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  1. How does access to the thermal suite work if you purchase the weekly pass? Do you just use your keycard to access the locker room? Or do you have to check in at the spa desk each time and leave your card? What are the hours of operation typically?
  2. Just bought mine online for upcoming cruise. It was $199 per person for the week.
  3. @Sthrngary is the embarkation lunch thing unique on each ship? Is this perk advertised somewhere? How do people know about it?
  4. While we are on this topic, can someone clarify how the NRD transfer fee works? Lets say NRD is $500 per person and then we decide to cancel before final payment. $100 “fee” applies per person right? So am I then left with $400 per person FCC to be used within 1 year?
  5. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I am wondering if it’s possible to go eat in the MDR for dinner if you are a Haven guest? The Haven restaurant menu will likely get very boring after a few nights and we really like the variety of food available in the MDR so we’d like to be able to do the MDR some nights.
  6. I realise UK laws are a bit different but an AMEX chargeback is not as easy as you make it sound. I’m sure NCL has lots of legal language in the cruise contract that covers them for things like this too.
  7. Nothing else was done outside the Haven, however recent reports from cruisers have said the ship is looking great. Lots of new photos here of the Haven areas. Look at post #34 and #35
  8. Confused a bit on this. I know on Epic that Haven guests can use Posh for free, but what do you mean can’t be purchased separately? Aren’t there non-Haven people in Posh? I assumed they had to pay to access the Posh area? One more question, is there a bar in the Posh area on the Epic?
  9. You said you went to the onboard concierge to rectify the situation AFTER you went to your original Haven Spa Suite room and found it didn’t have the hot tub (or any tub). What I am saying is you got lucky this time, if the Haven was full there wouldn’t be anything they could do.
  10. I think Trimone just got lucky onboard since they had extra 2BRs not occupied. The Haven Concierge probably just had authority to move them. Anybody calling up NCL Reservations or their TA is not going to get them to change them to a 2BR just because they have a screen shot of an old room description. If the Haven had been fully occupied, they would have told Trimone, sorry, and maybe thrown them a bottle of wine or something for the inconvenience.
  11. I didn’t realize the DOS had 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths in some ships. Now I’m interested! Does any know know how or where to search for any sailings where these are not sold out, other than checking one by one on the NCL website?
  12. I was on MSC Meraviglia a few weekends ago and I used the thermal suite (nicest and biggest one I’ve ever seen on a ship btw), and no masks were required in that area.
  13. Alright y’all I scoured Twitter and found real life photos and videos from the remodeled Epic Haven! Courtesy of @MaryTourAmerica on Twitter. 2BR Haven Suite video 2br Haven Suite bathroom
  14. Thanks! This is exactly the answer I was seeking. I am familiar with the no show option but didn’t know if all the stuff would get refunded.
  15. I see. However, it’s more risky to do that because you can’t always add more people later on because of the lifeboat capacity limits.
  16. That’s not the issue here. They are already on the reservation. My question is about if they need to cancel after final payment will I get refunded to my credit card for their taxes and port fees and also refunded for their free bev package gratuities.
  17. Currently have 3 passengers booked for a cruise in January and we aren’t sure if the 3rd passenger will end up being able to go but won’t know until after final payment. My question is, if we cancel the 3rd passenger after final payment, will we be refunded the taxes and port fees and also be refunded the gratuities for the free beverage package perk?
  18. Are you able to take lots of photos of the Haven area and of your room? And maybe a video tour of the room? Yours is the first sailing since the Haven remodel on the Epic so a lot of us are anxious to see all the remodeled areas and rooms.
  19. My 3 night sailing only stopped at Ocean Cay. Are you asking about excursions available there? Do you have questions about a certain one?
  20. The ship docks at terminal C and there is an empty garage there right at terminal C but they aren’t allowing passengers to use it. So they are making all MSC passengers park at the very end at garage G and then they bus you back to terminal C.
  21. Final thoughts after leaving the ship yesterday. I did the express walk off. Lined up at about 6:30am and we were cleared for debarkation at 7am on the dot. The bus situation to go to the parking garage G was a bit of a cluster as the drivers weren’t really organized as to who was taking people to the G garage. But I was at my car by about 7:15am and on my way. Overall, this was a wonderful short weekend getaway. For the price paid I am content and satisfied with what I received. With only 600-700 people on board, the ship just didn’t have any life or energy to it. The bars and venues were just all empty in the evenings. Hopefully things will pick up soon. My room steward was so nice and we had many long conversations because he was so bored. He only had two staterooms to look after. He said it was much busier early on in August when they first re-started but things have dropped off.
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