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  1. Moonhead15

    Bus to Port from Central New Jersey

    The $49 is round trip. It is very convenient.
  2. Moonhead15

    Bus to Port from Central New Jersey

    We took transportation last year from Jamesburg(Dayton), NJ and booked again for this year. It stops before us at Burlington,NJ and from our stop it goes directly to the pier. It is scheduled for 9:30AM in Jamesburg. Once your luggage is on the bus you never have to touch it again. It is excellent service.
  3. Moonhead15

    Obstructed Oceanview Guarantee-Westerdam

    Just got our assignment for 12/1 sailing and we were upgraded to a D. That's outside, no obstruction and friends got the same upgrade.
  4. Moonhead15

    best motion sickness meds

    Antivert works wonders but is a prescription med.
  5. Got ours last year about 2 weeks prior to cruise. Upgraded from VF to VA. Check your on-line check in form and the room will be posted if assigned yet.
  6. Moonhead15

    Culinary Arts Center Questions

    No reservations needed. Show up a little early for front row seats. It was busy but not standing room busy.
  7. Moonhead15

    Motorcoach NY

    We took the bus from NJ last year. After arriving at the pier the luggage was unloaded for u to check that it was on board and u never see it again till u are in your room. I think they had areas to leave your carry-ons while u go to lunch. They are secure with staff watching the luggage.
  8. We found out about 10 days prior to cruise in December. We booked Guar. of a VF balcony room and were upgraded to VA. Friends received the same upgrade.
  9. Moonhead15

    Any hanukah festivities onboard Noordam?

    Last Dec. there was a Hanukah Party. I didn't attend but friends did and they said it was lovely. Someone on board did the planning and the cruise crew went along with it. We are also on the Dec. 1st sailing.
  10. Moonhead15

    AOS 12/12 Bummer...

    Cruised 12/12. It wasn't school break time but I think they just kept the kids out of school then.
  11. Moonhead15

    Deck 6 on AOS?

    Was on the 12/12 sailing and had cabin 7591. You can hear music from the 7th deck so I'm certain in would be more so on 6. It really was never a problem if you go to bed late.Disembarking was easy and you can make your earlier flight. Our flight was 1PM and had loads of time to kill. Getting on the ship was disaster at 1PM with thousands trying to find out what to do. No one to guide you and no signs. Good luck and enjoy your cruise.
  12. Moonhead15

    AOS 12/12 Bummer...

    We were on this cruise and I will NEVER subject myself to it again. The entire pool area was not available to us as it was completely taken up by the 1800 "multicultural" pax. We couldn't relax and listen to the music. The adult pool had children in it without parents. Kids were running around at 11:30PM (6 year olds). Trying to grab a bite at the Windjammer was nearly impossible without bucking the crowd. Forget S.J.