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  1. I will do whatever it takes, just get me on a ship!! I miss cruising so much!
  2. Based on the Jazz cruises leaving from Fort Lauderdale I am thinking they will be on the Millennium and not the Summit.
  3. I was able to see that just fine on the new design website. I just clicked on any room in the cat then it brought up the deck plan and you could see all available rooms in the category. This new design is soooooooo much better when doing bookings on an iPad because you can easily see the rooms and deck plans.
  4. I love the Iced Tea on board too! I have it at every meal and in the MDR also.
  5. I write off any stops in the DR as a “sea day”. Not a fan of the DR ports at all. It’s too bad they couldn’t go to like Labadee or CocoCay instead.
  6. Cruise lines negotiate bulk airfare pricing with the airlines and they can “re-sell” it to you at whatever price they want to. They already gave you a very large onboard credit so I’d just take it, and then think twice about booking air through the cruise line next time around. Edit: my guess is that the unknown £40 per ticket was a checked bag fee. Royal probably chose to include the checked bag and airport check in fees to cover all their bases so the customer is not surprised about extra fees when they show up at the airport.
  7. Hmm could be capacity control maybe
  8. What ship and sail date? Could be a full ship charter.
  9. No, you don’t do anything through Blue Chip. It’s all done through M Life because that is the program you are status matching into.
  10. I’ve just gone to the M Life desk at the Casino and told them my Celebrity/RCCL status and pulled up my account showing my status on my phone and then they status match me on the M Life program and print me out new M Life cards. Super easy!
  11. French Onion Soup! The best! and Escargot
  12. We just booked a PH suite on Summit for my 40th bday. Does anyone know if we could get Veuve Cliquot champagne with the premium drink package? Would that be something we could ask the butler to bring us? I am curious in general how the butler works, like can I ask them to bring me a margarita or a bottle of Pinot Grigio?
  13. Can someone post a copy of this mysterious email that some people have received regarding delayed refunds? I booked through a TA and have not gotten any direct emails from Royal about delays in refunds. I got part of my refund on Monday in 4 chunks, but still waiting on the rest of it. 😞
  14. I got some refund amounts today on my credit card but not the full amount yet. I think I read they can come in chunks, but for those who have already gotten their refunds, how many days apart were the refund chunks spaced out when they appeared on your credit card?
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