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  1. Yes, if you are booked into first class prior to departure then your bags are free.
  2. Any chance they would do Key West? It seems like a natural fit as it has the party atmosphere that adults traveling without children may be seeking. Not many ships call on Key West it seems, I wonder why? Port fees too expensive? I know weather can be challenging there for docking.
  3. Royal Caribbean is betting big on their huge investment in Cococay so that’s why all these Indy sailings go there. It’s a huge money maker by getting two different sets of passengers there each week as opposed to one group of passengers each week if they did 7 night sailings.
  4. FYI Independence Summer 2020 Caribbean sailings are now open for booking. http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2020_2021/ID_Caribbean_Deployment.pdf
  5. FYI the Independence Summer 2020 sailings are now open for booking! We booked a nice 3 day weekend cruise in May 2020. http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2020_2021/ID_Caribbean_Deployment.pdf
  6. Anxiously awaiting these to open for booking as well.
  7. They just haven’t released the itineraries or opened for booking. My guess is they are working out all the logistics, working with ports to get on their schedules etc. It’s a massive logistical undertaking to re-deploy a ship so it’s going to take some time to get it all sorted before they can open up for bookings. I can’t wait for the short sailings on Indy from FLL!
  8. I came to this thread looking for information on Independence of the Seas and all these posts are rants about a totally different Ovation of the Seas issue. Moderators you need to step in and either lock this thread or move these unrelated posts to a new thread please.
  9. I’m currently on the Equinox in Nassau today and I had assumed it was the MSC Seaside or NCL Bliss next to us that were stinking things up. I wanted to sit on the balcony this afternoon but the smell is so bad it’s not possible to sit out there.
  10. Actually this is incorrect. I had my travel agent contact her NCL rep and they said NO deviations on the Free/Reduced air promo perk. They said you HAVE to fly in day of cruise and out Day the cruise returns. This was a huge bummer for us because we always fly in at least a day before due to living in Chicago where winter weather is unpredictable.
  11. What the heck is Silk Harvest? What kind of cuisine and how much?
  12. $25 deposit sale with a free perk would be great! Then I can put my 2020 cruise on hold.
  13. What’s the onboard 7 day internet price? Just trying to get an idea of what the price is supposed to be. I wish they made this all more transparent.
  14. I got an email from Celebrity offering up to 20% off internet packages and other stuff like shore excursions specialty restaurants etc. My question is, how do you know how much of a discount you are getting when you look at these in the pre cruise planner? I assume the prices shown are the discounted prices but how do I know what the original prices are?
  15. Ours is now $800 pp more than we are paying.
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