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  1. Thanks again for taking the time to make your journey feel like ours. It will take some of the chill away from this cold wet mountain autumn.
  2. Well the ad has people talking about Celebrity...good or bad. Years ago when learning marketing, a prof showed us commercials and asked us which ones were our favorites. Many of us picked the warm fuzzy one or the popular one but could not name the product the ad was trying to sell.
  3. I believe it was more like a take on Alice in Wonderland. That book also had a pill that made one either big or small. I always believed it was a bizarre tale. Maybe they were aiming for comparing a cruise with Celebrity to making all your fantasies come true? Todays commercial makers may not understand what the song really stood for like some of us older people. That said, it was weird.
  4. Someone on Facebook said there was an issue with a lifeboat last cruise. An On board person said captain called for a delay but didn't know why.
  5. An employee of mine was using flushable wipes and it cost me $4000 to unblock the line.
  6. I'm surprised no one has said that the toilet paper on board is made that way not to plug up the system and the comfy stuff is what causes the overload and the smell.
  7. Because I think Celebrity is moving their ship from NJ to Boston. I can drive easily to NJ.
  8. I will be checking. Worried about cruises out of Port Liberty.
  9. We ended up with onboard credit we needed to use. Another cruiser we met got a big percentage from the place from where they bought the cruise. She was able to buy her two daughters a gift from the expensive jewelry store. We had much less but were able to buy daughter and DIL a lovely piece of Swarovski and it was actually on sale and less then I could get it on the net.
  10. Off topic but I keep wanting to post. Many years back I lost a friend and the funeral was on the coldest day in years in our mountains. I bundled up in a floor length black wool coat to get thru the below zero temps and wish my sweetheart goodbye. After all was said and done, I realized I had lost the watch that my husband had given when he met me so many year prior. I had lost a good friend and a watch I had worn every day. Next fall I was cleaning closets and I saw that coat and tried it on to see if it still fit and needed to be cleaned. I put my arm in the sleeve and out came the watch. It had unhooked and attached to the sleeve.
  11. It's way too much money for what you get. Who comes up with this stuff? (New cruisers beware).
  12. I think we will all run out of money before Celebrity. LOL
  13. What I do. I'm always happy to meet them. I shake their hand, I ask them what they can do for me. Basically they tell me more than I could ask! I tell them what I want. And they always surprise me with something added. I thank them every day. I tip them well if they follow thru. I wish them well when I leave, They are very nice people who have come up the ranks to be butler.
  14. I don't often comment....but I googled "worst burger on the planet" and I have never eaten anything like it on a Celebrity ship.
  15. Thanks for letting us know how to pronounce Iain's name. I wondered about it.
  16. Do you give your bags to any porter? Or something else?
  17. I apologize to the maitre'd then.
  18. I think if you want the Royal or Penthouse you need to bid the max. I got the Royal at the max and if was a fair deal. Not a great one. I saw the PH open one day and went in and bid the max and then thought better of it and took back the bid. It was another grand over what I bid on the Royal but I have to wonder if we would have gotten it. I checked everyday to see what was available from the day I booked. I am happy with getting the Royal. When I did the math I may have saved less than $2000 from the prices when I booked a Sky guarantee with 4 perks. But not any where near the prices after final. I don't get to sail often since it is not my husband of 46 years favorite vacation. I am just praying that nothing happens between today and next Sunday. When I was young , people would say to me "Don't get old". And I would say "What's the alternative?". Well , fellow cruisers, don't get old.😘 just kidding.
  19. Maybe a server could have told the Maitre'd that there was a lone woman at a large table...two nights in a row. Maybe as I have become accustomed, as he was walking around he might have noticed. It took until the 3rd night for a guest to ask the Maitre'd to move the lady to their table.
  20. Good for you! Happy you met some great people Bad for the maitre'd of the dining room. Not professional. Unseemly.
  21. We are 2 1/2 hours north of Philly and about the same distance from NYC. Our newspapers never carry the kind of ads you see in NYC/PHL . You may see a small ad from a local TA and there is always AAA. I have seen cruise tv commercials but rarely Celebrity. The commercials are different in different places. We also live close to mountain resorts that spend their money in the big city markets and only occasionally advertise locally.
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