embassy Suites on 17th St Renaissance on 17th St Both are good close options.
  4. Not sure, but you could call that number and ask them if you’re allowed to use one when booking with a TA. I still you probably can, but the TA may need to call Celebrity to have them manually apply it.
  5. Yes you can. Not frowned upon at all. The Travel Agents process payments directly through Celebrity Cruises through the Celebrity Cruises travel agent site. It’s similar to the customer facing website, but one just for TAs.
  6. I wish I had this offer on my Delta AMEX. I never get these good ones.
  7. It should work for that I would think. Because the charge will still come from Norwegian directly.
  8. I thought the Royal and Celebrity logins were the same now?? I think they have been like that for at least a few years. It’s the same back end system.
  9. Singapore is a LOT different than the US. They require people to wear contact tracing devices and have a lot of strict rules. A lot of the Asian countries have similar contact tracing and quarantine rules. I am not at all worried about being confined to my room on a cruise out of the US.
  10. We always just show up whenever we want and ask for a table and they might say it’s a bit of a wait but never too long of a wait.
  11. Cinque Terre is pretty amazing, I’ve done it twice now on cruises. It’s actually pretty easy to do on your own by walking to the train station and then going to the farthest village and working your way back through the villages. Although with COVID times now, things may not be as easy, maybe not as frequent of trains etc. I’ve done two of the grueling hikes between the villages and it was some of the most beautiful scenery ever.
  12. We are on the Radiance over Christmas and New Years this year. Dumb question, but do they do any fireworks? My guess is no, but thought I’d ask.
  13. Same here. I swear they probably just wash everything on super hot water and dry it on high. I’ve learned to only send out stuff like socks, underwear, gym shorts, old t shirts.
  14. Wow I’m really surprised they are offering full refunds and not just FCC. Makes me feel a bit better about paying my final payment for my Christmas cruise knowing I can cancel and get refund to my credit card if masks would still be required.
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